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[YesAuto in-depth experience] In the domestic high-end commercial MPV market, there is a car that has been firmly occupying the market. It is not cheap. It was even sold at a price increase of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. At the same time, it came from Japan, which was criticized by many netizens as specializing in the production of “thin skin” and “unsafe” models. It is such a model, it comes from Toyota Motor, named Previa, also known as “Big Overlord”. The Previa currently on sale in China is the third-generation later version, which is relatively mature in all aspects, and the market coverage of MPVs above 600,000 yuan is also quite good.

Whenever a model with outstanding sales, its existence is bound to make sense. In today's market-oriented economy, sales and word of mouth are the last word. Why Toyota Previa can firmly grasp the hearts of consumers in the high-end commercial MPV market, and what kind of product it is, let us have a good experience through today's in-depth experience article.

● Body appearance: classic bullet head shape, still fashionable for many years on the market

    The bullet-shaped MPV in China can be traced back to the Chevrolet Lumina of that year, and the one that really carried forward the “bullet culture” in China was also from Previa. The third-generation model further refined the details on the basis of the streamlined body of the previous model, and replaced it with a new style of first-class and air intake grille.

In terms of size, Previa is not as powerful as an MPV. The size of 4795mm*1800mm*1750mm can only be regarded as a household level. The wheelbase of 2950mm is more powerful than the length of the car. After all, to squeeze a wheelbase length of as much as 12cm than the Odyssey in the body of less than 4.8 meters, the designer's skill is evident.

The shape of the rear of the car is quite satisfactory. The country of the lines is mainly smooth and durable. The integrated headlights go back and forth between the left and right. The aesthetics are average, but the degree of harmony is absolutely first-class. This is also Toyota's long-standing design style. The reversing light and the turning light are just two simple narrow strips, which are more embellishment in the shape, as long as they can be seen clearly in actual use.

The side is the place that best reflects the streamlined body of Previa. The 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels are equipped with different styles according to different models. The current 3.5L models adopt multiple shapes and the previous tree branches are different. , The tire brand has also changed from the previous Toyo to Yokohama, which is still a Japanese brand. The dark privacy glass is used behind the driver's seat to fully protect the privacy of the occupants. The large spoiler plays a significant role in the visual balance of the vehicle.

The electric tailgate is a configuration that Sheng Yuanjun editor particularly likes, and the remote control key can be used to close the three electric doors of Previa. For a high-end MPV at this price, this configuration must be available, and it is practical and obvious. Grade. The shape of the key itself is still a standard “Toyota model”, manufactured by the supplier “DENSO DENSO” under the Toyota Consortium.

The size of the spare tire is not a problem on Previa, the full size is certain. After all, the price of more than 600,000 yuan, open the trunk to see if it is a full-size steel ring, this is too unreasonable.

● Central steering wheel: color, workmanship and layout are suitable for domestic and commercial use

    The avant-garde enveloping instrument panel makes Previa's interior technology full of sense, and the excellent texture treatment and warm color matching are also what Japanese brands have always been good at. The beech-like wood grain veneer is more lively in color. Although it is positioned for high-end commercialization, it is also a very good work if it is measured from the perspective of a family car.

The shape of the steering wheel belongs to the absolute Toyota faction, almost exactly the same as the Camry. The left side provides the basic audio control function, and the right side is the car Bluetooth phone function. The design of the instrument panel uses a white background light. From today's perspective, the shape does not seem to be as stunning as it was when it was released, and the recognition still maintains a high level.

Its ugly DVD/GPS all-in-one is poor in integrity, which is also a common problem for most Toyota models except Camry. After all, they use the same set of equipment. But even so, the display effect and the feedback power of the buttons are still on the excellent level of Japanese electronic products, and the touch screen and the foldable insert are quite solid to look and use.

In terms of other buttons, Previa also provides a very comprehensive function. Automatic air conditioning, front electric heated seats, headlight cleaning, active turn headlights, and power folding rearview mirrors are all available. However, considering the previous Bluetooth phone on the steering wheel, the editor suddenly realized whether Previa also considered the needs of home users? After all, many of these are not what a professional driver needs.

Although the rear of the car has been covered with black window film, the absence of the automatic anti-glare rearview mirror is still regrettable. Considering the price factor, it is reasonable and reasonable to give one. The front seat dialogue mirror equipped in the car allows the driver to clearly grasp the status of the occupants of the car, a small thing that many Japanese MPVs have.

In terms of storage space, as a master of space among Japanese brands, Toyota will definitely not disappoint. Just look at Yaris. Previa’s center console has as many as 5 storage spaces, all of which are like Transformers when opened. Seeing this, the editor thought of another product that was Honda Fit…

● Driver's seat close-up: enough space, the seat is suspected of cutting corners

    Previa's four-door electric windows all use one-key lifting, and the button feel and damping control are also quite good. This is different from the second-row negative pressure ventilation windows of other MPVs, or they simply cannot be opened.

The width of the door panel also takes into account the practicality. In addition to the daily space for placing some paper towels and maps, a cup holder is also reserved, and two standard-size beverage bottles are not a problem.

