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Last Update:2021-06-18 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto Test Drive] Many years ago, the use of microbus was only limited to soliciting goods. However, with the rapid development of the automobile market and the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for vehicles, higher requirements were put forward for microbus, and the space needed to be greater. Flexible, the configuration should be more abundant, and the purpose of carrying passengers should be taken into account while pulling goods. Therefore, in recent years, the widening and heightening concept of big and micro guest has gradually become popular. Recently, Changhe launched a new micro-passenger product, Changhe Fuyun, and we also had a simple experience of the new car for the first time.

There are two models of high and low models on the market this time, and the experience model is a standard model with low models. The main differences are as follows

Difference 1: Wheel hub style, B-pillar color
Difference 2: Low configuration without air conditioning system
Difference 3: Low-profile front row without power windows

Appearance: Modeling design tends to be refined

In the past two years, the development of the micro-customer market has accelerated significantly. From the appearance design, the micro-customer products of various brands are creating their own styles. Compared with the traditional Wechat, they have more exquisite detail design and more representative family style. These have become a breakthrough in the development of the appearance of the Wechat. At first glance, there is no longer the sense of cheapness that it used to be.

The same is true for this Changhe Fortune. Although the overall shape continues with the traditional mini-car, the details are different. Sharp headlights, chrome-plated grille strips, tough-shaped grille and recessed fog lights reveal a refined feeling.

The same feeling is also reflected in the rear. The design of the integrated lamp group, high-position brake light and other places can still see the improvement of the overall design level of the micro-travel market. However, relative to the improvement in details, the current breakthroughs in styling of Wechat are obviously going to lag behind, and the overall effect is still slightly moderate.

From the data point of view, Fuyun can reach a body size of 4010mm in length, 1645mm in width and 1910 in height. Compared with rival Changan Taurus and Dongfeng Xiaokang V27, although there is no obvious advantage, it is undoubtedly a huge breakthrough compared with traditional mini-cars.

Interior: satisfactory and practical

Limited by price and cost, the interior configuration and design of the car will not give people too many surprises. Everything is mainly practical and can meet the basic requirements of car owners in their daily driving.

However, compared with traditional WeChat, Fuyun has no special advantages in terms of materials, but its workmanship is worthy of recognition. The seams of each panel are relatively uniform, and the buttons feel pretty good. For this class of models, it still meets the standard.

Space: Obvious space advantage

For WeChat, space is its important core. Carrying goods used to be almost the entire responsibility of Wechat. However, with the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for Wechat, loading more goods while taking into account a relatively good passenger carrying capacity is the current development direction of the Wechat market.

For some small businessmen, there are many types of goods to be loaded, and the shape is not fixed, which puts forward new requirements for the flexibility of the interior space of the car. Therefore, widening and increasing has become a trend. However, apart from increasing the size, a regular internal space is also important. When loading small cargo, the backrests of the two rows of seats can be completely flattened, providing an unconventional and neat stacking. space.

If you need to load larger and more cargo, the rear two rows of seats can be removed, and the entire carriage can be used as a cargo space. Fortune’s floor is very flat, and there are no complicated concave-convex shapes on both sides and the roof. As a result, the cargo space is easy to use. However, the removal of the rear two rows of seats requires tools to be removed, which is relatively more complicated.

In terms of riding space, Fortune will definitely not be wronged to you. An experiencer with a height of 180cm sits in the front row and the second row, with plenty of room for the head and legs. Since the rear two rows of seats cannot be adjusted back and forth, the space in the third row is relatively small, and the overall seat comfort can only be regarded as the past.

Driving experience: enough for daily use

This Fortune is equipped with the same power system as Langdi. It feels light and smooth to drive. Although the displacement is only 1.2L, the performance is not bad at all, and the acceleration is very direct. For this displacement, the power is very good. , It is definitely enough for daily use.

Compared with the traditional Wechat, although the loose feeling of the accelerator, brake pedal, steering wheel and other components has been relieved, there is still some residue. The gear is slightly jerky, and occasionally it feels difficult to get into the block. But the steering wheel control is pretty good. Although there is still no steering assist, it will not feel too difficult to steer under any circumstances.

For cost considerations, Fortune's rear suspension is a steel plate suspension. Although it can be felt that it is working hard to adjust for comfort, the lack of toughness while driving is still somewhat obvious. Of course, we shouldn't have too much demand for the price of more than 40,000 yuan, and meet the daily passenger and cargo requirements.

Summary of this article:

Compared with cars, the start of microbus is not too late, but its development is quite slow. Over the years, the car market has kept up with the times. From the changes in cars, we can vaguely see the development of society and the automobile industry. However, Wechat seems to be out of touch with our fast-growing automobile industry. The face and feeling that have remained unchanged for many years are inevitable. Somewhat boring.

However, today, with the development of society, the consumer group of Wechat is also changing. They become more “demanding”. They have to load more goods and at the same time attract more people. They require Wechat to have a comparable The comfort and configuration of the car. With the changes in user needs, we finally see the changes in the micro-travel market. In recent years, the number of heightened and widened micro-travels has been increasing. The micro-travels are equipped with electric windows and air-conditioning, although they are catching up with people’s higher requirements. It seems a bit difficult, but it still makes people have some expectations for the future of WeChat.

Changhe Fuyun is one of these new forces. It has the heightened and widened body of the new generation of microbuses. It has some relatively comfortable configurations. He is currently one of the members of the first group in the microbus market. As far as the micro-customer market is concerned, everything in front of us is far from enough, and there is still a lot to improve.