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[YesAuto Model PK] MPV models have become one of the choices of many consumers when changing cars. It not only provides more spacious seating space but also meets the travel needs of more people, so for families, MPV models are undoubtedly most suitable. As the generations born in the 1980s gradually move towards the role of parents, it is very convenient to have an MPV at home, although there are many MPV models worth considering, such as Mazda 5, Touran, and the newly launched MPV models with a price of less than 200,000 Toyota Yizhi, but they can only take care of the comfort of the passengers in the first two rows, while the third row can only be a temporary design.

To truly ensure that all 7 passengers in the car can sit comfortably, Buick GL8 is indeed a good choice at the price of 200,000, but because its positioning is too business, it is not suitable for home use. In the past, it seemed that only Odyssey stood out for this segment of the market, but now there is a new option on the market, that is Mazda 8. Many friends who consider home MPV models must also pay attention to them. I hope that our comparison article today can be helpful to you in purchasing a vehicle.

Appearance: Odyssey is more like a station wagon, Mazda 8 is more inclined to business style

In terms of body size, the Odyssey’s indicators are smaller than those of the Mazda 8, and the lower body looks more like a larger travel sedan. For its appearance design, not only is it easier for general home users to accept, but many small and medium-sized companies also favor it.

Honda Odyssey Mazda 8 Length(mm) 4810 4860 Width(mm) 1802 1852 Height (mm) 1570 1685 Wheelbase (mm) 2830 2950

In addition to the larger body of the Mazda 8 than the Odyssey, the styling should also be more novel. After all, the Odyssey has been on the market for a long time. Although it has undergone minor changes, we are used to it. The design of Mazda's 8 big mouth gives the current Mazda family characteristics, and the more straight lines and angular design make it look more layered.

The rear doors on both sides of the Mazda 8 adopt a sliding design. Compared with the opening method of ordinary doors, sliding doors can be opened even when space is limited, allowing rear passengers to get on and off the car more freely. However, compared with the Odyssey, the sliding doors easily remind us of the more business-oriented Buick GL8.

The tire specifications used in all Mazda 8 series are 215/65 R16, and the Odyssey has the same tire specifications as the entry-level model and Mazda 8, and other models use 215/55 R17 tires. In fact, the size of the wheel hub has no effect on the daily use of the vehicle, but the ratio of the larger wheel hub to the body is more coordinated. In terms of style, the Odyssey's wheel hub should look younger and more dynamic.

In the design of the rear, the two models are much lower-key compared to the front of their own. The Odyssey has a slightly lower body height than the Mazda 8 plus the larger rear lights, visually appearing to have a wider body. The overall design of the rear of the two cars are very close, and the dual exhaust pipes give the rear a sense of sportiness.

Interior: Odyssey's center console has a more layered feel

In the interior design, the Odyssey's center console is more complicated, and the multi-level design brings a strong sense of three-dimensionality. The interior design of the Mazda 8 is much tougher than that of the Odyssey. The lines and layout tend to be straight and simple. The slightly raised center console looks very full, and the use of silver panels adds a sense of technology. The lower part of the center console uses some dark wood-like decorations, but it does not make people feel offensive, and some of the embellishments are still acceptable.

The instruments of both cars are heavily used in blue and white, and the red pointer display is very clear and easy to read. However, the LCD display in the dashboard of the Mazda 8 displays much less information than the Odyssey, such as cruising range, average fuel consumption, etc., and the display of the door opening is not as clear as that of the Odyssey, because the Mazda 8 only uses one indicator. The lights are just, not the kind of Odyssey that can specifically show which door.

Riding space: Mazda 8 seats are more flexible and changeable

In terms of workmanship and materials, the performance of the two cars is basically the same. For the 200,000-priced model, I believe most consumers no longer need to pay special attention to their workmanship, but more to look at their configuration and comfort level. It's a more practical thing.

Although the Mazda 8 has certain advantages in terms of body length, when we really sit in the car, the Odyssey's space performance is the best. The three rows of front and rear seats in the car are very generous. Due to the limited height, the headroom of the third row of the Odyssey is somewhat cramped. When passengers are taller than 175cm, they should not choose to sit in the last row. The Mazda 8 performs differently. Although the legroom is slightly inferior to that of the Odyssey, the generous headroom makes the passengers in the car more comfortable to ride without feeling depressed.

The Odyssey is designed to be 2+3+2 in the three-row seat, while the Mazda 8 is 2+2+3. The ride comfort of the two independent seats in the second row of the Mazda 8 is better than that of the Odyssey. Of course, the independent seat design of the Mazda 8 also allows it to show some business style.

In addition to the Mazda 8's second row of seats can move forward and backward, the independent seat on the right side of the second row can also move left and right, so that the second row can be combined into a seat that can seat 3 people. However, the comfort of the middle passenger is sure. It's a big discount. This design not only shortens the distance between the second row of passengers, but also makes it more convenient for the third row of passengers to get on and off from the right door.

