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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] When I was young, when adults asked what they wanted to do when they grew up, many boys would answer “I want to be a policeman!” When they really grow up, those children who want to be police must dream of becoming Dubai or The Italian police, after all, the police cars of these two countries are too powerful.

There are always people who like to COS the police or have their companions COS the police on some occasions… It is also a very common behavior to dress up your car as a foreign police car. Recently, a Ferrari FF police car “from” Italy appeared in Sweden. WrapZone, the company that built this Ferrari FF “police car”, said that its coating originated from the Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan police cars of the Italian police. The light blue coating used on the FF has no sense of contradiction.

In order to be more fake, this Ferrari FF “police car” also has the Polizia on both sides of the Italian police car, and the lines of the Italian flag color can be seen on the front and roof, and the blue flashing lights on the roof play a finishing touch. Take a closer look at this FF “police car” full of dirt, as if it has just completed a mission, but this is only an intentional effect.

This FF “police car” was spotted by the police when it appeared in the center of Stockholm, but the Swedish police did not make it too difficult for the “comrades”. After all, the paint of an Italian police car is very different from that of a Swedish police car. However, if the owner drives it to travel to Italy, then the local police may be a little uneasy. First, not all Italian policemen drive Lamborghini. The consequences of provocation are a bit serious. Secondly, pretending to be a policeman is not a trifle. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car