[YesAuto Car Purchase Manual] Lexus ES has just been launched, and just the previous real shot articles have already attracted countless fans, including many of my colleagues. This time the price seems to be really a big bright spot. Affected by tariffs, the starting price is only 279,000, which is close to some joint venture brand medium-sized cars. Then how to choose this car, I will take you to analyze and analyze.

I don’t say much about the introduction of the car models. Two articles have already said the same, “Knife Mouth Tofu Really Shooting Lexus ES 200” and “Returning is Still a Juvenile Overseas Test Drive Lexus New ES”, just click the title.

Lexus ES Guide Price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
ES 200 Excellence Edition 27.9
Deluxe Edition 29.8
ES 260 Excellence Edition 33.5
F SPORT 37.8
Premium Edition 39.8
ES 300h Excellence Edition 35.9
Premium Edition 41.8
Executive Edition 46.8

Regarding power, first of all, I think that the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine of ES 200 is not suitable for a luxury brand medium and large car. It only reaches the level of a very general family car, unless the budget is insufficient or there is no demand for power. , Otherwise don’t think about it.

The following is a specific model analysis. Starting from the excellent version, you can see that the difference between ES 200 and ES 260 is more than 50,000, while the difference between ES 260 and ES 300h is only more than 20,000. Simple calculations. According to previous tests, ES Compared with ES 260, 300h saves at least 3 liters of fuel per 100km. Assuming that you run 20,000 kilometers a year, based on the current oil price, you can make a difference in five years (100,000 kilometers), and you can make a profit if you drive more.

◆ Let's talk about the excellent models

The premium version has all the necessary configurations. Lexus ES has several good standard configurations, namely adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, active braking, electric steering wheel, LED headlights, adaptive far and near beams, and knee airbags. , If the configuration requirements are not very high, it is enough to buy it. According to the above conclusion on power, the ES 200 is cheap to buy, and the owners of the ES 260 should try to get the ES 300h!

Model recommendation: ES 200 Excellent Edition, recommendation index: ★★★
ES 260 Excellence Edition, recommendation index: ★★
ES 300h excellent version, recommendation index: ★★★★

◆ ES 200 Deluxe Edition is more valuable

Compared with the superior version, the ES 200 luxury version has improved comfort. I know that friends in the South, especially Guangdong and Fujian, particularly favor Lexus among luxury brands. Can you have seat ventilation? This extra 19,000 yuan is really not much, personally think it is more worthwhile than the excellent version.

ES 200 Deluxe Edition, recommendation index: ★★★★

In terms of rims and tires, the models above this line use 17-inch wheels with a tire size of 215/55 R17, and the models introduced later use 18-inch wheels with a size of 235/45 R18.

ES 260 F SPORT is small enough

This car is the youngest model in the ES series. In addition to the matrix LED headlights, adaptive cruise and other technological configurations, the biggest feature of this car is a sportswear. The included F SPORT includes the following exclusive content: China Open, logos, blackened exterior trim, gun gray wheels, F logo steering wheel, sports seats, sports pedals, etc. Young friends who pursue individuality can take a look. This is not the choice of mainstream ES customers.

ES 260 F SPORT, recommended index: ★

◆ ES 260 Premium Edition has panoramic sunroof

The premium version is the top model of the ES 260, which is 63,000 yuan more expensive than the low-profile superior version. The biggest feature of this car is the only model in the whole series equipped with a panoramic sunroof . In addition, it has some more comfort. And the configuration of driving assistance. As mentioned earlier, seat ventilation is very important, but this is not recommended. The reason is that the ES 300h Premium Edition is only 20,000 yuan more expensive than it. Are you sure you want to buy it instead of a hybrid?

ES 260 Premium Edition, recommendation index: ★★

◆ The ES 300h premium version is high-end!

The ES 300h is also a premium version. The ES 300h has more driver seat cushion length adjustment functions, and the lumbar support has also been upgraded from 2 to 4 directions. The comfort is further enhanced. You may find it strange, but it is true. All Lexus series Only 2 cars are equipped with leather seats , and the rest of the cars use environmentally friendly artificial leather. I don't know if you mind that. All in all, ES 300h Premium Edition is also a recommended model. Some of the configurations are basically complete, but in the final analysis, I think the luxury version is more practical. It is 19,000 yuan more expensive than the excellent version, but the 300h does not. This configuration is nothing!

ES 300h exclusive version, recommendation index: ★★

◆ ES 300h administrative version for those in need

Coming to the most expensive ES 300h executive version in the whole series, it can be seen from the name that it serves more rear passengers. For example, the rear seats can be adjusted in angle and have a heating function. The air conditioner is also set with another temperature separately. Area. The front passenger also has a configuration to follow the light, such as Mark Levinson audio and steering wheel heating function. The seat material has also been upgraded to semi-aniline premium leather. What is this? This is the fabric of the Mercedes-Benz S seat. Even if you don't buy it, you can go to the 4S store to experience it.

If you have a demand for the exclusive configuration of the executive version, the price difference of 50,000 yuan is not unacceptable, and I will not recommend it here. There is one thing that needs to be complained. The executive version of the ES series only has a 12.3-inch large screen, which is a bit stingy. The steering wheel electric adjustment is all standard equipment. Is it necessary to save the screen?

ES 300h administrative version, recommendation index: ★★

● Full text summary

Finally, to summarize, there are two cars recommended by the five-star, namely the ES 200 luxury version, 298,000 yuan, affordable, and some configurations; ES 300h excellent version, 359,000 yuan, this is the entry version of the hybrid model , The price is not high, you can come.

The two four-star recommended models are the ES 200 Excellence Edition, the lowest price model of the whole series of 279,000 yuan, but it is strongly recommended to buy the luxury version; the ES 300h Premium Edition, 418,000 yuan, the second top model of the whole series, the configuration has been More complete.

The remaining four models can be selected on demand!