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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] In recent years, Chinese brand cars have become better and better. I always want to have the opportunity to experience it in depth. It just so happened that the editorial department recently came to a Lynk & Co 01, so what are you waiting for? In the arrangement of “30 Days of Getting Started”, let us use the most introductory perspective to see how the various functions of this highly youthful design SUV What's the fun in the design?

The guide price of Lynk & Co 01 is between 179,800 yuan and 201,800 yuan. This price range has been dominated by joint venture SUVs such as RAV4 Rongfang, CR-V and Tan Yue in the past few years. However, with the rise of Chinese brands, Lynk & Co 01 has already killed off Enter this market and have great competitiveness. The characteristics of the Lynk & Co 01 are very distinctive. If you like cool styling, four-wheel drive system, excellent power, fun control and home use, then it is for you.

Lynk & Co 01 2021 2.0TD 4WD Dark Night Edition

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Car inspection

When you start a new car with an unfamiliar one, you must first confirm that all aspects of the car are intact. Generally, the car will be washed when it is delivered to facilitate the observation of the state of the body. Afterwards, check whether the oil in all aspects is sufficient, and be sure to open the engine compartment, and let the transfer personnel talk about the filling ports of various oils.

Get started with new cars

After checking the condition of the car, let us see how to drive this car. Although it is not an ultra-luxury car such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or Lamborghini, some small details are still different.

The sports seats used in the Lynk & Co 01 not only look cool, but also have a racing style, but also have a good ride comfort, especially its excellent package feeling, which is very supportive during intense driving.

The car can be driven away, but it’s best to familiarize yourself with the body shape of the vehicle before and at the beginning of the start, especially for novices. If you don’t know the size of the vehicle, you can drive directly on the road. It’s like typing with thick gloves. The road is spacious. When entering a narrow section or in a parking lot, mistakes are inevitable.

Detailed explanation of each functional area

Next, let's take a look at the various functions of Lynk & Co 01. At this price, it is a top-of-the-line model or a Chinese brand. The configuration functions are relatively abundant. There are too many keys to read the manual carefully, and many functions are not used until the car is scrapped.

The control of the dashboard computer and the driving assistance system are all on the steering wheel. During driving, it is very convenient to operate, especially the buttons are shaped like bumps and convexes, and blind operation is completely okay.

Lynk & Co 01 is equipped with intelligent technology such as intelligent far and near light, automatic headlights and other lighting. Although it is placed in AUTO mode most of the time, it is still better to understand each function. When it is really used, find it quickly.

Driving experience

Lynk & Co 01 is equipped with a 2.0T+8AT power combination, providing two power versions, high-power and low-power. For such a compact SUV, the power of the 2.0T engine can fully satisfy the basic abilities of driving pleasure. Coupled with the finer gear ratio of 8AT, shifting and acceleration are smoother.

to sum up:

Lynk & Co 01 is actually more stunning than it looks on the picture, and both the workmanship and the texture are beyond expectations. The article counts the functional design and layout of each functional area. There are indeed many configurations. Fortunately, the design is relatively reasonable. It is basically at hand, and it is easy to get started, which is in line with the usage habits of Chinese users.

In general, Lynk & Co 01 is not difficult to get started, but it does have more functions. This article only talks about part of it. If you really want to play it all and understand it, it does take some time. We will continue to dig deeper into its usage in the next issue

[YesAuto Use Car Collection] In the last issue, I talked about the functions of each area of Lynk & Co 01, as well as the main operating usage of driving. In this issue, we will introduce intelligent technology and various functions of space in depth.

During the May Day holiday, I went back to my hometown, and the round trip was a little over 2000km. In such long-distance travel, the intelligent driving assistance system is simply an artifact, which greatly reduces long-distance fatigue.

The intelligent driving assistance system has a three-gear function, and the driver can choose according to his needs. The most elementary is the speed limit. Set the speed on the line, and you will not exceed the speed limit no matter how you step on it. The higher level is adaptive cruise, set the cruising speed and vehicle distance, you can intelligently adjust the speed according to the distance from the vehicle in front to maintain Follow the car; the most intelligent is called the pilot assist. On the basis of adaptive cruise, the direction correction assist is added, which can keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane based on the recognition of the lane line.

Space in-depth experience

Let us introduce in detail the design and usage of each storage space. The various storage compartments of the Lynk & Co 01 are designed more conventionally, and the advantage is that they can keep up with the trend in terms of technology.

The location of this wireless charging storage compartment is just right, and the bottom cushion has anti-skid stripes, which reduces the sliding of the mobile phone in the driving, which is very in line with the usage habits of the young generation of mobile phones.

The design of the storage compartment also takes into account the needs of family, long-distance and outdoor travel. For example, the design of this cup trough takes into account the problem of drinking water for many people.

Fuel consumption analysis

In these 30 days, I ran a total of about 3000km, of which about 2000km was on the highway, and the rest was basically the usual city road conditions. Due to the powerful power output of the 2.0T high-power version, the usual driving style is involuntarily more intense, and the air conditioner is naturally turned on at all times.

to sum up:

The main functions of the Lynk & Co 01 are almost introduced. After 30 days of in-depth use, I found that this car is more conventional in the design of basic functions such as space and control, and it is very easy for Chinese users to get started. The functional design of smart technology is more in line with the habits of young people. On the one hand, the operation logic is very direct, and on the other hand, it can keep up with the times in details.

People of the older generation may not be able to accept this car because of the design style, but for young users who pay attention to fun and convenience, the Lynk & Co 01 is a very good car.