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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] As the saying goes, playing with models and ruining their lives, how many people have jumped out of the big pit of car models, and their living standards have plummeted since then. Assembled models are even more devastating. When you are immersed in the world of assembling car models, you will forget what your girlfriend is… However, there are some assembling car models that you may not have in your entire life, such as the one you are going to talk about today. 1:25 Ford Escort Mk2 car model.

The prototype of this 1:25 Ford Escort Mk2 model is the Escort RS 1800 rally car driven by Ari Vatenen in the late 70s. This model was made by the British jeweler Russell Lord. The jeweler made the car model? For Russell Lord, the owner of 55 Ford Escort, he has to do a big deal, so this car model is made of sterling silver, pure gold, diamonds and other precious metals.

The body and chassis of the model are made of pure silver, accounting for about 75% of all precious metals. Many mechanical structures of the brakes, spoiler, wheels and engine compartment are made of gold, the air intake grille is made of platinum, and the front is made of diamonds. The finished car lights total 1.8 carats. The lamps at the rear of the car are made of sapphires and rubies, and 630 black diamonds are inlaid on four gold fenders. The cost of materials alone has reached 90,000 pounds, or about 782,000 yuan.

Russell Lord said frankly that building this car model is purely his personal hobby. He started researching the Ford Escort Mk2 series 25 years ago and invested thousands of hours in research on model data. Three years ago, Russell Lord decided to complete this work. Because he is the owner and has a deep understanding of his car, he didn't make any plans to slowly build the luxury car model he dreamed of using parts one by one.

In the three years, Russell Lord, apart from focusing on his own accidents, spent almost all of his time building this precious metal car model. The details of this car model are quite in place. The meshing gear at the front of the engine can be rotated, and the windows can be raised and lowered through the platinum handle inlaid with diamonds. In order to realize these movable parts, Russell Lord paid a lot of energy and financial resources. For example, in order to find a “car window” with the same curvature, he did not know how many glass vases he broke…

The pedals, handbrake and seats of the car model can be moved. The most impressive thing is the extremely high degree of reduction of the Escort RS 1800 rally car engine. Even the engine chain is made of gold to show amazing details. The light gold chain is made. It will take dozens of hours. Russell Lord also built a model nameplate in the engine compartment. The FORD on the front of the car was replaced with his name LORD, and the front and rear license plates also showed the model maker “R Lord”.

It is reported that Russell Lord spent more than 1,300 hours to complete this model of Ford Escort RS 1800, which cost as much as 782,000 yuan for optical materials. In addition to Russell Lord’s love for this car, the creation of this car model is also the best way for him to show off his personal skills and the strength of his jewelry company. On May 2, 2019, such a luxurious car model will be auctioned on TheMarket website, and all the proceeds from the auction will be donated to a children’s charity. (Li Haopeng, home of the car)