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[YesAuto Model PK] At present, the domestic small car market of 50,000 yuan is firmly occupied by Chevrolet New Sail. In the past November, the monthly sales of New Sail reached 25,272, ranking second among all models. There is no doubt that the choice of 50,000-yuan independent brands is more abundant, and Fengyun 2 is the “outstanding” among them. The strength of the new Fengyun 2 that has just completed its facelift has improved a lot. As a competitor. This time, we put this joint venture and independent 50,000 yuan showdown on the table and let them compete.

For the sake of comparison and fairness , I chose the New Sail 1.2L manual fashion version and the New Fengyun 2 1.5L manual forge version respectively. These two models are their respective main models, and the price difference is only 1,000 yuan . Taking Shanghai as an example, the prices of these two models are both around 50,000 yuan after the discount . Due to the long launch of the new Sail, the 1.2L manual fashion version is even less than 50,000 yuan after the discount.

■ Appearance: New Fengyun 2 is larger in size, more sporty and fashionable

Judging the beauty and ugliness of appearance is not a small problem, but whether a car can attract you, appearance occupies an important factor when buying. The new Sail adopts the characteristics of the Chevrolet family, and the front face looks very familiar and familiar at first glance. However, the overall design of the new Sail is still a few years ago, and the characteristics are not distinctive. On the other hand, New Fengyun 2, the change range of this facelift can almost be called a renewal, and overall it is more sporty than the new Sail.

From the perspective of body size, the new Fengyun 2 is definitely a “big man” among small cars. Compared with the old Fengyun 2, its length is increased by 64mm and its height is reduced by 12mm. Its length, width and height are 4333*1686*1480 (mm). . The new Sail is a standard small body material. In addition to the length of the car, the height and width of the new Sail are better than those of the New Fengyun 2. In terms of wheelbase, the wheelbase of New Fengyun 2 is 2527mm, and the wheelbase of New Sail is 2465mm. The difference between the two is 62mm, which is not a small number difference.

The appearance of the new Sail is not only a little dynamic on the front face, but the side lines are relatively flat. Although Chery has made drastic changes to the front and rear of the New Fengyun 2, the profile of the old model can still be seen. In contrast, the side of New Fengyun 2 is a bit more sporty than the new Sail.

The new Sail 1.2L manual fashion version uses Giti Comfort 220 tires, the specifications are 175/70 R13, and the high-end models only use the specifications 175/65 R14 tires. The plastic cover on the wheel hub is too ordinary, and the aluminum alloy wheels are only It only recently appeared on the newly launched new Sail 1.4L Manual Happy Edition II priced at 73,800 yuan. New Fengyun 2 is equipped with Giti Comfort 228 tires with specifications of 185/60 R15. Although the wheels are also designed with steel wheels and plastic covers, all models with the configuration of the Changyi version of 62,800 yuan and above use aluminum alloy wheels.

Appearance summary:

Both cars have a good appearance. Although the new Sail is still the same as it was newly launched a few years ago, it has a stable and durable appearance, which is more suitable for older consumers; the new Fengyun 2 has been redesigned to become sporty and stylish as a whole , The age level of consumers is younger. In terms of appearance configuration, the performance of the New Fengyun 2 is even better, and the configuration of the New Fengyun 2 at the same price is more abundant. The reversing radar and front fog lights are all configurations that the New Sail does not have.

Interior: New Fengyun 2 configuration is more abundant

The interior of the new Sail is very simple. The combination of upper and lower shades of gray is a typical home style. The “horn-shaped” design at the air outlet of the air conditioner makes the interior more playful. The interior of the New Fengyun 2 has been redesigned, supplemented by silver decorative panels. It does not have the low-quality and cheap feeling of previous independent brands, and the overall look is more comfortable.

In terms of materials, the gap between self-owned brands and joint venture brands within 100,000 yuan is gradually narrowing. New Sail and New Fengyun 2 are good examples. For cost reasons, hard plastic is still used in the center console of the two models, and the feel is hard. What is worthy of recognition is that the workmanship of the New Fengyun 2 is relatively fine, and the seams are very uniform. The new Sail should be nervous. The advantages of the joint venture car are not as obvious as before.

Safety configuration/comfort configuration comparison

The first comparison is the safety configuration of the two models. Although the new Sail has been launched for a long time, most of the models are equipped with ABS+EBD system, front double airbags, and ABS+EBD systems. Safety features such as front seat belt pre-tensioning and high-position brake lights are good.

In terms of comfort configuration, New Fengyun 2 shows obvious advantages, such as the up and down adjustable multifunctional steering wheel, rear power windows, reversing assist, and adjustable headlight height are all configurations that New Sail does not have. To be honest, the new Sail configuration at this price is a bit too crude.

Interior summary:

Overall, the performance of New Fengyun 2 is better, the newly designed interior is more fashionable, and the slightly rough workmanship in the past compared with the joint venture brand has been improved. In addition, the new Fengyun 2 at the same price has a higher configuration than the new Sail, which is also a way for independent brands to reflect high cost performance.

■ Space/Power: The rear space of the new Sail is excellent, and the power of the new Fengyun 2 wins

The new Sail adopts two-tone fabric seats, and the use effect is definitely not worse than some imitation leather fabrics; the new Fengyun 2 is equipped with leather seats, which are better than the seat backs, which are flatter and more comfortable. In addition, the driver's seat of the two models is manually adjusted front and rear distance and backrest angle.

