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[YesAuto static experience] When POLO, Golf, Tiguan, Phaeton and other models have entered a new era, as Volkswagen's flagship medium and large SUV Touareg also landed with a new face and brought supercharged gasoline engines and turbocharged diesel engines. China. What we are going to discuss today is the flagship of the flagship: Touareg 3.0TSI Hybrid. When this car was first received, it had not been officially launched, and the pre-sale price of 1.38 million yuan was several thousand more than the Cayenne S Hybrid. I thought that this car was only for the future, not much. actual value. And just this Saturday (April 2), this car was finally officially launched at a price of 1.0934 million yuan. Compared with the conventional power version, it only costs more than 100,000 yuan to get an environmentally friendly, low-consumption, highly technological The actual significance of the models that can become the focus of everyone at the same time has been very obvious.

In addition to being equipped with a parallel hybrid power system and a nickel-metal hydride battery, the car is equipped with intelligent high beams, panoramic images, chassis lifting, sensor-type door locks, and automatic headlight cleaning. RNS850 audio-visual entertainment system, voice control, etc. are not only very technological, but more importantly, they are more for driving and making the vehicle more humane. Having said so much, hurry up and get into the topic, please follow me into this hybrid medium and large SUV.

Body appearance

With the continuous improvement of people’s cognition level, hybrid cars are no longer the kind of mysterious alien creatures with various future elements. On the contrary, such as Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid, Lexus LS600hL, Escalade Hybrid, etc. It's an approachable and low-key line, try not to make yourself appear high and indifferent. It’s not easy to get closer to everyone but also to show your extraordinary identity. Touareg Hybrid chose a more traditional style in appearance, and it is difficult to see the difference between it and the conventional power version without looking carefully.

Upon closer inspection, there are a total of four “Hybrid” three-dimensional logos posted on the front, rear and side skirts. Blue has become an iconic element of hybrid cars, but Touareg has hidden this conspicuous feature behind the silver wordmark. The complete effect can only be seen from the side, showing a restrained and gentle character. This is in sharp contrast with the blue package characters used by other brands, and it is in line with the public's simple and non-exaggerated temperament.

Some people say that the Touareg headlights look like GTI, and I agree with this point. In fact, the front face style of the new Volkswagen family is similar, but the Touareg design is more stable and generous, and at the same time more profound and aggressive, which caters to the aesthetic needs of this part of consumers. The 15 LED daytime running lights use Audi parts, and the quality should be guaranteed. In addition to the basic steering assist lighting, the xenon headlights can automatically switch between the far and near lights through the on-board camera. The purpose is to minimize the impact on the opposing driver. It is advanced and user-friendly.

The headlight cleaning device does not have a separate control switch. When the front windshield is cleaned for the first time after starting the vehicle, the headlights are also cleaned. After that, when the headlights are turned on, the windshield headlights are automatically cleaned every five times. This frequency is a bit frequent, and the inability to manually control it will make the driver feel very passive. The wiper nozzle with automatic heating is a small detail that is easy to be overlooked, and on the Touareg, these user-friendly designs are more than this.

The Touareg’s body proportions are very coordinated. Although its body is large, it does not look bloated; there is no discordant factor deliberately added. The front windshield of the car uses insulating glass with a metal coating, which is in line with the traditional tradition of exquisite materials for high-end cars. There is an area not shielded by metal on the inner side of the rearview mirror in the car, which is used to install the ETC fast pass card or GPS antenna. The rear and rear windows are privacy windows, and the inside is also equipped with sunshade curtains, which provide members with a more private space. There is a certain difference between the luggage rack and the old model. The air resistance of this two-sided layout is smaller, and the fixing method is more versatile.

At this price, it should be equipped with electric folding rearview mirrors. In addition to pressing the knob, if you need to automatically fold it when the car is locked, you have to set it on the on-board computer.

The two exposed triangular vents at the tail are as powerful as two tiger teeth; the taillights have changed from the old four-eye round lights to the family-style “L” shape, which is very contemporary. The electric luggage compartment door is equipped with four switch buttons on the inner side of the driver's seat door, the outer side of the tailgate, the inner side of the tailgate, and the remote control. When the electric door is automatically opened and closed, manual intervention can also be used to tentatively operate the mechanical operation. In addition, the electric door can also be closed during driving.

