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[YesAuto Driving Training] The autumn breeze is cool, and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant. Although the weather is gradually getting cooler, it is still in full swing in the Beijing Kaize Motor Sports Center, because here, the car home “driving small classroom” ushered in another batch New students.

Dozens of friends from various channels and departments of the Information Department of Autohome will receive intensive and high-intensity driving special training in two days, so that Autobots' driving skills will be more exquisite. Not only that, this driving training also ushered in the first “female special”, who said that female drivers can only be “road killers”? More than a dozen female autobots love both red makeup and arms. They clenched the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator. They are the most beautiful scenery in the golden autumn.

As the tradition of the Information Department of Autohome, all “automobiles” have the opportunity to receive driving training at different stages. This training is a preliminary training program for “novices” driving, so that editors who are not usually exposed to driving And the operating partners can also have vigorous skills.

Wang Tao, the senior evaluation editor of the Information Department of Autohome-Vehicle Evaluation Team, will serve as the chief instructor of this driving training, and arrange a wealth of training content for the new students, so that everyone can gradually master the extreme conditions of the vehicle from theory to practice. The correct operation method of the following, and how to control the vehicle to the limit.

At 9:30 in the morning, the trainees had gathered on time at the Kaiser Motor Sports Center, 60km from the city center. The first thing to greet them was a driving theory explanation. This is to let the trainees not only know what is happening, but also why. , To understand theoretically the meaning of extreme driving.

After arming the brain, the trainees ushered in the most anticipated morning practice driving training, including: full straight acceleration, emergency braking, emergency braking avoidance, snake-shaped pile training and elk test training.

Although these are basic items, these situations are rarely encountered in daily city driving. It’s the first time that the young girl students stepped on the accelerator pedal with all their strength. They were a little scared when they stepped on the accelerator pedal for the first time in the training. However, in repeated training, they gradually overcome the fear in their hearts and can drive vehicles with ease. Shuttle in the field.

This training uses Mai Rui Bao XL, Volando and Cruze RS provided by Chevrolet. Compared with the original power combination of 1.3T engine + CVT, the power combination is very obvious, and the power response is very linear. At the same time, the chassis performance of the vehicle is also impressive.

In the elk test, the performance of the vehicle was very stable, there was no obvious load response, and the overall performance was very controllable. A good vehicle can also better help the students understand the dynamic feeling of the car under the limit.

Of course, what impressed the students most was the mini-track training in the afternoon. The mini track will use all the knowledge and exercises learned before, and integrate them, so that learning can be useful and learned.

Among the 32 editors who participated in this training, two female editors have passed many tests and entered the TOP10 ranking, which also confirms the famous saying “women don't let their beards and eyebrows”.

After two days of training, all the trainees were very rewarded. The training not only improved driving skills, it was also a small team building process, and it could also enhance the friendship between colleagues.

This also allows all Autobots to understand cars and love driving, so as to better serve the majority of netizens. (Special thanks to the Chevrolet brand for supporting this driving training)