[YesAuto Race] The 2012 Dakar race officially came to an end. In this race, the Chinese Army performed outstandingly and created several historical best results-the best record of the Chinese team, the best combination of Chinese driver/pilot The ranking and the outstanding performance of the Chinese Army 100% finish. Now, let us reminisce about the outstanding performance of the Chinese drivers in this Dakar race.

The Great Wall Haval Dakar Motorcade's foreign aid Sousa ranked seventh

In this year's Dakar race, the Great Wall Haval Dakar team, in order to strive for good results, played a double-insurance lineup-in addition to continuing to cooperate with Zhou Yong, this time also sent a Portuguese foreign aid driver Sousa to participate. And this “foreign monk” really “can read the scriptures”, with his impressive performance in the audience, he won the 7th place in Dakar for the best record in history for the Chinese team.

Carlos Sosa started in Dakar in 1996. Before 2012, he had participated 12 times, finished 11 times, and entered the top ten ranks of the total score 8 times. The best result was fourth in 2003. At the 2012 Dakar stadium, Sosa’s task was to drive the Great Wall Haval Dakar to win the top ten.

At the beginning of the race, Souza did not disappoint. On the first day, he finished in sixth place, creating the best result of the Chinese team in Dakar, and he was worthy of his identity as the No. 307 seeded player. The use of the Portuguese foreign aid by the Great Wall has achieved immediate results.

On the second day, Sosa continued his steady performance, finishing in 11th place and once again leading the Chinese Army. In the subsequent races, Sosa’s steady performance was reassuring. In 11th, 6th, 7th, and 9th places, the Portuguese helped Great Wall Haval Dakar team create a Chinese team in Dakar every day. His best result, and his total score ranking during the half-day of the game also reached 8th, firmly in the top 10.

In the second half of the 2012 Dakar race, Sosa’s performance was still very stable and excellent from the results, but the experienced veteran also encountered a problem on the track-he could not completely escape Chile's softness. The ruthless swallowing of the desert. Relying on the help of teammate Zhou Yong, the foreign aid finished the game in 22nd place and continued to maintain his lead in overall results.

Dakar's experienced Sosa showed a very good adaptation in the last new stage in Peru. In the last few stages, he repeatedly achieved good results, and even ran out of the car group of the day in the penultimate stage. 4 good results. In the end, the foreign aid won the 7th place in the 2012 Dakar competition, helping the Chinese Army complete the breakthrough of Dakar's best results.

Yunnan Dongfang Racing Team Zhou Jihong/Liao Min 19th

In this Dakar race, the biggest dark horse is the combination of Zhou Jihong and Liao Min of the Dongfang Racing Team. They participated in the Dakar race for the first time and achieved a proud result-19th in the automobile category. —— Created the best ranking of Chinese drivers in this competition, tied the best record of Chinese drivers in Dakar, and created the best record of Chinese driver/pilot combination in Dakar! So what are they “sacred”?

Perhaps for most people, Zhou Jihong and Liao Min’s names are still so unfamiliar, but in the Chinese off-road rally circle, they are both well-known figures: Zhou Jihong is the owner of the Yunnan Oriental Racing Team. Since the establishment of the team in 2005, He and his team's drivers have achieved excellent results in a number of domestic and international competitions, and he personally took part in the Dakar this year.

And Liao Min has the title of “China's No. 1 Pilot”. Facing the situation where there is no shortage of outstanding drivers in China, but lacking of his own outstanding pilot, Liao Min turned to the goal after participating in several cross-country races. Enter the best domestic pilot. In the past few years as the pilot, he has helped several drivers to achieve championships, including Zhou Jihong's famous driver Ma Miao in the Dongfang team.

It is worth mentioning that the combination of Zhou Jihong and Liao Min are non-professional racers, both are entrepreneurs, and playing off-road racing is their hobby. In order to get excellent results in the Dakar competition for the first time, the two who came to participate this time made a temporary “hands-off shopkeeper”, but the final results of the competition were quite satisfactory.

Before this Dakar race, Liao Min did not have much direct pilot cooperation with the team’s boss and driver Zhou Jihong, and the two did not have enough experience in the Dakar race. This can be done from the beginning of the race. It can be seen that the two finished only 68th on the first day, and only 43, 39 and 35 on the second day to the fourth day. There is still not much dazzling performance and momentum.

However, in the subsequent competitions, the two people's cooperation became more and more tacit, and their adaptability to the Dakar competition became higher and higher, and their self-confidence was significantly stronger. In the subsequent competitions, their performance continued to improve steadily-32 , 27, Zhou Jihong and Liao Min, whose results have been improving every day since the start of the competition, received attention.

