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[YesAuto Model PK] The fierce competition for SUV models of joint venture brands with a price range of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan is self-evident. Among the 7-seat SUV models, Highlander has been the dominant vehicle for a long time. The reason is that In addition to consumer recognition of the product itself, the lack of strong competitors also accounts for a big factor. However, with the launch of Beijing Hyundai's new Shengda, this situation may be broken. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it and the Highlander? Let us take a look today.

In terms of model selection, Highlander we found a 2.7L two-wheel drive luxury version with a guide price of 298,800 yuan. According to the editor's understanding from the 4S store, this car is the most popular among Highlander series. Models account for about 90% of Highlander's total sales. Beijing Hyundai's new Shengda we chose the 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive premium version with a guide price of 286,800 yuan. It is the top model of the new Shengda 2.4L displacement model, and it is also the cheapest 7-seat model.

Although the guide price difference between the two cars is 12,000 yuan, in the actual sales process, Highlander has a market discount of about 15,000 yuan, and the market price is about 283,800 yuan. Since the new Shengda has just been listed, there is no discount. Therefore, the actual price difference between the two models is not big, only about 3,000 yuan. (Note: For the convenience of reading, these two models will be referred to as “Highlander” and “New Shengda” in the following, so please pay attention.)

● Appearance comparison:

In terms of appearance, the first impressions of Highlander and the new Shengda are more atmospheric. Among them, the brand-new Shengda has a higher freshness due to its recent launch. It has been more than half a year since Highlander's minor facelift in June last year. To say that the visual appeal of the appearance will naturally be inferior to the newly released brand new Shengda.

In terms of body size, Highlander completely surpassed the all-new Shengda, and the wheelbase has increased by 90mm (Highlander wheelbase: 2790mm; the new Shengda wheelbase 2700mm), which directly affects the internal space of these two models. , Especially the performance of the second and third rows of riding space, the specific gap, we will introduce in detail below.

​ The Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive luxury model introduced in this article can be regarded as a high-end model in the Highlander 2.7L displacement model. It does not have a rearview mirror electric folding and memory understandable, but it does not have a rearview mirror heating function. It's a bit unreasonable. After all, this configuration is very helpful to improve driving safety in rain and snow, and it is already popular in many compact cars priced at more than 100,000 yuan. The Highlander priced at about 300,000 yuan does not have it. It shouldn't be.

In the choice of tires, Highlander uses Dunlop GRANDTREK ST30 tires with a specification of 245/55 R19, and the market price is about 1,600 yuan per piece. The new Shengda uses Hankook OPTIMO H426 with a specification of 235/60 R18. Tires, the market price is about 800 yuan/piece. It can be said that in terms of tire specifications and brand grade, Highlander's performance is more kind than the new Shengda.

The taillights of the new Shengda are larger than those on the Highlander, and the brake lights and width lights also use LED light sources, which are more upscale and durable than the halogen bulbs on the Highlander. Although both cars are equipped with a reversing image function, Highlander does not have a reversing radar, so it should not be. In contrast, the new Shengda provides a “dual insurance” combination of reversing image + reversing radar, which can provide drivers with more comprehensive protection.

● Comparison of the center console:

In the interior, the style of the center console of the Highlander is completely different from that of the new Shengda. The center console of Highlander feels simple and atmospheric, while the lines of the new Shengda center console are very complicated and more three-dimensional. As for these two completely different design styles, which one looks better? All by personal aesthetics.

Both cars use a leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, with a lot of conventional functions such as audio adjustment, cruise control, and trip computer switching, and they can be adjusted in four directions up and down, front and rear. As for the feel, the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions of the new Shengda are too thick to hold, and the leather feel is not delicate enough, and the overall grip is slightly worse than that of the Highlander.

● Skylight comparison:

In the configuration of the skylight, the new Shengda's panoramic skylight can be said to be a complete win over the Highlander. The former has a skylight area of 0.98 square meters, which is more than three times larger than the Highlander's 0.26 square meters skylight area.

● Comparison of riding space:

Both the Highlander and the new Shengda models compared in this article are equipped with leather seats, and the front seats are equipped with electric adjustment and seat heating functions, and the main driver’s seat also has lumbar support adjustment functions. It can be said that In terms of conventional comfort, both cars perform well. On this basis, the new Shengda also has more ventilation and memory functions in the main driver's seat than the Highlander, which can be described as the icing on the cake.

From the experience of the editors, I think the space performance of the first row of these two models is not very different. The space performance of the second row and the third row of the Highlander is relatively good. As for the entry and exit of the third row of seats , Highlander is also more convenient.

● Comparison of trunk space:

​ The second-row and third-row seats of the two cars are basically the same way of tilting down. Among them, the new Shengda has more second-row seats than the Highlander with one-button tilting function, which is more practical. In terms of space performance, Highlander's trunk depth is longer than that of the new Shengda when the second row and second row seats are down at the same time, and the trunk height is also higher. The new Shengda performs better in terms of the width of the trunk and the depth of the trunk under full load.