The inability to open the rear window alone is a small shortcoming, which makes it very inconvenient to retrieve luggage in a small space. If you really want to do this, you have to lower the seat back and crawl in and out of the side door awkwardly.

Appearance details

After seeing the appearance in general, let's take a closer look at some of the details of the car body, such as the wheels, braking system, and panoramic camera.

Every wheel of Volkswagen will be named after a place on the earth (for this interesting story, please refer to the article “Introduction to the name of every wheel of a Volkswagen model”). This powerful, five-spoke 19-inch aluminum alloy wheel is called “Everest” or Mount Everest. The name is very big, and the actual shape is basically commensurate. Bridgestone Powerman H/P Sport is a tire designed for high-end sports SUVs, and is also used on the same door brother Q7. Size 265/50R19; the tire pattern mainly takes care of handling and comfort, and has nothing to do with off-road.

Four-wheel ventilated brake discs can effectively suppress the braking force attenuation under continuous braking than solid discs. Touareg’s four-wheel ventilated discs and piston calipers are from the famous Italian manufacturer Brembo, and they should look the same as Cayenne in appearance. It's just that the words “PORSCHE” on the Cayenne are very classy; the Touareg's are more boring. If you are very concerned about the effect of this braking system, please pay attention to the upcoming performance test article.

The new Touareg has installed four wide-angle cameras on the front air intake grille, tailgate license plate lights, and the rear view mirrors on both sides . For the setting and usage of panoramic images, please refer to the detailed introduction on page 4 .

The Touareg’s keyless entry system is touch-sensitive, which means there are no traditional buttons on the outer handle. When the door is opened, the vehicle will be unlocked immediately; and the vehicle will be locked when you touch the round socket on the outside of the handle with your hand. To achieve such a function, it depends on the built-in capacitive sensing boards on both sides of the door handle.

The air suspension of the chassis system of the car has a height adjustment function, which can be divided into five levels from the lowest to the highest. Please refer to page 5 for detailed explanation and operation method .

Interior workmanship

The Touareg's interior style is quite simple, without the use of stacked instrument panels and a large number of chrome decorations to deliberately decorate itself. Solid wood decorative panels and imitation aluminum alloy decorative strips are necessary equipment at this level to cater to the aesthetic taste of high-end consumer groups. If you hate solid wood, Volkswagen also provides black decorative panels to emphasize the young and capable character. In terms of materials, the soft material of the center console feels good, and the workmanship is well-fitted, but the overall visual experience is really uncomfortable for its million-dollar value.

In theory, sports and luxury are two opposite directions, just like the Touareg steering wheel uses a simple and easy-to-control three-spoke pattern to highlight sports; on the other hand, it uses peach wood and leather to highlight luxury. However, the designer has well integrated the advantages of the two. The full feel and the friction of the soft leather are satisfactory. Unfortunately, the shape is too monotonous, and it looks no different from a golf worth more than 100,000 yuan.

This is a personalized design: the horn will be forcibly turned off after removing the key. It avoids the problem of disturbing people caused by children accidentally touching when playing in the car or washing the car.

The three-dimensional instrument panel is beautiful, but dust can easily fall on the seams of several dials. The color LCD display in the center is also more delicate. If you want to clean it as a whole, it is really troublesome. The tachometer and speedometer will start the self-check mode when the power is turned on, and the moment the needle hits the end and then returns, there will be a strong impulse to control in my heart.

People who don’t know the metal mesh opening at the front of the center console think it is a center speaker, but in fact it is just an indirect air-conditioning vent. The indirect meaning is that the blowing wind is very relaxed, and it is difficult to notice when you put it on it. . There is also a storage space at the top, and there is no problem putting a mobile phone in, which should be regarded as the tradition of the public. It's a pity that the black fleece lining here and the glove box still sheds, which is unpleasant (the shedding matter has to start with the article “Some feelings about FAW-Volkswagen CC about Hanlu”).

The correct model of this audio-visual entertainment system should be RNS850, but I don't know why the manufacturer has to give this RNS510 manual. The 850's functions are still very powerful, including 3D navigation, digital TV, DVD/built-in hard disk/SD card audio and video entertainment, display of vehicle status, panoramic images, air conditioning, seat adjustment and many personalized settings. The screen is controlled by touch.

