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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] With the continuous progress of independent car brands, more and more independent manufacturers are no longer satisfied with only producing low-cost and low-profit low-end models. Many manufacturers have launched their own high-end models and even high-end brands. The prices of these cars have reached or exceeded 100,000 yuan. This is also a gap that independent brands must bridge. So how do they perform? Let us continue Look down.

BYD L3: Leading in the same price configuration

Price: 9.28~118,800 yuan

BYD already has two models of F3 and G3 in the compact car market, but they don’t seem to be satisfied. The higher-positioned L3 model is also on the market recently. Both models are powered by 1.8L+CVT, and the price is Within the range of 90,000-120,000, it has entered the price range of mainstream joint venture brand compact cars. The higher configuration of L3 is the biggest highlight of the whole car.

The shape design of L3 is more mature than that of G3. The blackened headlights and the chrome-plated horizontal grid give people a fashionable and sporty feeling. The lines on the sides and tail still have the shadow of G3, but the design of the taillights is indeed more beautiful . In terms of body size, its wheelbase is 2615mm, although it is slightly longer than the G3, but it has no advantage in the current compact car.

The interior adopts a more mainstream style of upper-dark and lower-light color schemes, and the layout of the entire functional area is also more conventional, similar to the G3. It is only different in some details such as the steering wheel and the air outlet. From the overall feeling, the G3 is taking the sports route, while the L3 is a pure home style.

The two models listed this time both use the power combination of 1.8L engine and CVT. The 1.8L engine is BYD483QA independently developed by BYD. The maximum power is only 90kW (122 horsepower) and the maximum torque is 160Nm. The parameters are weak, and the maximum power is even smaller than the 1.6L engine of the new A3.

The biggest advantage of BYD L3 compared to similar joint venture models is its rich configuration. In terms of safety configuration, the entire system is equipped with four front and side airbags as standard, while high-end models are also equipped with front and rear integrated safety air curtains. However, the active safety configuration is still not high, and all systems only have ABS and EBD. In terms of comfort configuration, the new car is equipped with a keyless entry system, electric folding rearview mirror, multi-function steering wheel, GPS navigator with reversing image, mobile TV, DVD and other functions. L3 is also very rich in audio access methods. USB, AUX and SD card interfaces are all available.

Model summary:

In my opinion, L3 is not an obvious improvement compared to G3. Although it looks more beautiful, it is only a facelift, and it still feels familiar from the side and tail. The engine displacement reaches 1.8 liters, but the power parameters are mediocre, even lower than some 1.6-liter engines. The configuration is its greatest competitiveness. The safe and comfortable configuration is at the leading level at the same price and is more suitable for home users.