[YesAuto Compilation] At the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan launched the Crossover crossover product Rogue, which creates a youthful and dynamic atmosphere through sleek exterior lines, while having a spacious and practical cockpit space and emphasizing ride comfort. At the end of 2008, Rogue entered Taiwan's million-dollar RV market as an imported car. Three years after the official announcement, in August this year, the original factory went on to carry out a small remodeling project for Rogue, putting on a sharper and more atmospheric coat. The Taiwan market is planning to introduce sales in December this year. On the eve of the official announcement, the general manager The agent of Yulon Nissan Motor also arranged a test drive trip for the media, with the Rogue SL flagship model that will be on sale soon to experience the difference of the small facelifted Rogue first.

● The details are more refined

Before the small facelift has been released, the “roundness” may be a lot of people's impression of Rogue, and it is true that it is always difficult to find a sharp angle in a Rogue car, whether it is the body line or the head and taillights. The shape is full of sleek curves. Compared with the ferocious appearance of the big brother Murano, the face of Rogue's little brother can only be regarded as gentle, not as murderous as the original meaning of the car name “Rogue” in English is “villain, gangster”.

Nissan's small remodeling project for Rogue mainly focused on the modification of details. The small remodeled Rogue performed by Yulon Nissan Design Center (YNDC), in the original sleek exterior atmosphere, Carving out more sharp, three-dimensional lines, so that Rogue's texture has a certain degree of leap forward.

Although the small facelift Rogue maintains the basic tone of the original Crossover, the elements of the chrome-plated grid water tank cover remain unchanged, but the number of grids is reduced to six on the left and right, and the outline is sharper, making the water tank cover as a whole It presents a dynamic feeling similar to flying wings. In addition, the shape of the sheet metal parts at the front bumper fog lamp has also changed. The richer sheet metal lines and the fuller shape of the front bumper, as well as the new 18-inch aluminum ring on the test car, all make minor changes. After the paragraph, Rogue escaped from the original loyal and honest face, adding a bit of uninhibitedness.

The detail evolution of the side and rear of the car is an indispensable element for Rogue's dynamic feeling. The chrome trim is added to the lower edge of the door, matched with the enlarged rear wing above the tailgate, and the tailgate is decorated with chrome trim. The license plate frame and the “Xtronic CVT” all give the small facelifted Rogue a more textured appearance.

In addition, Nissan has made a lot of changes in places where the appearance is difficult to see. In addition to installing rectifiers on the front of the four wheels, chassis guards are also added under the front and under the middle of the car to make the air flow more smooth. Through the bottom of the vehicle, the air resistance of the vehicle is reduced when the vehicle is traveling, and the fuel consumption performance is more refined. Nissan said that with the addition of undercarriage plates and chassis guards, the average fuel consumption of Rogue can be increased to 13km/l in accordance with the American test standards, and the energy efficiency rating can also be improved from the original 3 to 2 levels.

● Improved interior texture

The interior of the cabin retains the original interior layout of Rogue through a large number of circular stacks. It is equipped with a double-ring instrument panel, and the exclusive SL flagship leather seat with red and red stitching, so that the Rogue cabin remains It is quite sporty.

The focus of the small change is the update of the journey computer in the center of the dashboard. The original round screen is not very bright, and it is replaced by a rectangular screen embedded in the center of the dashboard used by most car manufacturers. The 3.5-inch screen size, coupled with a white light LCD screen, not only can display more driving information, but also has both aesthetics and convenience for driving to read driving information.

In addition, in order to improve the comfort of the ride, Nissan also introduced the constant temperature air conditioning into the Rogue car series. At the same time, the sound system panel in the center console of the SL flagship model is also changed to a 4.3-inch color LCD screen as the main axis. In addition to displaying radio stations or music tracks, it can also be used as a reversing camera display screen. However, despite the thoughtful reversing photography, the 4.3-inch screen size is still a little too small, and the lens position of the reversing camera is also prone to water drops. The day of the test drive coincided with heavy rain in the northern region. After cutting into the R gear, only a few drops of water took up a lot of space, which interfered with the driver’s sight of viewing the rear of the car through the reversing camera, and made the original factory’s beauty a little bit weaker. discount.

● Smooth, brisk, car-like feeling

In the power section, the engine power has not been changed for the small facelift. It is still equipped with a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine of the original model QR25DE, which can provide 170 horsepower at 6,000rpm and bring it at 4,400rpm. The peak torque of 24.2 kgm is matched with the Xtronic CVT continuously variable transmission that can simulate the 6-speed manual automatic transmission function, and the AWDi full-time four-wheel drive system. The SL flagship model provided by Yulon Nissan for the test group is also equipped with steering wheel shift paddles, which not only takes into account the smooth and dense road experience, but also brings a certain degree of driving pleasure to the driver.

For consumers who love Crossover crossover products, in addition to pursuing practical space functions like a recreational vehicle, I believe many people also expect to maintain the driving experience of a car. With 2.5 liters of power and CVT continuously variable transmission Rouge, the performance in this respect is not disappointing. Even with a vehicle weight of more than 1.5 metric tons, lightly stepping on the accelerator to start, the 2.5-liter gasoline engine under the hood still swiftly drives the vehicle forward. When the big foot steps on the accelerator, Rogue brings a different feeling from ordinary vehicles. The linear acceleration of the CVT continuously variable transmission allows the speed to directly rush between 5,000rpm and 6,000rpm, and the speed also climbs all the way up, which is reminiscent of The acceleration experience of general scooter locomotives, there is no frustration of gear switching or neutral gear when connecting, only a speed that is accompanied by an upward engine speed.

At the same time, the Rogue's front Macpherson and rear multi-link chassis suspensions are also adjusted more comfortably. Whether it is riding or driving, it can feel like a car. Not only does it deal with potholes quickly, but it also has shock absorption speed. Quite quickly. Although the overall feedback still gives people a comfort-oriented adjustment, the road feel feedback obtained through the steering wheel can be regarded as clear. The overall dynamic response is also neutral and slightly understeer, giving people Like most vehicles in general, stable and dynamic performance without restlessness.

Although Rogue has a body size of 4,655mm in length, 1,800mm in width and 1,680mm in height (standard is 1,645mm), and a weight of more than 1,500 kg, it still brings driving dynamics that are not far from ordinary touring cars. Feedback, brisk start, linear acceleration, and comfortable riding space can make people almost forget that this is a vehicle with a higher chassis, a slightly larger volume, and a large space like a general SUV. If it weren't for the height of the cockpit like an SUV and the wide field of view, holding the steering wheel, you might think that what you are driving is just an ordinary touring car.

● Upgraded texture, more worthy

As far as the tonality of Rogue's products is concerned, after minor changes, it is closer to the youthful atmosphere that Nissan wants to bring to it. The streamlined chrome-plated water tank cover and the enlarged rear wing on the tailgate are what the original factory wants. The dynamic flavor created adds points. Coupled with the new chrome-plated trims on the side and tailgate, if compared with the pre-remodeling, if it is more atmospheric, after three more years of product life, Rogue has finally become a car-like driving experience and comfort. The cross-border RV, which also has a spacious and practical space, is a product with both atmosphere and dynamics.

Before the small change project, with the appearance and interior of Rogue, and the attitude of an imported car, people may hesitate to buy nearly one million or more than one million yuan from the wallet. However, after undergoing minor changes and refinements, Rogue has made a certain leap forward in both appearance and interior. Although only the details are modified, it brings a more atmospheric look and is closer to the original factory. The set value can also persuade consumers to buy at a price of about one million yuan. (Compilation/Car Home Hu Zhengyang)