There is nothing to say about automatic air conditioning and seat heating/ventilation. REST parking thermal cycle heating is a rare feature. Its function is to let the water tank continue to work after the engine is turned off, and use the waste heat to heat the interior of the car, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Touareg’s conventional power version top-mounted model also comes with a parking heating system. Its working principle is to heat the water tank by burning a small amount of fuel, so as to achieve the purpose of heating the cabin without the car.

Behind the shift lever is the operating area of a body control system, which is covered with off-road knobs, electric priority modes, suspension soft and hard levels, and chassis height adjustment buttons.

The RNS850 DVD player and two SD card slots are hidden in the gloves. In addition, the USB and AUX adapter cables provided with the car can import audio and video files from the U disk or mobile hard disk to the car hard disk for enjoyment at any time. While it is convenient to connect the Walkman directly, but it is very troublesome to control the playback.

The panoramic sunroof is a fashionable equipment, which can be found from compact SUVs worth more than 100,000 yuan to luxury cars worth more than one million yuan. This sunroof that can open the front half has an area of 1.1 square meters and is equipped with an electric sunshade, which is exactly the same as that on the Cayenne S Hybrid, which effectively increases the amount of light in the car and extends the view of the members on the car.

Introduction to Navigation

RNS850 provides a set of 3D navigation system, zoom in 3D map and get virtual 3D street view, allowing drivers to compare routes and intersections intuitively. As the localization work was not done well, the map, route guidance and voice broadcast were all in English, which greatly increased the difficulty of use. Even people who are good at English find it very difficult to find place names in pinyin with a full screen, and I am extremely dissatisfied with this. Below I will take Zhongguancun First Bridge as an example to demonstrate how the navigation system operates.

The first step: Click on the navigation menu and use Chinese Pinyin Quanpin to enter the destination you want to go to. When inputting, the system will automatically associate the next related initial or final, and the larger virtual keys are very suitable for touch operation. For example, I type “ZHONGGUANCUN” and click search.

In the prompt message on the next screen, the system automatically lists many locations related to Zhongguancun. We select “Zhongguancun Bridge 1” and click Set as destination. The route will be immediately calculated and displayed on the map.

We just need to drive along the light blue path. On the left side of the screen, the distance of the upcoming intersections and the lane to be traveled will be displayed, avoiding the embarrassment of stopping in the wrong lane at the intersection. There will be English voice instructions throughout the journey, and the frequency of enrollment is relatively moderate. Basically, you will not miss the intersection or make people feel bored, but the ease of use is too low.

In addition to the navigation information on the RNS850 display, the information display in the center of the instrument panel also has dynamic route guidance for the driver to view.

Introduction to the use of panoramic images

The panoramic image stitched together from the four directions can cover the viewing distance range of 165cm in front of the car, 205cm in the rear of the car, and 150cm on both sides. With them, parking in a small space is more convenient. The sidelines of the parking space can be clearly seen through the cameras on both sides, and it is easy to park the car at a time. In addition, the steering trajectory of the front wheels is also within the visible range, which allows the wheels to more accurately follow the driver's intentions when off-road.

When the vehicle is traveling or reversing at a speed lower than 15km/h, tap the panoramic image observation button at the top of the screen to turn on this function.

The panoramic image works simultaneously with the parking radars at the front and rear of the vehicle body. The gray area in the figure is the radar detection range; obstacles will be displayed in yellow. In this mode, you can click one of the four images to enlarge the display.

These four pictures are the visual effects after clicking them separately. We can see that if you look at each side of the image separately like this, the viewing distance is significantly larger than the panoramic view. The reason is that the panoramic view requires four images to be cropped and stitched together, so the entire range will be reduced. less. Therefore, when the surrounding road conditions are extremely complicated, you should choose to view a single image to expand your field of vision. When the vehicle speed exceeds 15km/h, the panoramic image mode will automatically exit.

Chassis height adjustment

The car continues to use the height-adjustable air suspension used in the previous-generation Touareg high-end version. Four air shock absorbers are hidden in the connecting rods of the front and rear double wishbone. With this system, the vehicle can lower the chassis at high speeds to reduce the center of gravity and wind resistance, and improve handling performance; conversely, raising the suspension can get a larger approach/departure angle and passage angle for overcoming obstacles and wading. water.

