[YesAuto electric car modification] Recently, VENTURI Motorsport, which owns an electric formula racing team, has set a new electric car speed record. Their all-electric car codenamed VBB-3 was set on August 21 in the Salt Flats of Utah, USA A record of 1 mile (1.609 kilometers) average speed of 386.757km/h.

This remarkable achievement originated from a plan launched by the VENTURI team in 2009 and received gratifying results in 2010: the electric vehicle code-named VBB-2.5 used 800 horsepower to create an electric vehicle speed record of 495km/h at that time. This year they designed a new generation of VBB-3 electric vehicles with a maximum power of 3000 horsepower. Four-wheel drive replaced the previous front-wheel drive. The goal was to break the previous speed record and plan to hit a maximum speed of 600km/h, but because Weather problems and poor road conditions failed to do so. As a consolation prize, the car reached an average speed record of 386.757km/h over a distance of 1 mile (1.609 km).

The driver Roger Schroer who participated in the test said afterwards that this was the worst road condition in his salt flat test history in the past 11 years. The car was constantly sliding at high speed in small bumps. On August 7th, a storm severely damaged the road. When the team arrived at the salt flat on August 14th, due to wind and rain, they could not even successfully camp. Then on August 19, the weather finally allowed the vehicle to barely undergo a test, and the above speed record was reached on August 21. When the team was about to hit a higher score, the accidental piercing of the front cooling tank stopped the process.

VENTURI VBB-3 has a total length of about 11,300mm and is made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy composite materials. The outer shell is made of carbon fiber. The team said that if the weather permits, it will consider entering the salt flats again this year to try the unfinished mission.