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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] The small SUVs developed on the same platform as the Fit-Honda Binzhi and XR-V have been produced by Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda respectively. Together, the two have achieved monthly sales of more than 23,000 vehicles, which can be described as a hot-selling product in the small SUV market. Previously, the overseas version of Fit on the same platform passed the rigorous test of IIHS and achieved excellent results. So can HR-V on the same platform achieve good results in E-NCAP in Europe?

Full text summary:

As a small SUV prototype with good domestic sales, HR-V once again proved its safety in the E-NCAP test this time. Whether it is a frontal 100% overlapping rigid collision or a 40% overlapping deformable collision test, the reasonable combination of the reasonable energy-absorbing crumple zone and the passenger compartment that protects the living space of the occupants guarantees its score in these items. In addition, the HR-V also proved the reliability of the crew cabin design in the side impact test with a small collapse energy-absorbing area, and it is no suspense to finally obtain the 5-star rating of E-NCAP.