The ground clearance is adjustable in five levels, from low to high: load, standard, sports, off-road, and extreme off-road. The adjustment knob located on the right rear side of the shift lever has four gears corresponding to it, and the sports mode needs to be realized by selecting the shock absorber to SPORT mode.

We measured the gap between the edge of the side skirt and the ground in five modes, and the adjustment range was about 115mm. The load mode with the lowest ground clearance can lower the center of gravity as much as possible and stabilize the body. At the same time, if the luggage rack is loaded, it can also prevent the cargo from being super high. The sports mode is reduced by 25mm in the standard mode, reducing air resistance and facilitating manipulation. The 345mm extreme off-road mode not only improves the passing ability of the chassis, but also increases the approach and departure angles.

Shock absorber soft and hard adjustment

Touareg's air shock absorber can be adjusted in hardness and hardness. There are three gears in total, and the operation can be completed by simply turning the wheel. It should be noted that the sports mode not only adjusts the suspension to the hardest, but also reduces the vehicle height by 25mm from the standard mode. In addition, the hardness of the suspension is also related to the height of the chassis. When the chassis is raised to the highest position, the suspension can feel obvious bumps even when the suspension is in the comfort mode.

Hybrid system

This hybrid system is based on a 3.0TSI supercharged gasoline engine with a parallel electric motor with a power of 34kW. Both systems can drive the car separately. The engine start-stop system will start or forcibly shut down the engine when necessary. Thanks to the help of the clutch in the German ZF eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox, the engine vibrates and shocks very little when it intervenes or exits, and there is basically no sensation.

The place where the spare tire was originally placed was replaced by a nickel-metal hydride battery pack. The air-conditioning duct of the vehicle is also connected to this, responsible for cooling the battery. After taking the spare tire, the manufacturer equipped it with a set of emergency repair kits, which contained filling repair glue and an air pump, to deal with emergency situations such as tire punctures (for the repair issues of models without spare tires, please refer to The trouble of changing tires. Recommended models without spare tires. “).

The battery of the hybrid power system can only sustain the vehicle for about two kilometers, and its real meaning is to hand over the higher fuel consumption to the electric motor to complete the start-up process, so as to reduce energy consumption and achieve fuel-saving purposes. In theory, this setting method should be effective in dealing with congested cities. As for the actual effect, please pay attention to the dynamic evaluation article that will be released in the near future.

Car seats

The seats of the whole car are made of a polished cowhide material called Vienna, which has a certain anti-slip performance. In terms of hand feel, it has a bit of dryness, and the hardness is basically moderate, which can provide good support while creating a sense of comfort. The support on both sides of the ribs is more obvious; while the seat cushion is flat and the legs have a poor sense of wrapping.

In order to give the driver more initiative and convenience, the co-pilot seat can be adjusted through the buttons of the main driver's seat, or it can be adjusted to the front row flush position with one button.

The area shown in red on the door is hard plastic, which feels much worse than soft materials in other parts. There is a trailer alarm release switch hidden inside the storage compartment. This function can also be used when there are children in the car to turn off the vibration sensor alarm system.

The double sun visor design that can block direct sunlight from two angles is not a common phenomenon, and the Touareg is a more user-friendly one. The lighting, vanity mirror, and bill holder do not fall off.

The sunroof of the car is located exactly in the center of the head. If you sit upright, the left half of your head is only about four fingers away from the roof, and you feel very depressed; if you lean a little to the right, your head will be inside the spacious skylight, which is more comfortable.

Keep the front seat position unchanged, let's take a look at the performance of the back row. The size of the body is sufficient to ensure sufficient legroom in the rear, even if the legs are lifted to rest, there is no problem; while the head is still in the front row, there is no narrow headroom on the side of the sunroof, which will have a certain sense of depression.

The rear seats that can be split down effectively increase the load-carrying capacity of the trunk, but the only drawback is that the backrest cannot be completely flat. On the whole, its internal space is relatively neat, and the actual loading capacity is relatively strong.

This unappetizing take-off posture is the iconic action of an air-suspended SUV, and its purpose is to facilitate the retrieval of luggage. If you want, the vehicle can continue to drive in this state for a period of time. If you want to reset, you can adjust the chassis height mode in the driver's seat.


