[YesAuto Design Decode] When I was surrounding a sea blue SUV concept car to see some details, a spirited white-haired gentleman I had arranged came out from behind the booth, although it was the first time I saw this The master is a real person, but his smile when he shook hands with me completely broke the sense of distance. He is the designer of this blue SUV-Kevin Rice, vice president of styling and global chief designer of Chery Automobile (Kevin Rice) .

Non-hardcore fans may not be familiar with Kevin, but when it comes to the cars he once designed, you must shoot the thighs, the former Mazda RX-8, the open-eye BMW 3 Series (F30) and the latest classic Mazda MX- 5 are written by him. In October 2018, he formally joined Xingtu as the chief designer. Every time he writes about Kevin, he will use such a simple and rude way to quickly familiarize you with him.

Kevin is an unrestrained person. We did not communicate in the interview room this time. He directly suggested to me that I should sit on the sofa next to the latest concept car and talk, because I can directly see his work, Xingtu VX. .

I took the opportunity to point to all the show cars on the booth and threw the first topic: “Why doesn't the design of LX look similar to the previous one?” After all, most brands will maintain their own family characteristics for a period of time. For the young brand of Xingtu, the three products that have appeared so far have their own ideas, whether it is the front face or the side line.

First of all, this is related to the time period of the three products of Xingtu. When Kevin joined the Xingtu team, the first series of Xingtu TX and TXL had been basically finalized. Kevin's participation was very small. The second model LX was his official The difference in design style of the optimized products is also the result of this. The completely different interior styles of the previous LX and TX are also a side reflection of this background.

Kevin said that for a product launched by a young brand that faces younger consumers, there is no need to deliberately accumulate such constraints without familial constraints. His design philosophy in Xingtu Penetration is like this. Different products must contain core elements. The design language did not specify the criteria for more specific design elements for the team. On the way of running into the brand styling design, he said that firstly, he should give styling designs that match differently positioned models instead of applying some of the previous elements.

To give a simple example, if you compare the front faces of Xingtu TX, LX and VX, you will find that the details of the elements on the headlights, the center grid and the bumper are not similar. At least the large elements such as the China grid are different. Yes, but they all have straight and large horizontal lines to make people feel enough visual width, and this large use of horizontal straight lines will also penetrate many later models, but no matter how the network changes, the slender headlights and The fusion of the wide decorative strip engraved with EXEED LOGO is the core that will not change.

Going back to the VX concept car itself, you will find that it is different from the previous TX and LX in that its net shape is much more regular compared to the first two. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder look very comfortable and straightforward. The thick lines are made of the mesh decoration and the angle of the engine cover is basically horizontal, because this relatively large SUV is to provide its target user group with a young and energetic feeling, without deliberately copying the previous youthful methods. So at this time, I also made up my own mind and put the front face design style of LX on the VX.

The lines on the side may make you feel boring, but when Kevin just mentioned the waistline, I noticed that the waistline of TX, LX, and VX also use different techniques. TX and LX use the middle respectively. The broken waist line and double waist line are used, while the larger VX uses a straight through waist line, which is also a more commonly used line on the side of the cart.

And under the tough waistline, a large curved surface is used to create light and shadow changes to reduce the bloated side. Of course, the shape is one aspect. The final light and shadow texture is also directly related to the paint coating; the double-layer effect at the wheel eyebrows It is also a method that many medium and large SUVs are relatively good at. Of course, this detail will also increase the cost of stamping. For new brands that do not have history and premium, the carving of these details belongs to the category of “excessive”. The declaration map has been exposed, and the protrusion of the wheel eyebrows is not so obvious from the picture.

What about the car logo?

We have asked this question in our previous interview with Xingtu. Xingtu is one of the few brands in the market that only uses letters as the car logo. There is no graphic logo. Kevin’s explanation of this is very straightforward. He doesn’t Denying the possibility of a logo in the future, but for a brand with a short history, it is difficult to create a car logo now to incorporate more background and emotional factors into the car logo, and it will be bound to a certain extent. For styling design, you must know that the appearance of many classic models is indeed the enlargement and extension of the logo or a small element. Since Kevin joined Starway for a year, the design direction has been determined, which is to strengthen the horizontal straight line, which is in the front of the car. Both are reflected in the rear of the car, so at present, engraving the five letters of EXEED in the wide decorative strip is the core of the design that will continue, and he also has the idea to make the five letters artistic again.

The interior will continue the style of LX

The XV concept car did not reveal the final interior information, but from the previous exposure map and Kevin’s description, its interior style is consistent with the overall style of the LX model, both of which are horizontally penetrating dual screens. At the same time Keep the design without “hat brim”. Of course, this clean design style will also increase the process cost during mass production, such as anti-glare/reflective treatment, so the master's ability is more about how the cost is limited. Go down to achieve these ideal elements as much as possible.

The air conditioner panel is a physical knob with full LCD display + temperature. Although I have seen the interior exposure photos before, I asked whether I would consider the co-pilot screen afterwards. Kevin smiled and said, “This is a good guess”. Although he did not answer positively, it can be seen that Kevin is gradually becoming more aware of this kind of international scope. Popular styles are very interesting.

It has become a “trend” for Chinese brands to hire internationally renowned designers. This is the right direction. The core technology of an enterprise is important, but based on the initial perception of how people choose a product for any product, It is design. For the young brand of Star Way, the premise to make a world of itself is to have a sufficient sense of presence, and design is an absolutely important factor to enhance the sense of presence. Therefore, consumers will complain about the so-called ” The “mock doll” design, but the core characteristics of the brand still need to be expressed systematically.

Finally, the VX declaration map has also been exposed before. The previous news is that this car will be launched in 2020. By then, there will be one more member of the large 7-seat SUV. We look forward to some small surprises beyond the known information. .