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[YesAuto Connected Travel] Sonata is a Korean model familiar to Chinese people. It has been 35 years since the first generation model came out. Since it entered China, this name must have appeared in the list of car selection comparisons many times. Of course, many people have chosen this car. Now the new generation of Sonata is coming again. Let's take a look at this 35-year-old model. Has the car model adapted to the development of the new era? What is the on-board system?

On October 18, 2002, Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. was established. One month after its completion, the fifth-generation Sonata was officially launched as the first domestically produced model. It was officially listed in China at the end of that year, with a price of 179,000 to 265,000 yuan. No impression? I believe that for those born in the 80s and 90s, the first batch of 300 Sonata taxis comparable to luxury cars at that time was impressive. Both the appearance and space, as well as the price of 2 yuan/km, made people both yearning and timid. .

Since then, Beijing Hyundai and its series of models have gradually become known to people. They have been sought after by some people for their kind prices and rich configuration. However, with the rise of Chinese brand models, for Sonata, the price and configuration advantages have gradually reduced. To retain market position, some changes must be made. Perhaps to catch up with the boom of smart cars and younger car purchases, the tenth-generation Sonata in front of us is far different from the car we first met.

Whether you are building a car or being a human being, you can keep your figure stable in the rapids by changing yourself in time to adapt to changes in the trend. So what changes has the tenth-generation Sonata made in the context of China's auto industry moving towards intelligence?

From the perspective of the design and layout of the entire system, it is more similar to the Festa that we tested earlier. At that time, as the first overseas brand to embrace the domestic ecology, its performance and courage have surprised us. Now after a year of Precipitation, although the overall system design has not changed, it is not difficult to see from the layout and multiple designs that this system is achieving self-evolution.

The voice level is the deepest point of this system. First of all, with the development of intelligent networking, voice recognition has been widely used in various devices, but in terms of car scenes, it has a deeper impact on driving. Its greatest significance is It shortens the process of human-car interaction, and being able to understand and react quickly is the biggest feature of this system. In fact, in the current car scene, we don’t need much cool ability, we just need it to understand what you mean, and Respond quickly. Fortunately, the new generation of Sonata's voice system has done it, and of course the mainstream functions are not absent.

In addition to voice, high-frequency applications are the most influential in the field of in-vehicle systems. For autonomous driving at this stage and the future, navigation and entertainment are no different from the most used functions by people, so how to call it easy to use? Very simple, as long as they are adapted to the vehicle scene without any learning costs, it is best to operate like a smart phone.

Judging from the applications currently carried by the new Sonata, the combination of QQ Music and Baidu Maps is almost in the best state, with complete basic functions and many special features. Music and radio resources are abundant, and you can also listen to the list simultaneously after logging in to your account, which truly achieves seamless connection between mobile phones and car machines. Combined with the aforementioned voice, there is at least no disadvantage in the car scene.

As for the relatively forward-looking and low-frequency functions of Bluetooth keys, car home interconnection, and low-frequency functions are considered to give users an early adopter experience, some are to solve the embarrassing problem from 0 to 1, and some are to improve the happiness index. Of course, as far as car home exchange is concerned, I think it is still in its infancy. With the advent of 5G, car home exchange will be explored in more scenarios.

Written at the end:

    Returning to the first topic we talked about, most of Beijing Hyundai's models appeared in the eyes of consumers with high configuration and high cost performance. However, with the rise of Chinese brands, the inherent price range has been affected, but as the first batch to embrace the domestic smart ecology The ability of overseas brands to change their minds in time and conform to the trend of the times is just a big effort. On the Sonata, which is well-known to the Chinese people, the car linkage solution that has been tested by the market for a year has gradually matured. With a product that is not weak in itself, Sonata may usher in another take-off. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)

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