[YesAuto original test drive] Yesterday, the Southeast V3 Lingyue CVT version was officially launched [click to view the price of the new model] . In the past year or so, it has been recognized by everyone for its excellent cost performance and excellent platform genes. , And the appearance of this CVT model also made up for the regret that the V3 Lingyue did not have an automatic transmission model. So what changes have been made to the automatic models? What is the difference in driving experience? Today we are also here to take everyone to experience it for the first time.

In fact, the V3 Lingyue CVT is just a new model added to the entire car series. It is not a facelift or replacement, so naturally there will be no changes in appearance, including the same body size. The difference is that the rear of the car is increased. The “CVT” logo is also matched with new style wheels. Then if you want to know more details about V3 Lingyue, you can click the link below to enter the experience article, which has a very detailed introduction.

Before the V3 Lingyue manual transmission has launched a total of seven models, but this time only four models have launched the CVT version, including the luxury version, the flagship version, the flagship navigation version and the elegant version, and the price is basically lower than the corresponding manual transmission. The model is about 10,000 yuan higher.

Although the appearance of the V3 Lingyue CVT model has not been changed, there has been a little effort in the interior design and configuration. The most obvious is the design of the center control panel of the navigation version. The screen of the manual transmission model was at the bottom of the panel, and the CVT The model has moved the screen to the top of the air-conditioning control area, which is more convenient for the driver to view and operate, and the panel design has improved a lot compared with the past, and the sense of fashion is stronger.

Note: DVD, navigation system and reversing image are optional equipment for flagship and elegant models. Please refer to the following table for details:

Status and price of optional accessories for Southeast V3 Lingyue CVT models
Model Optional accessories Vehicle price after optional
Ultimate Edition DVD, navigation system 86,900 yuan
Skylight 85,900 yuan
DVD, navigation, sunroof 90,900 yuan
Elegant Edition DVD, navigation 90,900 yuan
DVD, navigation, without sunroof 86,900 yuan

In terms of configuration, the V3 Lingyue CVT version has also undergone a small upgrade. Except for the luxury version, the other three models are equipped with a cruise control system. This configuration generally only appears on models with a price of 150,000 or more. It is even rarer among independent brands. Now it not only liberates your left foot, but occasionally allows your right foot to rest for a while.

In addition, the navigation version of the model has also been changed. The small USB interface of the original manual transmission model has been upgraded to a standard USB interface, and an iPod dedicated interface has also been added, which is quite “advancing with the times”.

Although the V3 Lingyue CVT version has only made small changes in the interior and configuration, it is quite practical. This is very worthy of recognition, and it has also made a small increase in its price/performance ratio. Of course, our today’s The focus is still on the gearbox, let's take a look at how it feels during exercise.

Want to see more V3 Lingyue CVT version pictures can [click to enter]

Previously, the V3 Lingyue manual transmission model was equipped with Mitsubishi 4G15 engine, but since the appearance of the model, Mitsubishi's new 4A91 engine has been adopted. Now the CVT models are all equipped with this new engine.

The same 1.5 displacement, also with continuously variable valve timing technology, the 4A91 engine is different in that it uses an all-aluminum structure, which is lighter than the previous 4G15 aluminum cylinder head and iron cylinder block, and the power has also increased by 10 horsepower to 120 Horsepower and torque are also increased to 143N·m.

The focus of our discussion today is this gearbox, which comes from the VT2 CVT stepless gearbox produced by Punch, a subsidiary of ZF in Germany. It can simulate 6 gears with manual shift mode, sports mode and snow mode. . The reason why Southeast Auto chose the CVT gearbox is probably because it can bring better economy. After all, the V3 Lingyue is still a family car that pays attention to cost performance.

We all know that the biggest advantage of CVT gearboxes is that there is no gear ratio drop of general gearboxes. Infinitely variable shifting brings very good smoothness without any frustration. Of course, it is precisely the structure of the gearbox. It will make you feel that acceleration is a bit “flesh”, and the engine can't be used to its fullest. Of course, it is quite suitable for the characteristics of family cars.

The low-speed power output of the V3 Lingyue CVT is not direct enough, especially at the start, half of the throttle stroke can make the car move. On the one hand, the CVT gearbox itself moves slowly, and the other is that the throttle response is somewhat lagging. , Even in the sport mode, the throttle response will not change significantly. However, between 2000 and 3000 rpm is the most harmonious stage of the engine and gearbox. The power response is better than that at low speed, and the shift speed in manual mode is not too slow.

The V3 Lingyue CVT is not destined to be a very explosive sprinter. There is no obvious power point. The acceleration process is quite “stable”. So if you want to speed up and overtake, please step on the accelerator as much as you like. Of course, the sound of the engine at high speed can It's not very graceful.

The steering wheel of the V3 Lingyue CVT is a bit heavy. If it is a female driver, it may take more effort when turning around or parking. The good and excellent platform genes also continue to the V3 Lingyue CVT. The body stability is very good when driving at high speed. The multi-link structure rear suspension ensures comfort and control stability, but such a slow power output has been combined with the control and movement. Kind of words are irrelevant.

to sum up:

The test drive process this time is relatively short, but I have some insights about the V3 Lingyue CVT. It is a standard “chronic”, and it is more suitable for driving on the loop. If you like the feeling of shuttle in the traffic, or It is more appropriate to choose manual gear.

Of course, I cannot deny that the V3 Lingyue does have a very good price/performance ratio. Even today’s automatic top-mounted models are only priced in a little over 90,000 yuan, and you can have a navigation system, fixed-speed cruise, reversing images, and you can watch DVDs and listen to them. The iPod and CVT also save you a lot of gas bills. There are really not many that can do this at this price. If you have a limited budget and want to buy more configurations, and you are not impatient, then the V3 Lingyue CVT can definitely meet your needs.

Southeast V3 Lingyue CVT model parameter configuration table