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[YesAuto Car Collection] Can't use a new car after mentioning it? Watch us take you to experience a car in 30 days and let you get started quickly. In this issue of “30 Days of Getting Started”, I borrowed a Skoda Kolok, let me show you what functions it has, how to use these functions, and whether it is good or not, to help you discover the complete usage of your vehicle.

It is hard to say that there is the best car when choosing a car, only the car that suits you best. If your bare car budget is 120,000 to 30,000, there are many good SUVs to choose from, but if you want a large space, an overseas brand, and a high-tech configuration, you have a circle of radar, reversing imaging and full-speed adaptive cruise. The current Koluoke TSI280 Deluxe Edition is probably the best choice. In other words, Ke Luoke is suitable for users who want about 130,000, large space, high technology configuration, and overseas brand SUVs.

Ke Luoke 2021 TSI280 Deluxe Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

14.99 million

Pick up the car for inspection

The first step after picking up the car is to ensure that the various parts and functions of the car are intact, and then to pick up the air and wash the dust. When washing the car, you can open the engine compartment by the way, familiarize yourself with the filling ports of various oils, and check whether the oil is sufficient.

Basic operation

The condition of the car is checked and there is no problem, we can get on the car. Finally the car is about to be driven away. Next we will talk about the basic operations of the car.

Before driving, you need to have a clear understanding of the outline size of the car body, and know the distance between the edges of the car body and yourself when sitting in the driving position.

Driving is not difficult and parking is difficult, or how to park is the second subject? Most of the cars with more than 100,000 have rich parking assistance configuration. Make good use of these technological functions, and parking is not so difficult.

But it is still necessary to remind that even with the reversing image and radar, it is recommended to check the surrounding and under the car before starting, especially if you live in an area with many dogs and children.

Detailed explanation of each functional area

Many people don't like to read the manual, so after buying a car, they didn't understand the complete function for a long time, so they gave us the meaning of the content of the rookie. Next, let's talk about the role of each functional area in the car.

A total of 4 USB ports are enough for the entire car. Generally, it is rare for a long-distance trip to have 5 people full. Even if it is really full, the driver does not play with the mobile phone, and the remaining four people can charge their mobile phones at the same time.

The luggage compartment of Ke Luoke is quite large, usually 455L. After the rear seats are down, it can be expanded to 1543L. Unfortunately, it is not so flat after being flattened.

Driving experience

Ke Luoke is equipped with the familiar 1.4T+7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The common power combination of the Volkswagen is sufficient for daily household use.

to sum up:

To get started with a new car, you need to be familiar with all functions. In this issue, we introduced some basic operations and routine functions of Skoda Krog, and we hope to be helpful to all new Krog owners and netizens who are interested in this car.

When the vehicle is driven, it is hard to talk about how powerful the power is. The style of chassis tuning is biased towards the everyday comfortable style, but the excellent sense of precision in the steering of the steering wheel will make the driver feel handy. The use of various functions is relatively simple and direct, and the learning cost is not high. It is a relatively friendly car. In the next issue, we will introduce some important functions in depth, so stay tuned.

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] The last issue introduced the use of each function in detail. In this issue, after 30 days of in-depth use, let's talk about the usage and experience of the driving assistance system and the space in daily use.

I ran Beijing-Tianjin once in March. Although the distance is relatively close, it takes 4-5 hours to go back and forth normally, let alone go back to Beijing and queue up at the checkpoint, which adds another 1-2 hours.

In long-distance driving and daily commuting, ACC adaptive cruise can be said to be an artifact, while Koluoke's adaptive cruise is very simple to use, and the learning cost is extremely low.

The other two function levers next to the steering wheel control the lights on the left and the wiper on the right. Although it is a basic function, there are still many people who have not figured out how to use it after opening it for a long time, especially the wiper. For example, you will occasionally see on the road that it is clear that it is sunny, but a car has its wiper turned on. This may be because a novice driver is about to turn.

In fact, to put it plainly, this parking assist system can only help you control the steering wheel. If you fail to control the speed and turn too much, you still have to change gears several times and adjust the angle according to the prompts. If you get used to this function, it is very fast.

It should also be noted that the parking assistant cannot help you control the parking distance, how much you stop in, and when to stop, you still need the driver to judge by himself.

The design of the storage space in the car is not bad, but there are always some shortcomings, but some minor problems can be solved by later installation, and the cost is not high. During this month's use, I found some solutions on Taobao for all the minor problems I found.

Ke Luoke’s 1.4T+7-speed dual-clutch clutch was originally a more economical combination of power. For this reason, I also recorded the fuel consumption and mileage during this period. Let's calculate the comprehensive fuel consumption below.

Overall, this fuel consumption is still acceptable. Most of them are under congestion conditions, and can reach a score of 7L/100km, and the curb weight of 1380kg makes a certain contribution.

to sum up:

After 30 days of use, I was able to understand the Koluoke car in many aspects and in-depth. In general, all aspects of Koluoke's functions are relatively easy to start. After all, Skoda actually belongs to the German brand camp, and the experience design of the German brand has made domestic users used to it, so many functions are not difficult to get started.

The configuration settings of all types of Ke Luoke follow the concept of practicality and not fancy, and the use of functions is also simple and straightforward, which makes it a good family travel tool. In addition, the huge share of German cars has also resulted in a large number of additional parts in the aftermarket, allowing users to adjust and optimize their space, decoration and other needs according to their needs, making them more personalized.