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[YesAuto New Energy] Recently, we learned from officials that Tesla’s V3 super charging station in Xinduhui, Pudong Jiang Town, Shanghai has been fully opened. The site is adjacent to the Disneyland section in the west, Pudong International Airport in the east, and at the same time radiating the surrounding consumer groups such as Chuansha. The station has 21 V3 super charging piles, which can meet the rapid energy replenishment needs of past Tesla owners as much as possible.

According to Tesla's official introduction, the V3 super charging pile uses a new architecture and power electronic components, which can support a peak charging power of up to 250KW. Taking Model 3 as an example, some models can add up to about 250km of cruising range when charging for 15 minutes under peak power conditions. Compared with the V2 super charging pile, not only the charging speed is faster, but also thanks to the liquid cooling technology, the weight of the charging cable and the charging gun are significantly reduced, so it is easier to lift and plug.

It is understood that Tesla is accelerating the construction of V3 super charging stations in major cities across the country. So far, more than 490 super charging stations have been built in China, with more than 720 destination charging stations, covering nearly 270 cities across the country. . For more information about Tesla, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up report of Autohome.