Through the above introduction, we can see that the Touareg hybrid version has a similar appearance and structure to the conventional power version. Its parallel electric motor does not destroy the overall layout; while the battery capacity uses the spare tire space. In other words, this car is not a landmark work, but only improved on the original basis. With this premise, it can be seen that the actual meaning of the car is more important than the guiding meaning. In other words, the public wants to point to this very realistic car to sell money, but domestic consumers may still find it difficult to accept the hybrid. Power concept. Whether it is a simple 4MOTION four-wheel drive system or a hybrid model designed for congestion, these are obviously serving the city. For four-wheel drive, power, braking and fuel consumption tests, please pay attention to the following test articles.

[YesAuto Review] New Touareg, hybrid. Very chic? I did not think! Just take a look at it and you will find that it is no longer a new thing to install an electric motor in the car. One day they will release a hybrid tank, I am afraid I will not be surprised.

Hybrid power is a product of the concept of environmental protection, which can easily leave the impression of weak performance. No one wants to spend more than 100,000 yuan to develop a sense of responsibility for environmental protection, and often be insulted by those “short-sighted” conventional power opponents on the highway.

Therefore, the Touareg hybrid version has been built into such a car: you can understand it as a performance version based on the ordinary Touareg, with stronger power and lower fuel consumption! Sounds like a god, is the increased motivation generated out of thin air?

For conventional power, the 3.0-liter V6 direct-injection supercharged engine equipped with Touareg hybrid is more aggressively tuned. It can output 245 kW (333 hp) and 440 Nm of torque, which is 32 kW and 40 higher than the normal gasoline engine Nm, matched with it is an 8-speed automated manual gearbox with a hydraulic torque converter transmission structure.

The core of the hybrid power system is the hybrid power module installed between the engine and the gearbox. It has a 34.3 kW (46 hp) electric motor. The total power can reach 279 kW (approximately 379 hp) and 580 N when working with the gasoline engine at the same time. Mi, this data looks a bit interesting.

Of course, in most cases, motor power is not used to squeeze. In addition to the traditional hydraulic torque converter, a dry clutch is also installed between the engine and the gearbox, which can completely separate the engine and the transmission mechanism and turn off the engine. At this time, the fuel consumption is zero and it is driven by the electric motor.

Start the vehicle and buckle the seat belt. If the battery is sufficient, the engine will immediately stop. The electric motor is responsible for driving the air conditioning and steering assistance equipment. The hissing noise from the electric motor can be faintly heard in the car. In addition, the surroundings tend to be quiet, as if sitting In the high-tech space capsule. According to official information, the battery pack can store 1.7 kilowatt-hours of energy, and in pure electric mode, it can support this car with a curb weight of 2.3 tons to travel 2 kilometers with a maximum speed of 50km/h.

However, in reality, this ideal state is difficult to achieve. If you want the Touareg hybrid to be fully driven by electricity at low speeds like the Prius, you must control the throttle very gently, even the slowest acceleration process. The driver couldn't stand it either. There is a situation that can give full play to the performance of pure electric power, and that is in the traffic jams where the speed of the turtle is creeping.

Therefore, no matter how gentle you drive, the engine will still have to start for a long time, but it will never let go of any opportunity to rest. For example, in the cruising state, as long as the throttle is slightly closed, the tachometer will immediately return to zero. At this time, the state is mentioned above. The dry clutch completely separates the engine and the gearbox. The vehicle speed is barely maintained by the electric motor, but it cannot be maintained. How long does it take for the vehicle speed to slowly decrease until the driver loses his breath and starts to exert a little force on the throttle, the engine starts quickly, and the tachometer instantly bounces back to above 1500 rpm, and the conventional power is again involved in driving the vehicle to accelerate And charge the battery.

In the course of driving, the engine can be started and stopped to an almost imperceptible degree. Unfortunately, braking seems to be a link that is difficult for all hybrid models to handle perfectly, and the same is true for the Touareg hybrid. Its energy recovery system converts the kinetic energy of the wheels into electrical energy through the generator during the deceleration of the vehicle, and stores it in the battery. This will make the brake pedal feel too sensitive, and the braking force is relatively lacking in linearity. It takes a period of time to adapt. .

