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[YesAuto Connected Travel] The planet closest to the sun, except Mercury, is Venus. Borrowing the name of the god of love and beauty in ancient Roman mythology, it is called Venus. The ancients of China started observing Venus very early, calling it “Taibai” or “Venus”. In 2020, Zebra Network has gone through its fifth year. It started with Roewe RX5, and named the 2020 RX5 PLUS intelligent vehicle linkage system as “Venus”. In my opinion, in “Ambush on Ten Sides”, it means A new reincarnation and beginning.

New interaction in the A/B world

Venus can be regarded as the next major update of the Zebra Zhixing MARS 3.0 version. Due to the wide range of functions, we will not repeat the characteristics of the previous Zebra Zhixing on-board system. In this article, we will only talk about the characteristics of the Roewe RX5 PLUS and the major features in the new version of the system. The innovative part.

At the end of the “wild era” of the intelligent vehicle system, various companies began to imitate the “map as the home page” design. To this day, among the models that advertise intelligence, you will find that this has become a trend.

The two desktops A/B split the car environment into two basic forms-“Driving” and “Parking”. With one-key switching, even if you don't reach it through voice control, car owners can quickly find what they want. Features. The A/B desktop logic is reasonable and in line with common sense. With a little adaptation, you can develop a habit of using it. I think it is an important innovation on the Roewe RX5 PLUS.

Alipay applet

And so on, service providers can customize and develop small programs for the Venus system, implement voice control small programs, or call each other with the system's built-in navigation, music and other functions, and so on.

The current number of mini-program applications is less than two pages. According to reports, by the end of this year, Zebra plans to introduce hundreds of mini-programs, and some of the existing functions in the car and machine may also be converted into mini-programs to achieve the effect of simplifying the system-level logic.

More natural voice interaction

On Roewe RX5 PLUS, voice control has made important innovations, which are mainly reflected in several points: full-duplex, full-scene and sound cloning. Let's come together.

The so-called “full-duplex” means that you only need to say the wake-up word “hello, zebra” once, and in the following 30 seconds (default), you do not need to re-awaken the voice control after any command is issued.

Using Dharma Academy's noise cancellation technology (similar to active noise reduction), the system can “shield” irrelevant noises such as music played by the speaker, and focus on receiving instructions.

If frequent false triggers, the car owner will not hesitate to turn off this function, and even have resistance to the use of voice control. In our high-frequency experience of the day, there was only one false trigger, which is relatively controllable overall.

The difference from the “full duplex” of HKUST iFlytek that we have previously reported is that if you have given instructions during the continuous radio reception period, the timing will be reset. That is to say: as long as you have been given instructions, In theory, you only need to say the wake-up word once after getting in the car.

Similarly, this logic also applies to music functions. We can directly say “change to Eason Chan's sung” or “change to the live version” and so on, and the system can also understand the instructions.

In conventional voice operations, we must wake up first, and then give instructions with a relatively standard language technique, which is polite, but inefficient; while on Venus, we quickly adapt to this mode of communication that is closer to people, as if It is natural to say “Hey, get me a courier”. This should be the development direction of voice control, and it is also a point that I think Venus has on Roewe RX5 PLUS is very meaningful.

At the same time, voice control is also embedded in the applet. Not only can the applet be opened by voice control, but some of its functions can also be controlled by voice.

The process of recording “voice clone” takes about 10 minutes. It will take about 2 hours to train before it can finally be synchronized to the car-machine system.

to sum up

If 2016 is regarded as the “first year” of Internet cars, the four years of almost “barbaric growth” will allow the Internet of Vehicles to flourish. Zebra Zhixing, which has undoubtedly led the times, has gone through turbulence and brought a brand new product to us. From the experience point of view, Venus is more sincere than any previous major version update, bringing more innovations, and it is worthy of the name of “Venus”. And back to the model itself, from Roewe RX5 to RX5 PLUS, four years later, we see a brand new page and a brand new interaction. As the first “Internet car”, 2020 is also a brand new start. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)