[YesAuto comparison test] If one day when you are driving a Golf GTI with full confidence, suddenly there is a figure with a Ford logo hanging in the rearview mirror that can't be shaken off, please don't be surprised. Yes, Fox ST is here, and Golf GTI is its most ardent goal. The contest between precision and passion, the show begins!

The arrival of Fox ST caught us by surprise. What a classic small steel gun, but unfortunately it came a bit late. It has already been occupied by Golf GTI. In order to explore its strength, the most effective way is to let it have the most direct dialogue with a golf GTI. As a competitor of Fox ST, I think it is right.

Next, you will see the most basic data and driving experience of Fox ST and Golf GTI. If you are already familiar with it or are not interested, please turn to the third page to find the answer you most want to know.

Regarding the power configuration, the users who I want to pay attention to them must be very familiar with it. The power of the Fox ST comes from the 2.0L Ecoboost turbocharged engine we are familiar with. We can see it in Mondeo-Winning, Sharp, and even Range Rover Aurora. Its figure. After re-adjustment, the maximum power reaches 250 horsepower (184 kilowatts) at 5500rpm, the peak torque is 345 N·m/2000-4500rpm, and it is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Golf GTI uses EA888 series 2.0TSI engine, maximum power 200 horsepower (147 kilowatts) 5100-6000rpm, peak torque 280 N·m/1700-5000rpm, with 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox.

Sports-oriented models are usually more exquisite in terms of tire collocation. What is interesting is that Golf GTI and Fox ST have chosen the Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric pattern series. The size and pattern are different. In terms of performance, I Think it should be Fox ST's tires that are more dominant. As for whose wheels are good-looking, I personally prefer Fox ST.

Starting the vehicle, the idling sound of the Fox ST is low, not as rushing and restless as the Golf GTI, which I did not expect.

Let’s try the ST first, put down the handbrake, put in gear and set off. The new problem came, and it turned off the first time it came up. It’s really an embarrassing thing. Usually, if you drive too many automatic models, it won’t be such a dish. After understanding each other's tempers, it will be easier to talk about it. It turns out that the coupling point of the Fox ST clutch is very low, and it is very springy.

The performance of the Fox ST can be described as brutal compared to the Golf GTI, and it also has a little grumpy mood during daily driving. When the traffic volume is scarce, when the accelerator is lowered, Fox ST will respond with a strong forward feeling. This intense push back feeling can make the human body feel more unexpected stimulation.

You must think that the Golf GTI and Fox ST are very manic. In fact, you only guessed part of it. The Golf GTI is more comfortable during daily driving. If you usually drive it to and from get off work to pick up food and pick up children, it can also be very good. mission accomplished. The gearbox under D gear is very stingy with the speed increase. It will help you switch to the next gear before 2000rpm. It seems that it is very concerned about your fuel consumption. Compared with the Fox ST, the feedback of the steering system is simply pitiful. Fortunately, the steering wheel grip and steering accuracy are more satisfactory.

Suspension tuning is also popular. It has good flexibility and can filter out most of the bumps on the road. Compared with the Fox ST, it can compromise comfort and performance. It is rich in toughness, but lacks road feel.

The exhaust sound of Fox ST is very special. It is not as rushing and restless as GTI. The whole is low and full. When the speed is at 3000rpm, the exhaust valve opens. At this time, the sound is the most attractive, and then step on the accelerator deeply, like some kind of musical instrument. The eardrums are filled with mixed metal elements.

The 6-speed manual gearbox feels pretty good, the gears are clear, and the gear ratio is designed very tightly. The purpose is to keep the speed drop as small as possible when changing gears, so that the engine can work in an exciting range. It's just that if the shifting stroke can be shorter, I think it would be more reasonable. The clutch has a very flexible foot feel, and it is very tenacious to use, but you may become very upset when you encounter a traffic jam.

The DSG gearbox is indeed impeccable, walking in every corner, upshifts and downshifts are almost imperceptible, but I feel that something is missing, try using the shift paddles, it is a bit of recovery. pleasure.

Before 2000rpm, Fox ST was still a little immature, and the action of the feet continued to deepen. Fox ST was awakened from a big dream. The climax came suddenly and unexpectedly, just like a heavy punch on the back, all your senses will be agitated. , May make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Tap the accelerator pedal under your feet in a bend and turn the steering wheel. The Fox ST will present you with a high cornering limit. The suspension system tilts slightly, leaning against the side of the RECARO seat surround, controlling the direction, and accelerating out of the corner. , The exhaust sound is clear and sweet, everything is so neat and crisp.

