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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, we learned from officials that in the face of the difficulty of buying a car in the epidemic, Xinbaojun will launch an epidemic care service from March 1 to March 31, including 30 days for no reason to return the car, low down payment , Replacement subsidies, standard air purification systems for all models, etc.

Specifically, from the date of purchase of the new Baojun models, users can apply for a return to the dealer within 30 natural days from the date shown on the purchase invoice. During the event, all new Baojun models can enjoy a 2020 yuan down payment to pick up the car, and the longest loan can be 5 years. For replacement users, Xinbaojun provides a replacement subsidy of 5,000 yuan. Finally, the new Baojun models will be equipped with an on-board air purification system as standard, and the official said that the purification efficiency can reach 95%.

Earlier on February 7, Baojun announced the implementation of 15 upgraded services, covering the entire contactless online car viewing; 360-degree no blind spot protection in the store; 3 free services * 24 hours companionship; double 0 policy, credit payment and other policies, yes Enrich consumers to watch and choose cars, etc. For details, you can click to understand.

The impact of the epidemic on the domestic auto market is obvious. From our current market research, as automakers and dealers resume work and production, many preferential policies have been introduced to stimulate sales. We here also hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible, companies will be able to fully resume work as soon as possible, and consumers will be able to buy their cars as soon as possible.