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[YesAuto Model PK] A friend consulted me two days ago, wanting to buy a mid-size car with a price of about 250,000 after the completion of the order. The configuration must be rich, and Japanese and Korean models are not considered, because my family thinks that Japan The Korean cars are not strong (the opinions here only represent his personal opinions, not the opinions of the car home), and I don’t want to consider the Volkswagen cars. I feel that the sense of business is too strong and does not fit my young personality. When the budget is around 250,000, it means that the price of the car cannot exceed 230,000. High configuration has always been the advantage of Korean cars, but Hyundai Sonata 8 and Kia K5 are not in his consideration. , It’s not easy to choose a car for a friend.

In fact, I thought of Skoda Haorui at first, but for a young man in his thirties, Haorui's appearance is a bit too old and doesn't meet the requirements of young people. Comprehensive consideration, the goal was finally narrowed to the two models of Peugeot 508 and Chevrolet Malibu, which have just been launched. After putting forward my opinion, this friend of mine also agreed, and would like to learn more about the difference between them. At this time, my professional instinct as a car editor reminded me that many netizens might be very close to the needs of my friend, so this is why we have today's comparison article about 230,000 yuan to buy the best match.

● Appearance: The design of Mai Rui Bao is sporty and muscular, Peugeot 508 is more elegant and refined

In terms of appearance, Mai Rui Bao is more atmospheric, and the rich lines on the body make it look more muscular. This is also borrowed from the design elements of American muscle cars. The front of the car has a typical family element design, even if you don’t look at the logo. It can also recognize the origin of its brand.

In contrast, Peugeot 508 looks more delicate, the rich lines on the engine cover increase the visual sense of hierarchy, and the design of the grille and fog lights are more refined. In terms of body size, Mai Rui Bao is longer, the width and height of the two cars are very close, while the wheelbase is longer than Peugeot 508, reaching 2815mm, which is 3mm longer than the main rear space of the Magotan.

The lines on the side of the body are smooth and harmonious, and have not been deliberately lengthened by entering the domestic market. Since Malibu has borrowed some elements from American muscle cars in its design, it is visually thicker and fuller than Peugeot 508.

In the use of tires, the difference between the two cars is not big. The tire width of Malibu is 10mm wider than that of Peugeot 508. The size of the aluminum alloy wheels is exactly the same. In terms of style design, Malibu is more rugged. Peugeot 508 appears to be more meticulously crafted. As for which style will be more favored by consumers, it depends on your personal preference.

In terms of the styling of the rear of the car, Mai Rui Bao’s design resembling Camaro has attracted many people. The square taillights and sturdy dual exhaust pipes show the strength of American muscle cars. This design is still in the mid-size car class. Rarely, male consumers should like this design very much.

The rear design of the Peugeot 508 is much simpler than that of Malibu. When the taillights are lit, it presents a lion's claw effect, which is very distinctive, and uses an LED light source. Its dual exhaust pipe design is more distinctive than Malibao. In addition to its square design, it is also decorated with chrome, which is visually more classy.

● Interior: Malibu is more sporty, and Peugeot 508 is more technological

The interior of Mai Ruibao adopts an enveloping design, which has a strong sense of independence. The center console in front of the co-pilot is divided into upper and lower parts by a decorative strip. The air-conditioning outlet is also divided into two. The style is very special. Very strong retro style.

The instrument and air-conditioning outlet are very unique designs on the center console of Malibao. The square barrel-shaped instrument is reminiscent of muscle cars of the year. The instrument panel in front of the co-pilot also incorporates a retro style, with a sense of hierarchy. Distinct.

Compared with Malibu, Peugeot 508's interior is more atmospheric and stable, and the rich operating buttons and unique head-up display on the center control panel give people a stronger sense of technology.

The Info-Drive system that Peugeot 508 is equipped with is very functional. The phonebook function is not only for simple calls, but also can be automatically imported into the phonebook to make it more convenient to use. However, the operation can only be done through the control area behind the blocking lever, and the screen does not have touch function, which is not as convenient as Malibu’s multimedia system. Especially in the navigation function, with the touch screen function, it is easier to use.

The steering wheel shape of the two cars is exactly the same as the interior design style. One is dynamic, stylish, and the other is elegant and technological. It’s just that the style of the Mai Ruibao steering wheel has been seen in some previous models, compared to the Peugeot 508. The steering wheel lacks some freshness. The thickness of the two steering wheels is very moderate, and both have excellent performance in terms of feel and function. In this link, the two cars can be said to be indistinguishable.

“Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao” “Peugeot 508”

In terms of parking brake, the two cars also perform differently. Malibu uses a more advanced electronic parking system, but Peugeot 508 is equipped with an uphill assist function, but the latter is more functionally bright.

● Riding space: Peugeot 508 has a wheelbase of more than 2.8 meters, and does not show too much advantage in riding space

The heights of the two different experiencers were 180cm and 182cm respectively, and the heights were very close. When sitting in the two cars, the overall space experience was basically the same. However, in terms of the comfort of the seats, the Peugeot 508 performed better. The seat supports the body well.

In terms of riding space, although the wheelbase of Peugeot 508 is 78mm longer than that of Malibu, the actual performance does not give us a big sense of difference between the two cars. The sense of space can be said to be no different, but the comfort configuration has completely different results.

● Configuration: Peugeot 508 kills Mai Rui Bao in terms of the richness of configuration

Sitting in the back seat of Mai Ruibao can be described as simple and simple, and there is no rear exhaust vent, which is really unreasonable for the price of more than 200,000 yuan. Although it is the main sports style, after all, I am a medium-sized car, and I still have to take care of the comfort of the rear passengers. In this regard, the performance of Mai Rui Bao is not good.

Peugeot 508 provides independent air conditioning, rear sun blinds and other comfort configurations for the rear passengers. The rear seats even have electric adjustment and heating functions. Compared with Malibu, this performance is really rich. It shows that the Peugeot 508 is a medium-sized car that emphasizes the comfort of the rear passengers. Even among many opponents at the same level, such a configuration can be regarded as rich.

In terms of configuration, the performance of Peugeot 508 has completely smashed Malibu. The more outstanding performance is the comfortable configuration of the rear passengers, independent air-conditioning, sunshade curtains and electric seats, etc., these advanced equipment also make Malibu. Bao looked too crude. If consumers who are looking for configuration choose Peugeot 508, its performance will certainly not let you down.

● Storage space: Mai Rui Bao is more humane

In terms of storage space in the front and rear doors, both cars have a good performance, and the front door of the Peugeot 508 can even hold 4 bottles of drinks. However, the storage compartment within the range of the Peugeot 508 center console, except for the front center armrest and glove box, basically has no place to put personal belongings.

In terms of storage space in the car, Mai Rui Bao performed very well. The front and rear center armrests are not only designed with storage compartments, but also have better space performance than Peugeot 508. The storage compartments on the center console are designed with a humane design. , It is easy to find a place for handy items.

What's more interesting is that the back of the Mai Rui Bao multimedia display also has a storage function. This is the first time I have seen such a design. Malibu makes full use of the various positions of the center console in the design of the storage space. In the details, the French still need to learn.

In the trunk space, Mai Rui Bao is more than a hundred liters larger than Peugeot 508. In terms of storage capacity, Mai Rui Bao is more practical. Both cars perform well in terms of regularity, and neither does the trunk support rod. Affect the height of the item stacking. However, because the rear seats of Peugeot 508 are equipped with electric adjustment, this means that the backrests of its rear seats cannot be put down, and the space expandability of the trunk is not as good as that of Malibu. It can be said in this link. Peugeot 508 lost, but it also shows that if you want a more comfortable configuration, you must also give up something. As the saying goes, fish and bear's paws cannot have both.

● Power and noise: The overall performance of Mai Rui Bao is better, in line with its athletic temperament performance

In terms of power, the 2.4L SIDI engine used by Malibu uses direct injection technology, and the displacement is slightly larger than the 2.3L engine of the Peugeot 508, so the power value is naturally slightly higher. Their gearboxes all use a 6-speed automated manual gearbox. The Peugeot 508 gearbox comes from Aisin, and it has sports and snow modes to choose from. The ride comfort is very good in actual performance.

In contrast, Mai Rui Bao's gearbox does not have a sports mode, and the manual mode of up and down gears needs to be completed through the buttons on the gear lever, which feels that it lacks some sense of movement. It’s a pity that a car with a dynamic appearance is not equipped with paddle shifters, but how is the actual performance? Let us tell you the following test!

In the 100-kilometer acceleration test, the suspension of the Peugeot 508 was soft, and the body posture was more obvious, which also showed that it pays attention to the characteristics of riding comfort. Malibu has a completely different performance. Not only does the body posture perform well, the actual results are even more satisfying. The acceleration time of 9.08 seconds is more than 2 seconds shorter than that of the Peugeot 508.

It seems that although the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox used on Malibao does not have a sports mode, it is still quite good in actual use. The engine and gearbox cooperate very well, and the wider tires provide a good grip. Soil power, even compared with other opponents, this result is very good.