The length and wheelbase numbers of New Fengyun 2 exceed those of the New Sail, but the vehicle width and height ratio are slightly lower than those of the New Sail. It is really difficult to judge whether the ride space will win or lose. Before proceeding with the space experience, let's take a look at the data of the experiencer: height 180cm, weight 85kg, due to the weather, there are several layers of thick clothes on the body.

Actually entering the car, the headroom of the front seats of the New Sail is better than that of the New Fengyun 2. In the rear seats, the two models do not have a rich headspace. In terms of leg room, the new Sail actually gives room for one punch and four fingers. Therefore, the two models are even better in this round of space competition.

In terms of storage space, both models have a large number of storage compartments, and the design is more convenient and reasonable. The performance of the front door storage compartments of New Sail and New Fengyun 2 is not much different. In terms of storage compartments on the rear door, New Sail 2 has a cup holder, while New Sail only prepares a cup holder for the rear passengers, which is more practical. Lacking.

Storage spaces are set up in the center console, the left side of the dashboard, and above the glove box of the new Sail, and they all have a good area. Although the storage area of New Fengyun 2 is not as good as that of the New Sail, the detailed design such as dual card slots and rear storage bags is much richer than that of the New Sail. There are very few storage places in the rear of the new Sail, and there is almost no place to put small things.

The New Fengyun 2 has a clear advantage in the trunk competition, which is mainly due to the hatchback design of the New Fengyun 2, and the trunk opening far exceeds the opponent. In use, in addition to the differences in size, the new FY rear seat backrest 2 can also be integral brought down, and the new European-wide system do not match this feature, the ability to expand the space, the new Sail defeat to New Fengyun 2.

Power aspect

The same is a small car for daily transportation, and the displacement of the two models is not high. The new Fengyun 2 still uses the 1.5L engine on the old model, which is incomparable to the new Sail. The real new Sail uses a 1.2L engine. If you want to not lose the New Fengyun 2 in terms of displacement, you have to spend more than 10,000 yuan to buy the new Sail 1.4L model. Obviously, the new Fengyun 2 with a larger displacement is more in line with the preferences of young people who pursue motivation.

New Fengyun 2 is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 109 horsepower and a maximum torque of 140 Nm. It is matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox; the new Sail uses a 1.2-liter engine with a maximum power of 87 horsepower and maximum torque. 115 Nm, which is also matched with a 5-speed manual gearbox, from the book data, the gap between the two is not a little bit. However, the driving experience of the New Sail is unmatched by the New Fengyun 2. As far as the manual gearbox is concerned, the New Sail 2 is jerky in gear and the New Sail is more mature.

■ Editor's comment:

Facing the steadily rising oil prices, economical and practical small cars are becoming more and more popular among the people. In the past, the price range of 50,000 yuan was the “world” of self-owned brands. As market competition becomes more and more fierce, joint venture brands have also launched entry-level models to seize the low-end market. New Sail is one of them. With excellent quality and Chevrolet brand recognition, New Sail has a lot of appeal at the low end. As mentioned above, the new Sail set a good sales record of 25,272 units in the past November. Naturally, this part of the market cannot allow Chevrolet to dominate. Fengyun 2, which has been secretly competing with the new Sail, has recently launched a facelift. The new Fengyun 2 has been renewed. The design, the strength is much better than the old model.

It can be seen from the article that the leading position of the New Sail is not as stable as before, especially in the face of the new Fengyun 2 model that has just been upgraded. The two models compared in this article are their respective main sales models. The new Fengyun 2 1.5L manual forge version outperforms the new Sail 1.2L manual fashion version in terms of body size, configuration, power system, etc., especially The redesigned exterior and interior are believed to attract the attention of many young consumers.

Relatively speaking, the advantage of New Sail is its brand and reputation, and the reputation of New Sail, which has been sold for many years, is even stronger. However, New Sail cannot rely on the two major advantages and ignore the improvement of products and configurations. It regards the brand as the main competitiveness and can be accepted by consumers in a short time. In the long run, consumers will not continue to pay. Other means are needed to improve product competitiveness. After all, consumers who choose a car at this price are more concerned about practicality.

In terms of price, since New Fengyun 2 has only been on the market for more than a month, taking the Shanghai area as an example, 4S stores can currently only offer a discount of 6,000 yuan (including an energy-saving subsidy of 3,000 yuan). The new Sail has been on the market for a long time, and it will not even be available after the discount. To 50,000 yuan, 48,800 yuan, the price is cheaper than the new Fengyun 2. Generally speaking, the two models have their own strengths. As for which model to buy, I personally recommend New Fengyun 2, which costs 50,000 yuan to buy a car. Benefits are more important.

If you can’t help but want to buy New Fengyun 2 right after reading the article, then you can click here , and the staff of the 4S shop will contact you later. If you want to know more model quotations and dealer information, you You can also click here . If you can't help but want to buy the new Sail right away, then you can click here , and the staff of the 4S shop will contact you later. If you want to know more model quotations and dealer information, you can also click here .

Thanks to the following dealers for providing the vehicles photographed in the article:

Pacific Shenlong Chevrolet 4S Store Tel: 400-868-3387
Address: No. 1389, Wuzhong Road, Minhang District

Shanghai Honghao Chery 4S Store Tel: 400-868-8134
Address: Near Zhongchun Road, No. 1118, Li'an Road, Shanghai

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■ New Sail configuration vs. New Fengyun 2: