[YesAuto Technology] At this year's Detroit Auto Show, GM's booth displayed a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine. We are no strangers to this engine, because you have already started it in the article in January 2014. I have a preliminary understanding of GM’s new V6T engine platform. A few months ago, with the release of the Cadillac CT6, the smaller displacement V6T engine immediately surfaced, and what you see now is the normal version of Cadillac. The highest level of power used by CT6 models.

The Cadillac CT6 model will be put into production at the Shanghai Jinqiao plant. The domestic version of the model will be equipped with two differently tuned power configurations based on the 2.0T engine and the 3.0T engine you see now. This engine is powered by the same The 3.6T engine of the platform comes from a reduced cylinder diameter. It is worth mentioning that the top power will also provide a four-wheel drive configuration.

According to existing data, the 3.0T engine of the LGW model has a maximum output of 405 horsepower and a maximum torque of 543 Nm.

The intercooler adopts a water-cooled form, which is also the main design direction for improving thermal efficiency in the future. In addition to the optimization of thermal efficiency, the design of the intake pipe is also simplified. The shortened intake path helps to improve the intake efficiency.

Combined with the variable timing technology on both sides of the intake and exhaust, the problem of insufficient linearity of power output caused by turbo lag is optimized. Under normal circumstances, the variable timing systems used in American models are all from BorgWarner. As a domestic supplier in the United States, BorgWarner maintains close cooperation with American automakers in the supply of VVT and turbines.

The turbine is placed on the outside of the cylinder, but it does not take up a lot of space as imagined. On the one hand, the lateral space is minimized by controlling the angle of the V-shaped cylinder. On the other hand, the exhaust manifold integrated in the cylinder head also greatly Save the space of the external manifold, at the same time, this is also a way to improve thermal efficiency.

Because the oil participates in the lubrication and cooling of the turbine blade bearings, the heat generation of the turbine engine is higher than that of the naturally aspirated engine to a certain extent. Therefore, the control of the oil temperature becomes a big problem. Under normal circumstances, engineers will Design a cold heat exchanger to allow the coolant to limit the temperature of the oil. (Compilation/Car House Li Boxu)