The easy and pleasant steering system of the Golf GTI in daily driving seems a bit strenuous on the track. The reaction of the steering wheel is a little slower than the heading of the car, and it is a bit unable to keep up with the fast pace. The directivity is accurate enough but the road feel is really blurred.

The suspension system that has been compromised for comfort seems a little out of place on the track. The stability is not as good as the Fox ST in high-speed corners, and the left and right swings are obvious. Look at the suspension stretch of the two cars and you will understand.

When passing an S-shaped curve at 70km/h, the body of the Golf GTI swayed from side to side, which seemed a bit difficult. The soft suspension absorbed most of the vehicle load, stretched very long, and stabilized the steering wheel properly. Let go a little, and after some struggle, the tires regain grip.

When passing a “U”-shaped U-turn, the Fox ST unexpectedly showed the rear wheel off the ground, which shows that its suspension stroke is very short, and the rear anti-roll bar is harder, which will not cause too much distortion of the chassis. Deformed. From the picture, it can be seen that the golf GTI corners at the same speed, and the posture is somewhat reluctant. If the GTI can give 60 points in this corner, the Fox ST achieved 80 points.

Fox ST can set the ESC to the sport mode. At this time, the vehicle has a high tolerance, allowing a certain range of sideslip, and can be completely closed when necessary. The Golf GTI can only turn off the ASR traction control system. The ESC will constantly intervene in the vehicle in a corner, and the intervention is obvious when cornering. This feeling is like playing a highly simulated racing game. It’s worth talking about the turning performance of the two cars. The Fox ST’s rear end is very lively. It likes to throw away and is willing to help the front of the car to send you into the corner. There is understeer phenomenon, but it is very slight. Golf GTI is like a model student, who is conscientious and meticulous, trying to grasp the route, and the head-pushing phenomenon is more serious than ST.

Finally, I want to talk about the flaws of these two cars, that is, the brake systems are slightly fragile, and the thermal attenuation phenomenon is relatively serious. It didn't take long for the brake pedal to become soft like cotton candy, and the pedal stroke became longer, giving people a lack of confidence. For those who like extreme driving, I think it is necessary to change a set of perforated ventilated discs and competitive brake pads in the future.

Perhaps for the Golf GTI, using the word “comfort” to describe it is seriously questioning its athletic ability, but there is obviously no way in front of this Fox ST.

Power test

In order to more intuitively reflect the performance difference between the two, we have conducted power tests on both cars, and the results are also expected.

Before the formal test, the vehicle must be secured. There are at least two connection points at the front and rear of the vehicle. Each rope must be pulled very tightly. The entire vehicle is firmly pressed on the pedestal to prevent the body from shaking, and Ensure that the ventilation system is working properly.

The first to debut is the Fox ST, a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox, 250 horsepower (184 kilowatts) at 5500rpm, and a peak torque of 345 N·m/2000-4500rpm.

In the end, when the Fox ST used Beijing standard No. 95 gasoline, the measured net power on the wheel was 149.2 kilowatts (about 202.9 horsepower), and the peak torque was 318.6 N·m, which is equivalent to 81.2% of the nominal power.

Then the Golf GTI went on the court. When the Beijing standard 95 gasoline was also used, the measured net power on the wheel was 122.6 kilowatts (about 166.7 horsepower), and the peak torque was 276.5 N·m, which is equivalent to 83.4% of the nominal power.

Fox ST and Golf GTI on-wheel power test
Fox ST Golf GTI
Nominal power: 250 horsepower (184 kilowatts) Nominal power: 200 horsepower (147 kilowatts)
Nominal torque: 345 N·m Nominal torque: 280 N·m
Net wheel power 202.9 horsepower (149.2 kilowatts) Net power on wheels 166.7 horsepower (122.6 kilowatts)
Torque on wheels: 318.6 N·m Torque on wheels: 276.5 N·m
Efficiency: 81.2% Efficiency: 83.4%

From the results, the performance of the two is very good. The 6-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox of the Golf GTI is slightly more efficient than the 6-speed manual gearbox of the Fox ST. But there is a big gap between the nominal power of the two engines. In terms of on-wheel power, Fox ST still has a big advantage.

0-100km/h acceleration test

The highlight is coming. After the two have fully warmed up the tires and adjusted the tire pressure, we started the most conventional 0-100km/h linear acceleration test in the same venue.

The official nominal acceleration time of the Fox ST 0-100km/h is 6.5 seconds, and our actual test time is 6.49 seconds, which is almost the same as the official time. Because the power output of the Fox ST is not linear, the starting speed needs to be carefully controlled during acceleration. It was slightly weak before 2000rpm, and then too excited. The climax came suddenly, causing serious tire slip.

