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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Seeing the gradual end of autumn, the cold in the north has caused all the friends around me to stay at home. The previous self-driving enthusiasm and traveling state are also ready to enter hibernation with the fallen leaves on the ground. However, we do not compromise the seasons. After all, breaking the old cognition has always been one of the original intentions of the “Notes on Travel” series.

In this issue, we not only want to share with you the dry goods and experience of autumn and winter self-driving tours, but also find a new partner you are likely to “disdain”: CVT can't be used off-road? CVT off-road is scum? CVT is a pure scooter?

See the conclusion in one second: This time I was really slapped in the face by myself…

CVT? ! Why choose it?

When it comes to CVT gearboxes, many people can think of a lot of vocabulary related to it: smooth, fuel-efficient, not climbing, easy to skid, not off-road, balbala…I still remember that a few years ago I used to talk to The old-generation CVT models of my friends traveled together, and the result was a halberd break before the big slope. Whether you are slowly climbing or rushing, you will eventually be hopeless.

Editor's summary: Comfortable crossing without threshold

Many people like to catch up with the hardcore when they think of crossing and the outdoors, and so do I, but with the continuous iteration of everyone’s understanding and cognition of self-driving travel, crossing and cross-country, many people can now easily embrace nature. , Without having to buy an off-road vehicle or hardcore for this, this in itself is a cognitive advancement.

Just like most people's previous knowledge of the outdoors is nothing more than “hiking”, “sleeping in the wind”, “looking for abuse” and so on. But in fact, with the rapid progress of outdoor equipment, the rise of the concept of Glamping (luxury camping), etc., more and more people have also begun to change their impressions of the outdoors, and we chose to drive Qijun out this time, which is similar. The purpose is never that far away, nor is it so terrible. Just find the right way and choose the right route. You can set off at any time.