In the brake test, Mai Rui Bao scored 40.19 meters, and the scores of many tests were basically around 40 meters, and the results were very stable. The performance of Peugeot 508 is slightly inferior to Malibu, with a final score of 41.59 meters, which is 1.4 meters longer than Malibu. The main reason is that there has been a slight thermal decline after many tests, coupled with slightly narrower tires. Makes its performance lost to Mai Rui Bao.

After seeing the power performance, let's take a look at the performance of fuel consumption. As a medium-sized car, fuel consumption is also an indicator that we are very concerned about. When the two cars are driving on basically the same road conditions, after comparison, the difference in fuel consumption between the two cars is only 0.01L. The performance on this indicator is really difficult to distinguish. However, under the premise of the same fuel consumption, Mai Rui Bao can provide stronger power and load more than Peugeot 508, so Mai Rui Bao still performs well in terms of fuel consumption.

As a medium-sized car, ride experience is an important indicator for us to choose it. Therefore, in addition to the configuration mentioned above, noise is also an item that has a great influence on comfort. Therefore, we also added noise performance to the comparison this time.

After the test, the final result of Malibu has to perform better, especially in the case of 60km/h. Malibu's noise suppression is still very good, and 60km/h is also most of us in the city. The driving speed range, coupled with the excellent performance in the previous acceleration and braking tests, makes Malibu commendable in its dynamic performance. The Peugeot 508's noise test score is much larger than that of Malibu. The main noise at low speed comes from the engine, and the overall noise suppression is relatively average.

● Maintenance comparison: Although the cost of a single maintenance is not much different, the interval mileage of Peugeot 508 is longer

Since these two cars have been on the market recently, there are no owners who have been driving mileage or have used them for a long time. In the comparison of maintenance costs, Chevrolet 4S stores cannot provide the prices of some accessories such as air-conditioning filters, so we can only refer to the Please forgive me for changing the maintenance interval for the information within the scope.

In the maintenance cost, the difference between the two cars is not big, but in the mileage interval, there is a big difference. In the interval mileage for replacing the oil filter, the recommended maintenance mileage of the Peugeot 4S shop is 7,500 kilometers, but according to the manufacturer’s official requirements, the maximum interval is 15,000 kilometers. Among them, the 7500 kilometers insurance only needs to be checked. It depends on the situation and is not mandatory. replace. According to our understanding, many owners of Peugeot 508 basically carry out maintenance of about 10,000 kilometers. Even so, the maintenance mileage is twice as long as that of Malibu, and the cost is much lower than Malibu.


After a number of comparisons, Peugeot 508 has a very rich performance in terms of configuration, especially for the feelings of rear passengers. Coupled with the use of Aisin’s 6-speed automatic manual transmission, the ride is very good, and the soft suspension is also Let it have a good performance in filtering the bumps on the road. The disadvantage lies in the performance of the storage space. Whether it is in the range of the center console or the volume of the trunk, it loses to Malibao. If the storage space has little effect on the ride experience, then the noise becomes This is the problem that affects the ride experience the most. More importantly, it is nearly half cheaper than Malibu in the later period, which is very attractive to many consumers who consider buying it as a home.

Mai Rui Bao itself has shown a completely different style. It has a sporty appearance and is full of muscularity. The acceleration of 100 kilometers in 9.08 seconds also allows it to fully reflect its own athletic temperament and has stronger power. It also has an excellent brake system as the backing support. In both aspects, Mai Rui Bao has performed well, and the better sound insulation effect also allows it to provide a more comfortable ride for passengers in the car. However, there is basically no configuration on its body that focuses on the comfort of the rear passengers. If you spend more time driving by yourself and also pay attention to power performance, Mai Rui Bao is definitely a good choice. Of course , Provided that you do not have high requirements for configuration and rear comfort.

Although the price difference between the two cars is only 200 yuan, the positioning orientation is completely different. The Peugeot 508 is equivalent to a forty-year-old man, mature in appearance and full of connotation. In their opinion, both internal and external performance are important. . And Mai Ruibao can be regarded as a 30-year-old man. Although he is already on the road to maturity, the flame of pursuit of speed and passion in his heart has not been extinguished. Regarding the positioning between them, I think that Peugeot 508 is more suitable for consumers who pay attention to configuration and driving experience, while Malibu is more suitable for relatively young people. Their requirements for control and power are higher than their requirements for configuration. Finally, I I recommended Mai Rui Bao to this friend.

The article is not over yet, on the next page there are detailed parameters and configuration comparisons of two comparison models. Interested readers can view them in detail.

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