Turn off the ESC, we start at 2500rpm, the tires will have a skid time of about 0.5 seconds, after regaining the grip, you can experience a very obvious push back feeling to push you out. At this time, the tachometer pointer is close to the red line and you need to rise quickly. 2nd gear, and then broke through 100km/h at the place where the red line was cut off in 2nd gear.

The Golf GTI has a start mode similar to Launch Control, which has a high degree of automation and can start quickly without too much skill. Turn off the ASR, push the gearbox into manual mode, step on the brake pedal and press the accelerator at the same time, blast the speed to 3000rpm, and release the brake accelerator to the end. Everything went smoothly. It was completed easily in 6.76 seconds.

It can be seen from the acceleration curve that the Fox ST in the early stage led by a small margin, and the two were in a stalemate. After shifting into the second gear, GTI relied on the smooth and rapid shift of the DSG gearbox to overtake the Fox ST, but it eventually increased due to horsepower. If you don’t have some proficiency, driving ST to surpass GTI is not so easy.

0-400m linear acceleration test

In order to further study the performance and strength of the two cars, we conducted a 0-400m acceleration test. Everyone likes to watch the 04 project. Of course, the two cars run very fast.

0-400m acceleration test
Fox ST Golf GTI
Line collision speed: 157.34km/h Line collision speed: 152.60km/h
Line collision time: 14.83 seconds Line collision time: 15.16 seconds

0-400 meters measured final results, Fox ST took 14.83 seconds, tail speed 157.34km/h; Golf GTI took 15.16 seconds, tail speed 152.60km/h. The DSG gearbox of Golf GTI played a very important role in the matchup of 04. The dual-clutch fast gear shift bought a lot of time for it. The difference between the two work can also be seen from the chart. Every shift Golf GTI has a trend of overtaking, the front stage is extremely fierce; while the latter stage, Fox ST relied on its high horsepower advantage to pull the golf GTI farther and farther, rising to 4th gear and crossing the finish line. In the acceleration link, Fox ST has finished the golf GTI. There is no suspense. The hard data is here. Fast is fast.

0-400m acceleration test
Golf R Scirocco R
Line collision speed: 163.1km/h Line collision speed: 167.7km/h
Line collision time: 13.67 seconds Line collision time: 13.79 seconds

As for the Scirocco R with similar horsepower and the same drive form, we also tested its results. Obviously, both the price and performance of Scirocco R and Fox ST are not on the same level, so the two brothers still give it to Fox RS, let's get it done.

Emergency brake test

In terms of emergency braking, the Fox ST still wins by a small margin. The harder suspension can give the body a good posture. The 235mm tires have sufficient grip and the braking force is very strong. It has been able to maintain the g value at about -1.1G. , 39.04 meters is satisfactory enough. I think part of the reason why the Fox ST won was due to the wider tires with better grip.

In terms of fuel consumption, the Fox ST has a mediocre performance, driving a total of 174.4 kilometers and an average speed of 32km/h. The road conditions are not bad, and the congested roads account for about 30%. In the end, the car consumed 16.68 liters of gasoline, with an average fuel consumption of 9.56 liters/100 kilometers. A 2.0L+6MT compact car is not ideal for this performance. Hey, regardless of it, who made it a Fox ST?

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicars: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers


So far, the test session is all over. Just like what I said in the static part, the golf GTI is more comprehensive, which can bring you the pleasure of chopping and at the same time comfortably transport you from point A to point B. While taking into account a certain degree of sportiness, it also reflects stronger daily practicality and comfort.

The Fox ST is the most dedicated, surpassing the Golf GTI in terms of driving feel and performance, and retains the most sincere and pure understanding of the high-performance hatchback. This is also the point I most agree with.

So my idea is that the Golf GTI is fully capable of being the first car in the family. It is comfortable for daily use, and occasionally there is no problem with it. In order to better enjoy the driving pleasure, the Fox ST should be at least the second car in your family, because the spring-leg clutch and manual gearbox are definitely a devil in congested road conditions. You will definitely want to take a taxi back. The impulse of home.

All in all, the two cars are very good products in this class, and their overall strength is irrelevant. But in my personal opinion, the performance control of the Fox ST is a win, because its purpose is more straightforward and simple. The domestically produced Golf GTI relies on a heightened suspension, thicker tires, and smaller wheels to be more accomplished in terms of comfort. It is not as pure as the Fox ST.

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