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[YesAuto preliminary audit] It is often seen that some vehicles are parked too close to the vehicle in front. It is difficult for the driver to determine the distance between the front of the vehicle and the vehicle in front when leaving the parking space. I have to ask others to help or stretch my head by myself. This article will recommend 4 This model also has 4 radar probes at the front, which uses technology to help the driver judge the distance ahead and avoid small scratches.

What is reversing radar?

The reversing radar is an auxiliary tool when the car is parked. It detects obstacles through the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver device (probe) installed on the bumper to help the driver solve the trouble caused by the blind spot and effectively avoid scratches when parking; Common reversing radars have 2 probes, 3 probes, 4 probes, 6 probes and 8 probes, of which 2-4 probes can only monitor the rear of the car, while 6 probes and 8 probes can both front and rear, real-time monitoring of obstacles in the front. Reduce the probability that the front of the car will be scratched due to the car rolling or parking.

How to distinguish front and rear radar alarms?

The warning distances of the front and rear radars are different, the detection range of the rear radar is long, and the detection range of the front radar is short; in addition, the warning sounds of the front and rear radars are different. Some models have icons displayed to visually indicate the location and distance of obstacles. However, it is occasionally affected by vehicles on both sides.

Benz B200

Luxury brand compact and warm family car pursues different tastes of life

The Mercedes-Benz B200 is a compact family car, the choice of the standard family-oriented man; the appearance is compact and full, and the home is warm without losing the strong lines. As a luxury brand home positioning model, the B200 is not overly exaggerated. The huge trident logo on the grille is its status symbol. Except for the dynamic type, the B200 is equipped with 8-probe radar and can automatically park, which greatly facilitates the driver.

There are a total of 8 probes on the front and rear of the B200. During normal driving, the front 4 probes detect obstacles in the front and will sound an alarm if the distance is too close. In addition, the B200 has an automatic parking function except for the lowest dynamic model. , And the realization of this function relies on the independent probe on the side of the front bumper and the other 8 probes. The two probes on the side are responsible for finding qualified parking spaces on the roadside. A probe is responsible, and the intervention of electronic equipment makes the driver a lot easier.

Mercedes-Benz B200 is equipped with 2 valves per cylinder, 2.0L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, maximum power 136Ps/5500rpm, maximum torque 185N·m/3500-4000rpm, considering the positioning of the home, B200 uses 7-speed CVT gearbox, driving experience is very good There is no frustration, and the gearbox has a manual mode, which is helpful to improve driving pleasure and gives the driver more initiative.

The internal space must be a focus of family users. The seating space of the B200 makes us very satisfied. The editor with a height of 178cm sits in the driver's seat with a punch on the head. The wheelbase of 2778mm allows the rear passengers to also have plenty of space. It seems that the same editor punched the head in the back row and the legs were close to two punches. I believe no one would be picky about such a space. The B200 adopts a front-wheel drive design, so the bulge of the rear center floor is very small, which also provides comfort for the middle passengers.

The B200 looks sleek and compact, and the internal seating space has also been recognized by us. In fact, there is no need to worry about the ability of the trunk. The volume of the seat is 544L when the seat is normally opened, which can already meet the daily household requirements. The rear seats are all put in The rear floor is flat and it is very competent as a family car.

Another major feature of the B200 is the sunroof. The fashionable sunroof style has a novel design. When it is fully opened, all passengers in the vehicle can enjoy the sun, but the sunshade needs to be opened or closed manually; the sunroof is fully folded back after opening, the official said This way of stacking has the effect of a spoiler, which can produce downward airflow at high speeds, but how many people will run at high speeds with a large sunroof? I won't anyway.

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The driving feels very comfortable! Test the Mercedes-Benz B200 fashion model

Suzuki Kaisersi

Domestic four-wheel-drive sedans are no longer monopolized by Subaru

The reason why Kaisersi is a junior in mid-size cars is that Suzuki seems to have always been manufacturing small cars in our impression. This time Suzuki changed people’s inertial thinking, and Kaisersi officially launched the first medium-sized car in China. Cars; secondly, the size of Keizersi is also junior, and the size data is not conspicuous in medium-sized cars. Kezixi has taken a compact and sporty route in a mid-size car. The various lines of the body are intertwined together to create a refreshing visual experience, but the aesthetics are still different.

