[YesAuto Technology] With my age and family needs, I have always wanted to buy a BMW 5 Series, but because I can't win the number in Beijing, my wish has not been realized yet. However, whenever I talked about this with my colleagues, someone always reminded me tirelessly: “Wait for the new E-Class.” At the North American Auto Show in early 2016, Mercedes-Benz released a brand new E-Class (W213) in Detroit. Seeing that the lottery is still far away, I decided to study this Mercedes-Benz latest mid-large luxury car. If you are as interested in this new car as I am, then you should really take a closer look at the following content Look.

Appearance: just think that E-level is a reduced S-level? Then you are too young!

If you are a bit familiar with the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class and C-Class, I think you can imagine the new E-Class (hereinafter referred to as the “New E-Class”) with your eyes closed. Yes, it is precisely because of the great success of the S-Class and C-Class that Mercedes-Benz designers obviously do not want to waste the successful experience they have achieved. The family design style is obviously the first thing the new E-Class needs to follow. You might think that Mercedes-Benz has also begun to adopt the boring “mock doll” tactics, but if you look closely, you will find that the exterior design of the new E-Class is not just as simple as copying and scaling.

-Does it look the same? The side design has another mystery!

The current Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which came out in 2013, established the design concept of the Mercedes-Benz family's four-door sedan double-waistline. Two deep creases on the side of the car, combined with a shoulder line at the rear of the car, make the side look of the S-class more Has a sense of strength and a strong aura. The Mercedes-Benz C-class introduced afterwards almost copied the design of the S-class, so it is often called the “small S”.

If the Mercedes-Benz C-class directly absorbs the design elements of the S-class in its appearance design to improve its own grade, then the higher-positioned E-class obviously does not need to be overly attached to the S-class in terms of design, while taking into account this level of models. It often appears in public and business occasions, so a low-key and concise design will be more convenient. It can be said that while following the family design style, the new E-class has also made its own way in terms of details.

-Still remembering the four-eye light? The high-tech headlights will let you illuminate the road ahead while not blinding others!

In addition to the modification of the side of the body, the designer also spent some thought on the design of the front part of the new E-class. Although there is no classic “four-eye” headlamp that continues from the W210 E-class, there are still some elements that the designer pays tribute to the “four-eye” design inside the new E-class headlamp. In addition, from a technical point of view, the technological content of the new car's all-LED headlights is obviously not comparable to the four-eye lights!

In other words, this pair of all-LED headlights not only look cool, but also quite smart and civilized. With it, you can drive the high beam to your heart's content at night without incurring curses from the opposing and front drivers. Everything is done by the vehicle. What if you meet an annoying guy who turns on the high beam head-on? At least on the CLS level with the same function, this adaptive high beam assist function can be turned off-but when is the time to report the wrongdoing, I still hope that everyone will regard harmony as the most important thing to create a harmonious society!

-Leisure, sports or veteran, the decision is still in your hands!

To be honest, the sales situation of the previous generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class in China is not particularly good. In this era of fighting beauty, the initially a bit strange four-eye light design plus the unchanging horizontal grid and the front of the car are obviously Many friends like me who are old and heartless don't get too cold. Believe that this situation in the Chinese market is not accidental, so Mercedes-Benz learned a lesson from it and launched a mid-term facelift with a great change in style in 2013. In terms of appearance, in addition to replacing the four-eye headlights that are quite different from the classics, a variety of design style versions were also introduced following the C-Class. From then on, the number of Mercedes-Benz E-Class on the road began to grow rapidly.

Is the new E-Class beautiful? I think few people think it is ugly, especially when compared with the current W212 E-class, the new model does have a lot of progress. As for the family design style, I think it is not unacceptable. After all, the appearance similar to the family flagship S-class can greatly satisfy the owner’s vanity, and at the same time, he can enjoy the new E-class alone in his spare time. Some unique designs in details, why not do it?

Interior: People who are worried about the old-fashioned E-class interior can rest assured!

As mentioned before, I have been considering buying a BMW 5 Series. The reason why I did not consider the W212 Mercedes-Benz E-Class currently on sale is that its interior looks really old-fashioned, not just me. Many friends around me are also not satisfied with the interior of this generation of E-class. However, Mercedes-Benz interior designers will obviously not let this situation continue to happen in new cars. Not only that, like exterior designers, they also decided to let new E-Class owners enjoy similar treatment to S-Class owners. .

