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[YesAuto Auto Race] The 2015 WEC Nürburgring 6-Hour Endurance Race officially ended at 1 am on August 31, Beijing time (19:00 on August 30, Germany time). The Porsche team took the first and second place in the LMP1 category, while Audi The team finished third. In addition, in the LMGTE Pro category, Porsche Racing also won the championship and runner-up. There is no doubt that this is a sub-station that Porsche has learned a lot.

The champion of this race was the Porsche 919 Hybrid #17, driven by Bernhard, Webber, and Hartley. It drove a total of 203 laps. The fastest lap was 1 minute and 38.307 seconds. The second place was the 18 Porsche 919 Hybrid endurance race car, powered by Dumas. , Jani, Lieb drove a total of 202 laps, the fastest lap was 1 minute 37.955 seconds.

The Porsche teams, which had won the first two starting points in the qualifying on August 29, laid a solid foundation for the official championship on the 30th. Looking at the whole race, the performance of the No. 17 Porsche 919 Hybrid is very stable. The race has always been in the first position, far ahead of other competitors, and the second place is between the Porsche No. 18 car and the Audi team. competition. Although the No. 7 car of the Audi team saved the time in the middle of the race with one less pit stop and led Porsche's No. 18 car for a long time, it was eventually caught up and missed the runner-up.