In addition to the standard version of the two-wheel drive, all Kaizhexi have 8-probe radars. The dashboard screen has obstacle indications. The driver can accurately determine the position and distance of the vehicle from the obstacle. It is intuitive and convenient to use. The two probes in the middle Obstacles with a small height can be found at a lower position, and the other two probes are located at a higher position and are relatively outside, with a large detection angle, but the problem is that they often detect cars in adjacent lanes on the road and false alarms.

The most distinctive thing about Kizia is that it has a four-wheel drive version and can manually choose between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Previously, only SUV and Subaru were the only options for buying four-wheel-drive vehicles in China, especially in the field of sedan. However, the listing of Kaizixi undoubtedly provides us with another alternative answer. Compared with Subaru in terms of configuration, it is even better. A very simple example, Subaru does not have a parking sensor.

The black interior and the metal outline decoration create a good feeling, the style continues the dynamic appearance of the appearance and the overall sports tone is more appropriate. If the requirements for interior materials are not so high, then Kaizhexi will give you a satisfactory answer, but we believe that if the materials used are more reasonable, we believe that the internal grade will be higher, rather than pure sports.

Keizersi has only a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 178Ps/6500rpm and a maximum torque of 230N·m/4000rpm. All entry-level models have a 6-speed manual, and the rest are 6-speed CVT gearboxes. It also comes with paddle shifters. Although the exceptional ease of CVT will obliterate some driving passion, changing paddles is a small compensation.

We carried out a 100-kilometer acceleration test on the four-wheel drive deluxe version of Kaiser, and the acceleration time from 0-100KM/h was 11.01s. Affected by the structure of the CVT continuously variable transmission and the characteristics of four-wheel drive, there was no grumpy performance at the start. With the cooperation of the gearbox, the acceleration process is very smooth and linear, and the entire acceleration process is completed with a quiet, continuous and uninterrupted increase in speed.

Although it is a medium-sized car, Kaisersi has no advantage in terms of space. The 2700mm wheelbase level is almost the bottom among medium-sized cars. It is similar to the wheelbase of some large compact cars. The 175cm editor sits in the front row. There is room for more than one punch in the front, but in the back row, four fingers on the leg and head can only say that the space is enough, but the advantage is that the compact body will not hinder the handling.

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Can only appreciate the attractiveness of the Suzuki Kaisersi 2.4 four-wheel drive

Skoda Haorui

Low-key, steady, public-private mid-size car combines German technology with humanized design

After Skoda, a century-old car brand married with Volkswagen, the technology platform relies on to continue the brand. Since many systems and components are common to Volkswagen models, the technical performance is trustworthy. However, the development of Skoda has always been restricted by its brand recognition, so The price will be much lower than that of Volkswagen models of the same level, but the price/performance ratio will naturally increase.

Like the previous Mercedes-Benz B200, Haorui can also perform automatic parking, with 8 front and rear probes to judge the distance. The position of the probes is very low, the reliability of detection is stronger, and it is more beautiful in the black skirt; the side is separate 2 A probe is responsible for finding the parking space. During the parking process, the driver only needs to control the speed of the car and cannot interfere with the direction; but this function is only limited to the 2.0TSI flagship model, and the Zunya version is optional.

Haorui can be a competent rear-seat car. The wheelbase of 2761mm provides an absolutely spacious and comfortable space for the rear passengers. A 180cm-tall experiencer can see Haorui’s interpretation of spaciousness when sitting in the rear seat. Leg room is very luxurious in medium-sized cars. The straight roof is a traditional business car shape, and the advantage is naturally that it has a larger head room. The suede leather seat not only feels good but also provides good support and friction.

If you drive by yourself, Haorui can also provide ample driving space, a punch in the head, a spacious car with good lighting, and a wide seat with a certain lateral wrapping. The comfort of driving a large-size vehicle is very important.

From Haorui’s square and stable car shape, we naturally positioned it in the ranks of commercial vehicles. In fact, Haorui is also considered for household use. The trunk is opened in two stages, one of which is an ordinary sedan. The other is a very practical hatchback opening, which is very conducive to handling large items, which is also a humanized feature of the Skoda family.

Our measured 2.0TSI model uses the same engine as the Magotan, with a maximum power of 200Ps/5100-6000rpm and a maximum torque of 280N·m/1700-5000rpm. The power output platform is very wide. Maybe it is to make the difference, the gearbox uses It is a 6-speed automatic instead of a DSG dual-clutch; Haorui's measured acceleration time per 100 kilometers is 8.11s. Compared with the stable appearance, we affirm this result.

