[Car Home Race] The 2011 DTM Drivers Championship, Martin Tomczyk, announced the end of the 11-year partnership with Audi. Tom Zick, 29, dropped from the Abt Sportsline team to the Phoenix Racing team using the old A4 car this year, but he still won three victories with his own ability and successfully crowned the drivers championship.

After Tom Zick left Audi, he is likely to join the camp of rival BMW. BMW has been paying attention to Tom Zick since the beginning of the year. Such a transfer will link him to Bruno Spengler, who is Tom Zick's biggest opponent on the road this year.

“After 11 years of working together, I finally won the championship for Audi. During the years we spent together, the entire Audi Sport department, especially Dr. Ulrich (Wolfgang Ullrich, head of Audi Sport department), supported it from beginning to end. Me.” Tom Zick said.

“I am very happy to be able to win the title of the 2011 championship with the Phoenix Racing team in return for Audi's trust in me. Although this cooperation is very successful, after careful consideration, I have now decided to accept a new challenge. I want to do it again. Thanks to the partners who have worked with me at Audi over the past 11 years. Looking back, I have special memories with everyone.”

Ulrich praised Tom Zick for his dedication to Audi over the years, and expressed regret for his departure. “It goes without saying that we deeply regret Tom Zick's decision. After experiencing his most successful DTM season with Audi, now he will seek new challenges.”

“I can fully understand that after 11 ups and downs with Audi, he wants to try new things. After all, he can drive an Audi A4 DTM car to win the championship title. He has fulfilled his long-cherished wish for many years. He has worked so hard for many years.”

“I am very happy that Tom Zick finally proved himself this year, in response to those who questioned him, because I have always believed in him. I can understand that switching to the Phoenix Racing team to use the old models is considered a downgrade to him. , But he did what I hoped, his career has gained a new impetus. I always like to work with Tom Zick. He is a respectable professional driver, I hope his future There is a good development.”

In addition, Audi officially confirmed that in the 2012 season they will use seven A5 cars to participate in the DTM competition, of which the two drivers that have been identified are Mattias Ekstrom and Timo Scheider.