[YesAuto Racing Exposure] Porsche's second-generation LMP1 car, the 2015 919 Hybrid, completed its first test run on the Weissach test track. The test run went smoothly and it was a good start for Porsche's 2015 season plan.

Alezander Hitzinger, the technical director of the Porsche LMP1 racing group, said that they have achieved their goal of bringing the new car to the ground before Christmas. The advent of each new car is a milestone, and the new 919 Hybrid car makes every participant in the team excited.

The car was displayed internally in a small area and began preparations for the official test at the Abu Dhabi circuit in January next year. When Porsche returned to Le Mans this year, the Audi team that competed on the same field sent their cars to the gate of the Porsche headquarters to draw a circle to congratulate them. Should Audi now prepare some more flowers to welcome the new beginning of the Porsche New Year?