Trunk size comparison
Model Highlander 2.7L
Two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version
New Shengda 2.4L
Automatic four-wheel drive premium type
Minimum width (cm) 105 110
Minimum height (cm) 83 78
Depth of the trunk when fully loaded with 7 people (cm) 30 31
The depth of the trunk when the third row of seats is down (cm) 100 100
Tilt down the second and third rows of seats at the same time the depth of the trunk (cm) 200 186

​● Comparative display of conventional storage space:

● Power/drive/chassis comparison:

Both the Highlander and the new Shengda models compared in this article are equipped with four-cylinder naturally aspirated engines, although the displacement of the Highlander is larger (the Highlander is 2.7L, the new Shengda is 2.4L) , But it does not take advantage of the maximum power due to its large displacement. The Highlander’s 2.7L engine has a maximum power of 188 horsepower, which is 1 horsepower less than the 2.4L engine on the new Shengda (New Shengda Up to 189 horsepower).

In terms of maximum torque, Highlander has saved a bit of face. The maximum torque of 252 Nm is 12 Nm more than the new Shengda (the new Shengda 2.4L model has a maximum torque of 240 Nm). Both vehicles use 6 Speed hand automatic gearbox.

Power and drive system comparison
Model Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version The new Shengda 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive premium model
Displacement 2.7L 2.4L
Maximum power 188 horsepower/5800rpm 189 horsepower/6300rpm
Maximum torque 252Nm/4200rpm 240 Nm/4250rpm
Gearbox type 6-speed hand-in-one 6-speed hand-in-one
Drive way Front Predecessor Front four-wheel drive
Four-wheel drive Timely four-wheel drive
Central differential structure Multi-plate clutch

In terms of drive form, all Highlander 2.7L displacement models are front-wheel drive. The 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version introduced in this article is naturally no exception. The new Shengda 2.4L displacement model provides front-wheel drive. There are two options of four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive model mentioned in this article is a timely four-wheel drive, and the central differential structure is a multi-disc clutch. Since the two cars are purely different in driving form, I will not do too much expansion here. If you want to see the detailed test of these two models, please click here: Test Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive, test The new Shengda 2.4L four-wheel drive.

Comparison of front and rear suspension types
Model Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version New Shengda 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive premium model
Front suspension type MacPherson independent suspension MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type Double-link independent suspension Multi-link independent suspension

In terms of chassis, the front suspensions of the Highlander and the new Shengda use MacPherson independent suspension; for the rear suspension, the Highlander uses a double-link independent suspension, while the new Shengda uses more Link independent suspension.

Comparison of maintenance information:

Highlander's vehicle warranty period is three years or 100,000 kilometers, and the new Shengda is five years or 100,000 kilometers. The warranty period of the two is different, but the number of kilometers is the same. In contrast, I think the five-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty of the new Shengda is more user-friendly, and the annual mileage of about 20,000 kilometers is more in line with the state of most ordinary car owners. At the same time, five years have just arrived at the time when some of the vulnerable parts of the vehicle should be replaced. For consumers, if they can replace it under the warranty, they can save a lot of money.

Comparison of maintenance information
Model Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version New Shengda 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive premium model
Vehicle warranty Three years or 100,000 kilometers Five years or 100,000 kilometers
Small maintenance interval mileage 5000 kilometers or 6 months 5000 kilometers or 6 months
Small maintenance cost 756 yuan (using 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil) About 350 yuan (using 5W-20 mineral oil)
Remarks: The small maintenance price of the new Shengda is the estimated price of the 4S shop, the detailed price has not been officially announced

The regular maintenance interval of the two vehicles is 5000 kilometers or 6 months. The single small maintenance cost of Highlander is 756 yuan, and the small maintenance cost of the new Shengda is about 350 yuan. (Due to the short time to market for this car, the specific maintenance price of this car has not yet been officially announced. This price is the estimated price given by Beijing Hyundai 4S store and is for reference only)​

● Full text summary:

The Highlander and the all-new Shengda have their own advantages in appearance, and whoever sees it better has different opinions. In the interior, the new Shengda outperforms the Highlander in terms of materials and configuration, especially its panoramic sunroof is very attractive. In terms of space, Highlander performed even better, especially in the second and third rows. Power, the car home professional evaluation team measured 10.7 seconds per 100 kilometers for the 2009 Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater Extreme Edition. The 2012 model is expected to be close to it; the new Shengda 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive noble The measured acceleration from 100 km/h to 100 km/h was 9.82 seconds, and the new Shengda won by the data. Drive form, one is the front-drive and the other is the four-wheel drive, which is better? I think there is no need to say more.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of GAC Toyota Highlander and Beijing Hyundai's new Shengda
Model Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive 7-seater luxury version The new Shengda 2.4L automatic four-wheel drive premium model
physical dimension The overall size is larger and the wheelbase is longer Relatively small
Interior materials The center console is all hard plastic The center console adopts some soft materials
Second row and third row seating space More spacious general
Trunk space Greater depth/higher height Slightly larger width
Vehicle configuration general Very rich
Vehicle warranty period general Longer
The red mark in the table shows the advantages of the two models after comparison.

How to choose, I think it mainly depends on your car needs, especially how high the space requirements of the third row are. If your third row often needs people, I suggest you consider Highlander, which is not only a little space. It is large and can be accessed from the middle of the second row of seats, which is more convenient. If you don't have high requirements for the third row, I think the new Shengda is more attractive, its configuration is too rich.

If you are interested in the two models mentioned in the article and want to order, you can click here (Highlander, New Shengda), fill in the relevant information, 4S shop will have someone to contact you; and if you want to be more direct To understand the current market sales of the car and more preferential information, you can click here (Highlander, New Shengda) to obtain local preferential information.

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