The shape of the front seat is very wide, which can be very comfortable for drivers of different body types, but for MPV, side wrapping is not necessary. The main driver provides a multi-directional electric adjustment function, while the co-pilot still uses manual adjustment. The other shortcoming lies in Toyota's weird division of the seat middle material, one side uses soft leather, and the other On one side is relatively astringent leather, so it is inevitably to cut corners.

The performance of space is not a problem for MPV. A punch on the head is more than enough for the experiencer of about 178cm. The armrest of the seat can also ensure the comfort during long-distance driving. However, like the more high-end Alphard, the front sunroof of Previa is also fully manual, and adopts a negative pressure ventilation design, which is too low-grade in terms of price.

In addition, the storage box located in the front seat space is very practical. From the actual experience, it should be no problem to easily put 3-4 bottles of drinks, and there are 2 more cup holders on the back. At the same time, if the occupants need to move between the front and rear rows, the storage box can also be easily slid between the three rows of seats, with a very flexible design.

● Second-row seat experience: real business class on land, with powerful functions

    If the GL8 is a 300,000 yuan-level business class on land, it is nothing compared to Previa. As a commercial vehicle, the comfort level of the second-row seats basically determines the market performance. Of course, Previa will not break this law.

Not only is it powerful, but the adjustments of the Ottoma seat are also carefully designed. This is a common feature of Japanese high-end MPVs. In terms of space, passengers in the second row can basically maintain the space for a punch in the head, but the performance of the legs is called a BUG. In addition to the normal sitting posture, no matter how to adjust the second row of seats, passengers over 175cm will encounter Embarrassing that there is nowhere to put your feet. Could it be that Previa only took into account the smaller Japanese users when designing the space?

The rear skylight has a large area, and sufficient light allows the rear to have a spacious and bright space, so that passengers can maintain a good mood. The screen size of the ceiling-mounted DVD has reached 10 inches, and the tilt angle of the screen can be fine-tuned, making it more pleasing for the rear seat occupants to watch movies during long-distance travel.

● Third-row seat experience: enough space, flexible storage method

    Earlier, we mentioned that Previa’s length of less than 4.8 meters has a long wheelbase of 2950mm, and the advantages of this design are fully reflected in the third row of seats.

Unlike the almost tasteless third row of many MPVs of the same size, Previa’s third row of seats can still provide a certain degree of comfort, and on both sides of the seat, Toyota has not forgotten to design for Previa. Storage box and cup holder.

In addition, the rear center head restraint can protect the safety of rear passengers in the event of a slight rear-end collision, but if it is severely rear-ended, the survival rate of the third-row passengers of any MPV is very low. Doubt. On the other hand, the adjustable backrest of the third row of seats also improves comfort.

For a seven-seater MPV, the way of seat change is often a way to test the practicality of the vehicle. Compared with the Alphard we have experienced before, Previa has not shrunk in terms of functions due to its slightly cheaper price and smaller body. Commonly used modes such as 4/6 split and entire row overturning can all be simple The operations are completed one by one.

● Other details and power system

    We deliberately tried Previa's electric door anti-pinch function. It turns out that in this deliberate detail, high-end Japanese cars never disappoint. However, after a forced return, the electric function of the door will be temporarily closed, and it will be restored after the user manually closes the door and opens it again.

Another very careful design is that when the electric doors and windows are opened synchronously, the second-row windows of Previa can be electrically lowered by about two-thirds, which is not available in many MPVs. However, if the electric side sliding door is used when the window is lowered, the opening range of the door will be restricted, which can reduce the chance of accidental pinching accidents caused by passengers sticking their hands out of the window.

Another bug is actually found in many MPVs that use electric doors, that is, the opening range of the rear doors is smaller than that of manually opened models, so that fat passengers can only use drills to get on and off the car. The posture is not very elegant.

In terms of engine and gearbox, as the best-selling 3.5L V6 model in the car series, it will certainly not disappoint. The 2GR-FE engine is equipped on both Lexus ES350 and RX350, but on Previa, this engine is tuned to be smoother and smoother, thanks to the sound insulation design and the 6-speed Aisin gearbox. Equipped, almost no noise from the engine compartment can be heard when driving at low speed.

Edit comment:

Judging from the results of the experience, Previa should be regarded as a relatively outstanding work among high-end MPVs. The competing products such as GL8 and Odyssey defined for it at the beginning of the market seem to be not a grade product at all. Not only that, the ample space, fine workmanship, comfort and user-friendly design make this car an excellent product not only in the commercial field, but even from a household perspective. But for such a model, the price has become an absolute obstacle to its popularity. The current price of nearly 700,000 yuan after the market price increase is obviously unacceptable. However, if you are a business user with ample capital budget, then in addition to choosing a higher-end alphard, Previa can also allow you to easily save 100,000 without losing too much comfort and face. yuan.

Special thanks to the following dealers for providing shooting vehicles:

Shanghai Baohe Toyota Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 1300 Tieli Road, Baoshan District (near Baoyang Road Station of Line 3)
Phone: 021-56112000

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