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[YesAuto Race] From January 1st to 15th, 2012, the Dakar Rally, known as the most difficult race, was held again in South America. As a special media partner of Great Wall Motors Haval Dakar Team, Autohome will serve everyone Bringing continuous reports of the entire game, our logo also appeared on the Dakar South American stadium for the first time! Welcome all netizens to pay attention to the car home race channel! Continue to pay attention to the performance of the Haval racing car with the car home logo in this competition!

Day 15 Dakar Express: Great Wall Haval Racing Team Sets 7th High

[Car Home Race] On January 15, the 2012 Dakar Rally ended in Lima, the capital of Peru. The legendary French driver Peter Hansel dominated the auto group and won a record 10th in the personal Dakar; another French star Deprey won the motorcycle group championship, which was also his personal first. 4 Dakar titles.

The Chinese Army also made history, and all players completed the game. Among them, the Portuguese foreign aid Sosa of the Great Wall Motor Haval Dakar team finally won the 7th place, and Zhou Jihong/Liao Min, who participated in the Dakar for the first time in the Yunnan Dongfang Racing Team, tied up with Zhou Yong and Xu Lang. Together, the best result of the Chinese driver who finished 19th in Dakar.

Chinese legionary stage 14 results
Rider Fleet Rank of the day Overall ranking
Sosa Haval Dakar Team 5th place 7th place
Zhou Jihong/Liao Min Yunnan Oriental Racing Team 21st 19th
Zhou Yuande/Pan Hongyu Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Fleet 25th 32nd place
Zhou Yong Haval Dakar Team 27th 20th
Guo Hongzhi Wolf Totem Racing Club 50th 58th
Liang Xi/Huang Fengge Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Fleet 51st 54th
Pascal Jincheng Motorcycle Team 92nd 72nd
Wei Guanghui Jincheng Motorcycle Team 96th 94th

◆ Introduction to Stage 14

    The drivers ushered in the last stage from Pisco to Lima, the capital of Peru. The special stage was only 29 kilometers and the driving section was 254 kilometers. Although the overall situation has been set, the last 29km timed period will not have much impact on the ranking, but the Xiaoshashan in this stage should not be taken lightly. The closing ceremony will be held in Lima, the capital of Peru. The warriors who have experienced many hardships will celebrate the end of the race and victory with champagne on the closing platform.

◆ Car group results

In the car race, American Gordon driving the Hummer won the final stage championship in 22 minutes and 43 seconds. Portuguese driver Dos Santos and Polish star Horowitz won the second and third places respectively. Although Peterhansel finished 10th in the stage, his position on the Dakar total score list is still unshakable. The Spaniard Roma fell behind by 41 points and 56 points to win the runner-up and the 2009 Dakar champion. De Villiers finished third.

For the Chinese team, Sosa finished the race with a time of 24 minutes and 19 seconds and won the 5th stage; Zhou Jihong/Liao Min finished 21st in the stage, being the fastest among Chinese drivers; the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team’s Zhou Yuande/Pan Hongyu ranked In the 25th place, Great Wall Haval Racing driver Zhou Yong finished 27th in the stage. Guo Hongzhi and Liang Xi finished 50th and 51st in the stage respectively.

In terms of overall rankings, the foreign aid Souza finally ranked 7th; Zhou Jihong/Liao Min and Zhou Yong occupy the 19th and 20th positions respectively, and Zhou Yuande finally ranked 32nd. Liang Xi, who entered the competition for the first time, finished in 54th place, while Guo Hongzhi finished the Dakar Rally with 58th place.

◆ Motorcycle, four-wheeled motorcycle, truck group results

After the competition, the KTM team swept the top five in the motorcycle category. Among them, the Norwegian driver Ule Walset won the final stage championship in 22 minutes and 26 seconds. Unfortunately, the Spanish driver Koma failed to defend his title. It took 1 minute and 08 seconds to rank second, Svetko of Slovakia finished third, Dpreben ranked 10th, but in the end he won the championship with a total time of 43 hours, 28 minutes and 11 seconds; Koma failed to defend his title with a deficit of 53 minutes and 20 seconds, and the Portuguese driver Rodriguez ranked third. The Argentine driver Pascal of China's Jincheng Motorcycle Team won 92nd place in the stage and 72nd overall. Wei Guanghui ranked 96th in the stage and 92nd overall.

In the quad bike group, Yamaha once again swept the top five of the stage. Maffei, the Argentine, locked the stage champion, and La Fuente overpowered the Patnelli brothers to win the second stage. In terms of overall results, Patenelli successfully defended his title ahead of his younger brother by 1 hour, 20 minutes and 17 seconds, and Maffei won the third place. This also means that the Argentine driving Yamaha has swept the top three in the quad bike group. In the truck group, the Italian driver Biasion finished the race in 27 minutes and 22 seconds to secure the stage championship. Russia's Madiff and Dutch driver Stacey ranked second and third respectively. The Dutch drivers Druid and Stacey of the Iveco team took the top two, and Alda Vechus of Kazakhstan won the third place.