[YesAuto Power Modification] Folien Experte, a local modification factory in Germany, recently launched a modification case for the A 45 AMG. The sassy candy infrared watch also has an aggressive 435 horsepower for use.

Beautiful appearance and color changes are Folien's consistent expertise, and this set of power kits is a product developed specifically for A 45 AMG, through a specially designed sports exhaust, high-flow air filter and special computer program brushing, they are here Taiwan has squeezed out 75 horsepower to 435 horsepower on the basis of 360 horsepower, which is known as “the industry's strongest 2.0T engine”.

To match the enhanced power, the manufacturer also matched the A 45 AMG with KW's V3 series twisted tooth damper and BRABUS's own 19-inch monolithic forged wheels. The tires were upgraded to the Pirelli P with the same width of 235mm. ZERO is even better for the execution of the driver's control intention. The price of the whole kit is about 134,000 yuan, plus about 3,500 yuan and you can enjoy the 12-month warranty of the power kit. Players of the A 45 AMG near Europe can study it. For domestic friends, let’s take a look first.