[YesAuto high-horsepower modification] American performance modifier AMS set a world record this year. They successfully set a world record for the 402-meter (1/4 mile) straight acceleration of the Nissan GT-R (R35). The results are amazing to read: the static acceleration of 402 meters takes 7.49s, and the end speed is 310.5km/h.

At the beginning of this year, we published an article introducing the top ten Nissan GT-Rs in the world for linear acceleration. The runner-up at the time was a Nissan GT-R modified by AMS. Now AMS has brought their current “ultimate product”, the GT-R (R35) modified car code-named Alpha-Omega (meaning ultimate).

The vehicle has a 4.0L displacement, CNC-processed cylinder head and customized camshafts. AMS has specially designed a turbocharger kit and a series of complicated peripheral oil, water, and electric cooling kits. After proper adjustments, this car GT-R has achieved amazing acceleration capabilities. AMS did not give a specific horsepower value, but the actual acceleration data is in front of you: 402m static acceleration time 7.49 seconds, end speed 310.5km/h; 0-160km/h acceleration only 2.78 seconds; 0-300km/h The acceleration takes only 7.07 seconds, and this last item is also the current acceleration record for a production car.

Unfortunately, this 7.48 second world record only has an official certification score but no video is left. We can only experience it with the video of the 400m run in 7.7 seconds before.

Don't ask what it means to pursue such a tireless pursuit of the limit. Many cutting-edge automotive technologies and rich adjustment experience are born in this kind of horny process. Achieving outstanding performance is no longer ordinary, but anyone who dares to challenge the title of “World No. 1” also has to pay a lot. I don't know what you think of such a GT-R with amazing performance. Anyway, what I think is when they can be faster.