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[YesAuto Appearance Modification] This is a Macan model from the famous German Porsche modification factory-Tecate. Engineers have carried out this car in all aspects, and the power has also been greatly improved, adding a 3.6-liter turbo The compression engine has been increased from 400 horsepower of the original car to 450 horsepower, the torque has also been increased by 70 Nm, the 0-100 km acceleration has also been pushed to 4.4 seconds, and the maximum speed is 271 km/h.

The overall appearance has been improved. The sports package of the whole vehicle is very sporty, which increases the beauty and is also very combative.

The design of the front air intake grille is also very clever, increasing the windward area to help dissipate heat, while also having a good aerodynamic effect to increase the driving stability of the vehicle.

The rear part of the vehicle is decorated with a beautiful diffuser, which also provides good air circulation for the chassis. The exhaust adopts a double-sided design with four outlets, which is rich in tension and enhances the aesthetics.

In order to match the aesthetics of the entire vehicle, the side body line adds a side skirt as an embellishment. At the same time, it is also equipped with 22-inch double five-spoke bright black wheels, and the tires are equipped with a set of 285/30 R22 sports tires provided by Continental.

Tecate’s engineers have also designed and developed carbon fiber rearview mirror housings and trunk carbon fiber spoilers for customers. I believe these components are still very attractive to most consumers, at least in the form of optional parts. buy.

The entire rear of the vehicle is the same as the front, with full and powerful lines. I don’t know if Tecate China can introduce this car to Chinese consumers, but I believe that the carbon fiber rearview mirror housing and the trunk carbon fiber spoiler accessories will become the majority of car owners. The best choice for upgrades.