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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, it was reported by the “First Scene” column of Shenzhen TV Station. On July 16, Ms. Wang from Shenzhen bought a new Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 L. 15 minutes after driving out of the 4S shop, the left front wheel of the car dropped. At present, the 4S shop arranges for vehicles to enter the 4S shop for system inspection.

According to reports, after driving away from the 4S shop, Ms. Wang noticed an unusual noise in the vehicle. She contacted the 4S shop staff at that time. The other party said that there was no major problem and could continue driving. After that, she would arrange after-sales service to contact Ms. Wang. Then, when Ms. Wang drove through the speed bump in the garage, the front of the car suddenly sank and made a harsh sound. Ms. Wang got out of the car and checked and found that the left front wheel of the car had fallen.

Afterwards, Ms. Wang contacted the 4S shop again, and the staff also arrived at the scene to deal with it. The other party said that they have not encountered this situation before, and will arrange for Ms. Wang's new car to go back to the 4S shop for system inspection. If it is indeed the responsibility of the 4S shop, they will bear it. Ms. Wang chose to do further processing after the test results came out. The car home will also continue to pay attention to the final inspection results of the vehicle and the follow-up development of the incident. (Pictures/videos are from the Internet; compilation/Car home Chen Hao)