It can be seen visually that Haorui’s tires seem to be slightly smaller. The tire size of 205/55 R16 is indeed a bit shabby. In the braking test, the drawbacks of the tires are obvious. The 44-meter brake performance is not ideal; in addition, business models Pay more attention to the comfort of driving, so the suspension adjustment is soft. When braking vigorously, the support of the suspension is not very strong, and the nodding phenomenon is more obvious, so you should still converge calmly when driving.

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Big and full enough to test Skoda Hao Rui 2.0 TSI

Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan

Inertial hot spot fills the product vacancy

When it comes to the current SUV market, the Tiguan is definitely a hot topic. Whether it is car purchase or various events, Tiguan has been pushed to the forefront; Volkswagen has always been a vacancy in China's entry-level SUV. With the improvement of people's quality of life and pursuit, SUV The market has gradually matured and has become a cake that many manufacturers are vying for. However, the situation of flying orders is not unreasonable. Advanced technology is what we need.

The Tiguan flagship and flagship navigation models are equipped with 8 front and rear probes and automatic parking like the imported luxury version; due to the high ground clearance of the SUV vehicle, the position of the probe is naturally relatively high, so you still need to be careful when reversing cautious. All Tiguan systems are electronic handbrakes with “AUTOHOLD” automatic parking. After the function is activated, the system will automatically keep the brakes after stepping on the brakes. When stepping on the accelerator, the brakes will be automatically released. This function is true for drivers with automatic transmission. It's more convenient, but you need to know how hard you step on the accelerator.

Today’s SUVs seem shabby without a panoramic sunroof. An entry-level SUV like Tiguan will not deviate from the trend. All models except the lowest version of the metropolitan version are equipped with a panoramic sunroof as standard or optional. A comfortable life starts from now on. It's a good thing to be able to look up at the sky easily in the back row.

Tiguan, like many SUVs, has ample seating space. The editor with a height of 180cm sits in the driver's seat and adjusts it to the lowest distance between the head and the roof. When the seat is adjusted to the highest, it becomes 2 fingers. The seat adjustment is visible. Compared with the imported Tiguan, the Tiguan has a longer wheelbase to 2684mm, and the legroom is naturally improved. In addition, the rear seats can also be adjusted, so it is not difficult for passengers to find a suitable sitting posture.

Naturally, the necessary equipment for outings cannot be less. At this time, a large enough trunk is needed; when all the seats are normally opened, the trunk volume is 400L, and the rear seats can be individually laid down, and the space combination is more flexible; if When a large amount of transportation is required, all the rear seats can be put down, the trunk volume is expanded to 1530L, and the floor is very flat, which is of high use value.

All Tiguan systems are equipped with ESP and tire pressure monitoring as standard. Due to the high center of gravity of the vehicle, the stability of the vehicle becomes particularly important. ESP can prevent the occurrence of tail flips and rollovers. Although indirect tire pressure monitoring cannot accurately know each The tire pressure value of the tire, but the system will alarm when the tire pressure is abnormal, which plays a positive role in preventing accidents; the headlights of high-equipped models have follow-up steering, especially when driving on dark country roads, “turning eyes “Reduce the blind spot of the light.

Consumers buy SUVs largely to meet the requirements of passing complex road conditions. The 4WD Tiguan uses 4 Motion four-wheel drive system, adopts the structure of the central disc clutch, the wheels have electronic limited slip, and the actual artificial standard cross axle test The role of the electronic limited slip is not obvious, and it did not help the Tiguan pass the test; in daily driving, the correct driving route should be selected, and the cross-axis situation should be avoided as much as possible.

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Domestically produced also wonderful test Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0TSI

to sum up:

I don’t know why almost no nose can be seen in cars nowadays. The once-popular front markings have a certain function of judging the distance, but for the protection of pedestrians, it is rare to see vehicles with markings. This is for novices or a sense of distance. It is indeed a headache for drivers who are not strong. They feel that the distance ahead is sufficient, and when the fuel is applied cautiously, the front of the car still has a small scratch; it is obvious that the distance is sufficient, but it is not sure. It was a waste of time. This article recommends 4 models with 8 probes in different styles, which help the driver to judge the distance through technological means and avoid some accidents. I hope it can be a reference when buying a car. (Picture / Zhang Ke, Auto Home)