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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] At the 2019 CES show, BMW Designworks and the famous outdoor brand TheNorthFace jointly launched a camping concept car-FUTURELIGHT Camper.

The appearance of the FUTURELIGHT Camper is like a pumpkin car, which can accommodate two people. The body frame is made of carbon fiber material, and the surface is covered with a waterproof and breathable new technology fabric using FUTURELIGHT technology.

FUTURELIGHT is the latest nano-textile technology developed by TheNorthFace. This technology produces nano-level pores during the production process. These pores maintain the overall waterproof performance of the fabric while providing more ventilation holes for air infiltration, compared to previous fabrics. Has super air permeability.

It is reported that the design of FUTURELIGHT Camper is inspired by the BMW GINA concept car, which has a body surface of flexible fabric material, which can not only change the appearance according to external conditions and speed, but the driver can also change the appearance of the car according to his wishes.

The FUTURELIGHT Camper campervan cooperation project demonstrates how the two brands can help humans resist the potential of the external environment. More importantly, this waterproof and breathable fabric is not far away from us. The NorthFace series of products using FUTURELIGHT technology will be launched in 2019. Available in autumn.