There is no doubt that the electric energy comes from gasoline, but when you accelerate rapidly, you can temporarily think that the power of the electric motor is “for nothing.” The extra 46 horsepower seems to be a “super propulsion mode”. It was originally a high-power tuned gasoline engine, coupled with the assistance of an electric motor, so that although the Touareg Hybrid version has added more than 100 kilograms of weight, it can still accelerate in a straight line. Easily surpass the ordinary Touareg 3.0T model to become the fastest 0-100km/h acceleration, highest speed, and lowest fuel consumption model in the entire series.

    Finally, let's take a look at the performance of Touareg's various performance tests.

◆ Accelerated test:

In the case of sufficient battery power, the acceleration score of the new Touareg Hybrid is 6.54 seconds, which is basically the same as the official 6.5 seconds. When the battery is insufficient and the motor is not working, the acceleration time will indeed be significantly extended.

It is said that the power output by the electric motor can increase the 0-100km/h acceleration performance of the vehicle by 0.2 seconds. In the actual test, we confirmed this theory. It can be clearly seen from the acceleration curve that the effect of the electric motor in the first gear is not obvious, and after the second gear, the “extra” electric energy comes into play to provide continuous torque. The maximum torque of the gasoline engine is 440 Nm, and the electric motor can increase to a maximum of 580 Nm. From the measured results, the 0-100km/h acceleration time difference with or without electric motor can reach about 0.3 seconds.

◆ Brake test:

Although the foot feel needs to be adapted, the actual braking effect of the new Touareg Hybrid is still very satisfactory. It is very shocking to allow a behemoth of more than 2 tons to brake from 100km/h to standstill at an average distance of 39.7 meters. Brembo foundry The product is really ruthless.

◆ Briefly talk about noise:

When idling, there is a clear difference between the noise of the engine when it is turned on and when it is turned off. If you are accustomed to the environment in the car after the flame is turned off, the engine start will feel a little sudden. Whether the engine is turned off during driving has little effect on noise.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers given by the manufacturer is 8.2 liters, which is a theoretical value. In the actual test, we tried to experience the East Second Ring Road and East Third Ring Road during the morning and evening rush hours in Beijing. In short, about 70% of the heavily congested sections of the whole journey. In the end, this car achieved a result of 11.16 liters/100 kilometers. What is this concept? I believe you can understand it without my description. Any conventional SUV with the same level of power, even at a constant speed of 80km/h, may not be able to reach such a low level. It can be seen that the Touareg’s hybrid power system not only improves performance, but also can truly Effectively reduce fuel consumption.

◆ Four-wheel drive test:

The standard configuration of the new Touareg is the 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, with the Torson central differential as the core, the front and rear axles are equipped with ordinary open differentials, and the EDL electronic differential lock (that is, brakes for the slippery wheels) is used as the wheel space. The limited slip device is the standard structure of a typical Audi four-wheel drive.

You don't need to lock anything. The Torson differential is purely mechanical. Even the “OFF ROAD” under the rotating center console just turns off the traction control and turns on the steep slope, which has nothing to do with the four-wheel drive system. What the driver has to do is to control the direction and throttle, and then the mechanical differential and the electronic system will communicate privately to share the torque output from the gearbox together.

This is why the new Touareg’s four-wheel drive test seems so boring, there is only one four-wheel drive mode, and there are no other possibilities except for the plain as if walking on the ground. If you think this is not enough, you can also choose to install the more powerful off-road performance “4XMOTION” four-wheel drive system-there is no need.


This car has achieved an almost perfect balance in terms of power, fuel consumption and price. It is a good example of attracting people to buy hybrid technology. If you are still thinking about the “for nothing” 46 horsepower, and feel that this is really an excellent combination of power, then the purpose of this car has been achieved.

In fact, nothing is so-called “for nothing”, electricity is not for nothing, and the extra 100,000 is not for nothing. In the two days of contact, it showed us its almost perfect side, and while enjoying the power of an 8-cylinder car and the fuel consumption of a 4-cylinder car, real consumers may have to face some practical problems, such as hybrids. The reliability of the power system and future maintenance costs, etc. Perhaps the rich only care about stronger power and not the others. Who knows? Someone must have already started to calculate this account in their hearts.

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