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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] The higher the level of the vehicle, the higher the price, but this seemingly truthful statement does not necessarily apply to all models; in our impression, most compact cars are sold at average prices At around 100,000, the prices of some models have already been in line with higher levels, and today we screened out 4 mid-sized cars that are comparable in price to compact cars.

Consumers generally buy cars in the following ways. One is to be practical, and the other is to save face; this also raises two questions, what exactly are they buying at the same price? Is it a compact car or a more faceted mid-size car?

Price of Chevrolet Epica: 10.88-16.19 million

The cheapest joint venture medium-sized car, I think when everyone sees the price range, there is no need to explain too much about this title. If you don’t have much money in your hand, it will be enough to meet the face of a scene-joint venture, medium-sized. car. And we found that Jingcheng's current discount rate is also quite attractive.

Frankly speaking, buying mid-size cars is mostly for the sake of face. Chevrolet Epica has a slender body and smooth lines. There are no lack of angular transitions. Danfeng eye lens headlights are standard equipment for the whole series. The lowest entry-level model, the true version, is in appearance. It is slightly different from other models. The air intake grille is a small-mouth fog lamp that is rectangular, while other models are relatively gorgeous. The large-mouth chrome grille echoes the chrome round fog lamp; the overall feeling of Jingcheng is still implicit and steady. .

The 2010 Vision has only a displacement of 1.8L. The power core Ecotec DVVT engine is the same as the one used by Cruze. The maximum power is 134Ps/6200rpm, the maximum torque is 177N·m/3800rpm, and the displacement is reduced from the old 2.0L to 1.8L. The maximum power is increased by 10kW; the manual transmission model is 5 gears, and the automatic transmission model is the S6 6-speed automated manual gearbox that we are familiar with. It is the same model as the LaCrosse and other models, and the gearbox tuning is very sensitive.

All Jingcheng systems are equipped with front-row side airbags, which protect the occupants in the event of an accident, especially when a side collision occurs. Starting from the luxury model, it has sensor-type wipers, which will automatically turn on and at different speeds according to the amount of rain. Sports, front seat heating and sunroof are also not available in the low-profile true version and the comfortable version, and the occupants in the car can enjoy a more comfortable driving environment. The entry-level Zhizhen version has a lower configuration and is too pure, so it should be considered carefully.

The Jingcheng wheelbase is 2700mm. If according to the traditional model classification, Jingcheng is a standard medium-sized car, and the internal space is quite satisfactory. The editor we are familiar with is 185cm tall. Sitting in the scene, regardless of the front and rear rows, the head is a three-finger space. The distance between the legs of the rear seat and the backrest of the front seat is not much superior to the current level of the car in the same class. The central armrest is wide and moderately high and integrated with a cup holder.

The adjustment of the multi-link rear suspension tends to be comfortable. When facing an emergency line change, the suspension is slightly insufficient for the support of the larger body, and the tail performance is somewhat active, so stable driving should be the best way for the scene.

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Mondeo-winning price: 16.98-22.98 million

The price of Mondeo Zhisheng in the joint venture medium-sized car is also relatively low. It has a strong sporty atmosphere. Although the sales situation is not bleak, it still has a gap with competitors of the same level. The key is power.

The Mondeo-Zhisheng exterior design has shown a sporty design idea. The sharp headlights and wide open radiator vents bring a good visual experience. It is also a smart move to focus on sports in medium-sized cars. The sports model is more radical, with silver trims on the front face and rear spoiler revealing the style of a sportsman.

I believe everyone has heard of the Mondeo-Zhisheng suspension system. The multi-link suspension structure of the front Macpherson and the rear makes the victory inherently possess the potential of athletes, plus the excellent training in the later period, whether it is in the high-speed straight line or the cornering suspension. The support of the vehicle is in place, and the trackability and stability of the body are also excellent. The tight and solid chassis suspension has been recognized by many car owners.

The current Mondeo-Zhisheng has two engines. 2.3L is the maximum displacement. The power performance is indeed not satisfactory. The driving feeling is too gentle, which is far from the dynamics of the shape. This year, the Mondeo-Zhisheng will be released on the market with a core change, and the power will be greatly improved. It will be upgraded to a turbocharged engine with 6-speed Powershift dual-clutch gearbox, 2.0L GTDi direct injection engine, maximum power 203Ps/5500rpm, maximum torque 300N·m/1750-4500rpm, and the official acceleration time is 7.9s.

In terms of configuration, Mondeo-Winning is not inferior. The large-size driving computer display on the dashboard has a very large amount of information. The driver can easily know the information provided by the vehicle computer. The front side airbags are standard for all models, and the front and rear heads of high-end models All are equipped with an air curtain, which greatly improves the passive safety. The 5-level adjustable front seat heating is also reflected in some winning models.

The interior space is also a major advantage of Mondeo-Success. The editor with a height of 180cm has the margin of a punch on the head of the driver's seat. The 2850mm wheelbase provides two punches for the legs of the rear passengers. The seat wrapping is relatively good. The comfort is not inferior to mainstream business models such as Accord and Camry.

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FAW Mazda 6 Price: 170,800-199,800

We have to admit that Mazda 6's hot performance in the auto market a few years ago, its dynamic shape can easily attract the attention of passers-by on the road, and now Ruiyi's launch of the old horse 6 also gives great discounts, basically in About 20,000 yuan, the current purchase is more value-for-money.

Mazda 6 boldly separates the headlights independently. Although the Hawkeye-like design is not sharp, it looks unique. The honeycomb grille of the mid-grid area is the standard configuration of sports cars, and it does not seem to be backward at all. The wedge-shaped front of the Tanner is relatively sharp, and the taillights are also divided into four lights to echo the headlights. The exterior design of the Mazda 6 is very successful.

The 2.0L model of Mazda currently on sale has a maximum power of 146Ps/6500rpm and a maximum torque of 183Ps/4000rpm. The engine is equipped with S-VT and VIS technology, which can change the valve timing and the variable intake manifold, which improves fuel economy. The upper level has been improved, and it is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission. If you prefer to drive, then the 6-speed manual must be the first choice, and the driving pleasure is very high.

The multi-link suspension combination of the front double wishbone and the rear gives the Mazda 6 an innate sporting gene. The suspension is relatively stable and has a certain degree of toughness. However, comfort is also considered for family use, so it is not easy to try too intense driving. of.

All Mazda 6 series are equipped with sunroofs as standard, and all 4 door windows are up and down with one button, which is relatively rare in cars of the same price and the same price. Luxury models have 3 sets of memory seats and front head airbags; and the rearview mirrors are electrically foldable Only the entry-level is not equipped. At that time, the configuration was very rich, but since there is no ESP in the main sports department, it is a pity.

Mazda 6 is still mainly for home users, so the internal space will not be as luxurious as a business-focused model, but it will not feel depressed. The editor with a height of 178cm has a punch in the front row of the head and is not affected by the skylight; After moving to the back row, the space level of the two fingers on the head and two punches at the legs is also considered qualified.

The trunk of Mazda 6 is hydraulically supported and will not occupy the trunk space. When the rear seats are normally opened, the measured volume of the cuboid is 651 liters. The rear seats can be folded in a 4:6 ratio, and the volume is effectively Expansion is more important for home use.

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Mitsubishi Galant price: 14.98-20.30 million

A Mitsubishi famous for its sports is also considered a pioneer in the mid-size car, but this does not seem to impress too many consumers at the time, although the price of Galant is not high.

Since it incorporates sports elements, smooth body lines must be possessed. The front face is round and euphemistic without much aggressiveness. The chrome grille is divided by Mitsubishi LOGO. The overall shape of the vehicle leans slightly forward, with a high waistline. The design reduces the visual center of gravity and adds a sense of movement.

The interior comfort of Mitsubishi Galant is at an intermediate level. The 180cm-tall masked editor sits in the front row with plenty of headroom; the rear seat feels slightly stronger than the front row. The 2750mm wheelbase brings reliable legroom, but Due to the streamlined body design, the head is slightly cramped, and the central armrest is wide and practical, but the disadvantage is that the seat cushion is short, and the lack of the rear central headrest is also a pity.

The configuration of Galant is a bit complicated. The two 2.4L Rhythm models have a steering wheel shift function, but they are not like the shift paddles we usually see but shift buttons. The flagship Rhythm version also integrates the steering wheel. Sound control and Bluetooth phone. Two upgraded models with cruise control. The reason why the configuration is complicated is that the flagship Yundong version of the top model does not have a fixed speed cruise.

Although the Galant looks a bit ugly, the configuration of high-end models is still relatively rich. The two flagship versions are equipped with tire pressure monitoring. The driver can know the tire pressure at any time to avoid accidents due to abnormal tire pressure. It also has rear side sunshades and a DVD with reversing images. Folding rear-view mirrors are standard for all systems.

Mitsubishi Galant has two displacement engines, with Mitsubishi's MIVEC variable valve timing lift technology, 2.0L maximum power 160Ps/6000rpm, maximum torque 183N·m/4000rpm, 2.4L engine maximum power 173Ps/5500, maximum The torque is 213N·m/4000rpm, and the engine technology is relatively advanced, but the 4-speed automated manual gearbox is somewhat dragged down.

The rear multi-link independent suspension is tougher and tougher, and the lateral support of the suspension in corners and emergency sidelines performs better. Japanese medium-sized cars used to give people a feeling of comfort and supremacy, but when the center of gravity shifts quickly, the tail part The activity is still relatively high.

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to sum up:

Some people would rather buy a car as a chicken head than a phoenix tail, but from the point of view of use, if it is a high-end compact car for business purposes, it will be a bit sad. The above four models are basically the same in terms of comfort compared with mainstream mid-size cars. Of course, we also admit that there is a certain gap. After all, the price difference is also very large; since they exist, there is a reason for their existence. If you have a good face and don’t want to spend Too much money might as well pay attention to cheap mid-size cars. (Wen Auto House Zhang Ke)