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[YesAuto Original Test Drive] Outside the window is the feasting Macau, and I am trying to resist the temptation to complete this article. I believe it is not easy for some readers. For example, they may visit our website during work hours. Thinking of this, I feel a little more balanced. Of course, if you have a real passion for cars and are determined to be a car connoisseur in the future, then Jaguar is a brand you have to pay attention to. I mean you should not miss this article because I Participated in the celebration of Jaguar's 75th anniversary and tested two of its high-performance models-Jaguar XFR and XKR!

As of this year, the Jaguar brand has been established for its 75th anniversary. It sounds a bit strange. I believe that in the eyes of many people, Jaguar seems to be a “century-old brand.” A big reason for this impression may be that Jaguar always looks a bit “old-fashioned”, but if you think that Jaguar is the kind with four round lights on its head and dragging a long and flat tail, it swings on the road. That’s a big mistake. Starting from the XF in front of you, Jaguar has become a brand that is dynamic, sophisticated, armed with technology to the teeth while retaining the classic design tradition.

The “R” suffix takes these features one step further. In simple terms, the R logo means high performance in the Jaguar brand. For this reason, they equipped XFR and XKR with a 5.0-liter supercharged gasoline engine called AJ-V8 Gen III, which uses direct injection and Variable valve timing technology, maximum power 375 kilowatts (510 horsepower), maximum torque 625 Nm. It is matched with a ZF 6HP28 manual gearbox.

The Zhuhai circuit is right in front of you. Don’t rush to the end of the race. For a brand like Jaguar, of course, the first thing to do is quietly tasting. It is best to have a glass of red wine or champagne in your hand. At this time, you must observe carefully, otherwise it may be difficult to see the difference between the R series and the regular version first.

Take XFR as an example. It doesn't seem to add any dazzling kits to the regular version. In fact, one of the obvious differences is under the front grille, which uses a larger chrome-plated air intake. Also pay attention to the difference in the walking mechanism. XFR uses huge 20-inch wheels, the front tire width is 255 mm, and the rear wheel size is larger, reaching 285 mm. This is to cope with the powerful torque of the supercharged engine. In addition to the R logo at the rear, the four exhaust pipes below are also unique.

Every Jaguar car has classic design elements, even the new XF. It is hard to say where it awakens people's deep memories. In short, it can make people recognize Jaguar at a glance. In contrast, XKR appears to be much more traditional-the standard GT sports car styling, which fully stimulates our associations with performance.

Entering the car, there is another strong and luxurious atmosphere. In XFR, you can see a large area of metal panels, while in XKR, there are eye-catching wood grain materials. Other places are all kinds of leather: smooth, Suede, dark, and light-colored, either metal and leather, or wood and leather, other materials rarely appear where hands can touch.

In order to make the difference from the regular version, they have embedded “R” everywhere in the car, such as the steering wheel, center control panel, instrument panel, and seat back. These signs have significant psychological hints for drivers, and are more effective for people who lack self-control.