Trunk: Odyssey has better space flexibility

In addition to the advantages of riding space, the space flexibility of the rear two rows is also a major advantage of MPV models. The third row of the Odyssey and Mazda 8 models can be incorporated into the trunk floor to increase the storage space of the trunk. However, due to the different design of their second row, when the third row is under the floor, the Mazda 8 can only take two passengers.

In addition to the difference in the number of seats in the second row, when the rear two rows need to be completely flat, the Odyssey can easily flip the second row of cushions forward, and the backrest is completely flat, forming a plane with the trunk floor. The Mazda 8's second-row seats cannot be completely stowed, and the Odyssey performs better in terms of the expansion capacity of the trunk.

For these two models, in addition to looking at its expansion capabilities, we should also pay more attention to its daily space. When the three rows of seats are opened at the same time, due to the advantage of length, the Mazda 8 performs better, and , Under the floor of the trunk, a hidden compartment is also designed to make full use of the space. The Odyssey has limited space after opening the third row of seats.

When driving them for a trip, the rear two rows of seats can be completely flat at the destination. The difference between them is that the Odyssey can only level the first two rows, while the Mazda 8 can not only level the first two rows, but also level the back two rows. For the rest combination Mazda 8 performance is more flexible and changeable.

Storage space: Aode racing door storage compartment is more abundant

After looking at the riding space and the trunk space, let's take a look at the more storage space in contact with our daily cars. The front and rear doors of the Odyssey are designed with storage compartments, and the storage compartments on the rear doors are still double-layered. Such a design is still rare in the same level.

Due to the sliding design of the rear door of the Mazda 8, its own storage space is subject to certain restrictions, basically only ordinary bottled beverages can be placed. Of course, the space at the front door still performs well. In addition to the cup holder design on the door, in the middle of the first row, a flip-up cup holder and storage compartment are also designed, and in order to take care of the rear passengers, a foldable cup is also designed for the second row. It is convenient for passengers to use.

The storage space in the middle of the first row of the Odyssey, in addition to the cup holder, is also designed with an upper cover, which is both beautiful and practical. The cup holder for the second row of passengers is designed in the position of the central armrest.

In addition to the storage space in the first two rows, passengers in the third row can also enjoy the same convenience. Odyssey has designed cup holders and storage compartments for both passengers in the third row. Although the storage compartment space is not large, But it’s okay to put a small item like a mobile phone. In terms of daily storage space, both cars show a good level. Both of them can provide a very rich storage space in our daily use. It can be said that each has its own merits.

In the top-fitting models, Mazda 8 is equipped with electric doors, making it easier for rear passengers to get on and off, while the Odyssey top-fitting models upgrade the third-row seat folding to electric. For many female drivers, This design undoubtedly makes daily use easier.

Power system: enough power, in line with its own positioning

In terms of power, the Odyssey uses a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 133kW (180 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 218N·m. This engine is the same as that used by the Accord. It is suitable for driving the Odyssey with a body of about 1.7 tons. That said, it can be handled easily.

Honda Odyssey Mazda 8 engine model K24A L3 Displacement (mL) 2354 2261 Intake form inhale naturally inhale naturally Maximum horsepower (Ps) 180 154 Maximum power (kW) 133 113 Maximum power speed (rpm) 6500 6500 Maximum torque (N·m) 218 205 Maximum torque speed (rpm) 4300 4000 Engine-specific technology i-VETC S-VT variable valve timing control system, VIS variable intake manifold system, TSCV variable swirl control system Gearbox 5-speed automatic 4 gears in one

The Mazda 8 is equipped with a 2.3L naturally aspirated engine, which is the same as the one on the previous Mazda 6, but to adapt to domestic oil products, the compression ratio of the engine is slightly lowered, although the power has been reduced to 113kW (154 horsepower), but the torque did not decrease and maintained the level in between, reaching 205N·m. In addition to the weight of the Mazda 8 is slightly higher than that of the Odyssey, the power output of the engine is also slightly lower, and it uses a 4-speed automatic manual transmission gearbox, so I believe the actual power performance will be slightly inferior to the Odyssey. However, I think as an MPV model, we don't care how fast it accelerates, how strong the power is, spacious space, and comfortable ride are what we are after.


For household MPV models, we focus more on its riding space and storage space. Above, we compared the riding space, the flexibility of the trunk, and the storage space of the front and rear rows. The two cars clearly show some differences. Mazda pays more attention to the comfort of second-row and third-row passengers. Coupled with the electric doors of the top models, it also shows that it is more business-oriented; Odyssey's abundant storage space allows It more shows the characteristics of household. In fact, both cars can be called Yishang IKEA models, but in these two characteristics, Odyssey prefers more household use, while Mazda 8 prefers more commercial.

The performance of power is not the strength of MPV models, and for home use, the power of the engine is enough, and the economy is what we care more about. According to the comprehensive fuel consumption test given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the Mazda 8 is 9.8L and that of the Odyssey is 9.2L. The actual performance is not much different. In terms of overall performance, I think the Odyssey is more suitable for consumers who pay more attention to home use. If you need to take into account some commercial scope, Mazda 8 is more suitable.