[YesAuto F1 Formula One] Tracing the history of Honda F1, we have to talk about it as early as 1964. That year Honda participated in F1 as a team for the first time. They inherited the mantle of the British and American team (formerly the British and American team shareholders and engine supplier ). However, the team's performance has been very unsatisfactory, but the McLaren team (1986-1992) for which they provided the engine has been dominating F1. Now that Honda once again returned to F1 as an engine supplier in 2015, it is also cooperating with the McLaren team. Recently, Honda announced for the first time the imaging data of the new F1 engine they developed.

Honda's return has given F1 a little more active atmosphere, but now in F1 events, Mercedes-Benz engines are performing as fast as they can. Will Honda be able to challenge Mercedes-Benz's dominance next year? let us wait and see.