Compared with the changes in exterior design, it is believed that the substantial progress of the interior is what the new E-class prospective car owners are most concerned about. Obviously, Mercedes-Benz has “decentralized” many of the design factors of the family's flagship S-class to the E-class, compared to the current model. E-class, the new car's interior has been fully improved in terms of visual effects, luxury and technological content, giving E-class owners almost the same satisfaction as S-class owners. I am afraid that few people will not like free “upgrades.” Feels right?

Powertrain: The engine is still an old face, and 9AT is fully applied!

Since the current E-Class has fully popularized the M274 2.0T and M276 3.0T twin-turbo gasoline engines during the mid-term facelift, the new E-Class does not have much worthy of a big book in terms of the traditional power units most relevant to the Chinese market. Special book place. In the international market, a new 2.0T four-cylinder diesel engine OM654 will appear in the engine compartment of E-class cars as the power source for its entry-level diesel model E 220 d.

As for the E-class cars in the domestic market, the current 2.0T and 3.0T gasoline engines will continue to be used. However, unlike current models, the new models will be equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s latest 9G-TRONIC no matter which power unit it adopts. 9AT gearbox. We have already learned the performance of Mercedes-Benz 9AT gearbox on GLE-class sports SUV and GLC-class SUV, so for the new E-class, the performance of the entire powertrain is excellent enough.

The matching range of this 9AT gearbox can cover from a four-cylinder engine to a 12-cylinder engine, and it can even play a role in a hybrid system. Judging from the GLC-class and GLE-class sports SUVs we have tested, the 9AT gearbox and M274 2.0T engine and M276 3.0T
The matching effect of the engine is excellent.

In addition to traditional fuel vehicles, a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle)-E 350 e is added to the new E-class camp. The power unit of the E 350 e consists of a 2.0T gasoline engine and an electric motor. The two can output a maximum power of 279Ps and a maximum torque of 600N·m. The matching gearbox is also 9G-TRONIC, so the The 0-100km/h acceleration of the car reached 6.2 seconds. In addition, the E 350 e's power battery pack can drive 30km on pure electric power after being fully charged, with a comprehensive fuel consumption of 2.1L/100km, and a carbon dioxide emission per kilometer of only 49g.

Since gasoline engines are still using cash products, the future domestically-made new E-class models should be similar to the current E-class models. Although the engine is lacking, the addition of 9AT gearboxes still makes people look forward to new cars. In addition, there should be no suspense about the introduction of plug-in hybrid models. If plug-in hybrid models of luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz E 350 e and BMW 530Le can enjoy the same treatment as Chinese brand PHEV models, I believe many people will. To choose such a more environmentally friendly luxury car.

Technology content: Mercedes-Benz says this is the smartest car in its class at present!

In August 2013, an S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE self-driving car drove from Stuttgart to the Frankfurt Motor Show site, which included the world's first 100km driving journey of Bertha Benz from Mannheim to Pforzheim in 1888. route. The success of this S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE proves that Mercedes-Benz already has sufficient technical reserves in the field of autonomous driving, and these technologies will also be gradually transferred to its production vehicles. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz claims that the new E-Class is the smartest car in its class and has enough confidence.

The following video contains all the driving assistance systems of the new E-Class. If you are interested, you can take a closer look at how these systems ensure our driving safety:

to sum up:

Knowing these things about the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, I wonder if you are already tempted by this new car? In all fairness, it is not fair to compare this new car that has not yet been launched with the other two rivals that have not yet been replaced, but the powerful product power of the new E-Class will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on BMW and Audi. From the perspective of design, power system, and technological content, Mercedes-Benz has achieved the highest level in the current class. Looking back at the current BMW 5 Series, it seems a bit eclipsed.

However, such a new E-Class with a comprehensive upgrade both inside and outside is obviously not cheaper than the old model, and how many cool high-tech configurations can be retained after domestic production is also a question. If I can win the lottery as I wish one day in the future, that is the time when I will really be troubled by these problems.