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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Just when we were surprised by the brand-new level of the 4,600-mile Mazda RX-7 yesterday (click to enter), another Japanese classic sports car from the 90s with a small mileage was linked to eBay by the owner. On sale.

This fourth-generation Toyota Supra produced in 1994 has a mileage of only 10,090 miles (about 16,238 kilometers) in 25 years, which can be regarded as a “quasi-new car”. Who would have thought that a second-hand Supra, which is not rare, would dare to sell for such a high price? In addition to the lower mileage, what's more important is that this is a Supra in a purely original state.

Since “Fast and Furious 1” was released in North America, the fourth-generation Supra driven by the protagonist Brian has quickly become a popular model. Supra is not a rare model in the United States, so second-hand Supra is easy to find, many people After purchasing Supra, it will be modified to some extent. Even without the halo blessing of the protagonist's car in the movie, Supra is also a Japanese sports car with great potential for modification.

This white Supra, which only drove 10090 miles, has never been changed hands by the first owner in 25 years. The owner also cared about it. In 25 years, he drove it carefully and ran a poor 10090 miles. In addition to regular maintenance, the car owner “excessively” parked it in a constant temperature workshop and removed the four wheels for storage when not in use. Because of this, the owner dare to say that his Supra is as new as it has just rolled off the assembly line.

Of course, even if it is properly maintained, the original tires with a lifespan of 25 years are already aging and cannot meet the requirements for daily use. Rubber parts such as gaskets, hoses, and sealing strips of the entire vehicle also need to be replaced according to the situation. In addition, you don't need to bother to take care of this vehicle because it is indeed very durable.

This Supra can be said to be a Japanese sports car built specifically for the North American market. Its robust body size was definitely considered a fitness trainer level compared to several other competitors. It is worth noting that this Supra, which is priced at $125,000, is equipped with a 3.0L twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine code-named 2JZ-GTE, with a maximum power of 325 horsepower and a maximum torque of 427N·m, but unfortunately it is equipped with The 4-speed automatic transmission is a fly in the ointment for those who pursue driving pleasure.

The owner kept the Supra's original manuals and brochures intact, and the tools were carefully sealed in a sealed bag. Even the car keys were attached to the Toyota dealership with dealership advertisements. Rubber key chain. (Li Haopeng, home of the car)