In the subsequent competitions, the two did not disappoint everyone's expectations. They ran 28, 21 and 19 excellent results one after another. Their stable performance and performance also made their total score ranking all the way to increase, and finally won The outstanding performance of the 19th place is impressive. On the open platform of Dakar, Zhou Jihong and Liao Min relied on their love and devotion to rallying, and they finally got an excellent performance that surpassed many professional players.

Great Wall Haval Dakar Racing Team Zhou Yong ranked 20th

The 2012 Dakar was not the pinnacle of Zhou Yong, but his ability to continuously create the best stage results of Chinese drivers in the race is obvious to all. Despite his bad luck and repeated failures, Zhou Yong still finished 20th. The race, and his peak ranking-the 19th best result of the Chinese driver is only one difference.

In this year's Dakar race, the Great Wall Haval Dakar team used the new pilot Maimeng for Zhou Yong, and Zhou Yong also expressed his satisfaction with the new pilot and the third-generation Havronteng chariot. But at the beginning of this year's Dakar game, Zhou Yong really made everyone anxious.

Although the total mileage of the first stage is 800 kilometers, the timed special stage is only 57 kilometers. In the first stage originally set up for the warm-up of the drivers, Zhou Yong’s No. 345 car encountered two big sand mountains. When the water temperature was too high, it took 2 hours and 37 minutes to complete the game, which was ranked 149th on the day.

In the subsequent game, Zhou Yong began a big counterattack. After rushing to repair the car all night, in the second stage, he drove the repaired car and won the 31st place, which was a significant improvement from the first day.

In the third stage, Zhou Yong scored 25th. Then, in the fourth and fifth stages, Zhou Yong finished 21st and 19th. The seventh and eighth stages (the sixth stage was due to (Cancelled due to weather) Another 18 Chinese drivers have the best results. He fulfilled his vow of “improving a little bit every day” at the beginning of the race, and his overall ranking has risen to 28th. It can be seen that Zhou Yong, who appears to be slow, is gradually recovering his state.

However, the Dakar race will not be smooth. In the ninth stage, Zhou Yong encountered mechanical failure again: without violent driving, Zhou Yong's car suffered a sudden half-shaft break, and the car was lost. After the driving force. After trying to move the car and replace the axle shafts with spare parts on the car, Zhou Yong lost as much as 75 minutes. Later, Cheng Zhouyong went all out to recover for nearly half an hour and finished the race in 37th place. At that time, his overall ranking was still 27th, which was a breathtaking test.

In the 10th stage, Zhou Yong played steadily and finished 22nd, but in the 11th stage, the 478-kilometer special stage brought a great test to the drivers. In this stage, Zhou Yong helped teammate Sousa to drag out the car that was stuck in the bunker twice, wasting about 45 minutes, and the rhythm was disrupted, and he himself suffered sand traps and battery loss. In the end, ” He returned to the camp in 35th place after finishing the “Miracle”.

In the next few stages at the end of the Peru game, Zhou Yong played well: 23rd, 19th, 27th, Zhou Yong played steadily, and finally won the 20th place in the total score, the same as his personal-also The 19th place with the best result of the Chinese driver in the Dakar is unfortunately only one place behind. Although not able to achieve a breakthrough, Zhou Yong extended a helping hand to his teammate Sousa many times in this year's game and helped the foreign aid get the best result of the Chinese team in Dakar. So in general, Zhou Yong still helped Great Wall Haval Dakar team achieve its goals.

Nine Chinese drivers achieve 100% finish

In this Dakar race, in addition to the Chinese drivers introduced above, there are also two groups of Chinese drivers Zhou Yuande/Pan Hongyu, Liang Xi/Huang Fengge from Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank, and Guo Hongzhi of Wolf Totem Racing Club. In the motorcycle group, the Jincheng motorcycle team sent a combination of Wei Guanghui and foreign aid Pascal. With the completion rate of this year's Dakar just over 50%, the drivers of the Chinese team have all completed the full course of the 2012 Dakar!

Although the performance is not as eye-catching as Zhou Yong and Sosa of the Great Wall Haval Dakar team, and the performance is not as outstanding as Zhou Jihong/Liao Min of the Oriental Racing Team, but several other Chinese team drivers also completed their own Dakar. Breakthrough: The Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team Zhou Yuande/Pan Hongyu partnered for the first time in Dakar. Although the final result was one place behind Zhou Yuande’s 31st place last year, and finally finished in 32nd place, the owner’s Dakar experience also Get rich again and look forward to his next outstanding performance.

Liang Xi/Huang Fengge, another combination of the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team. The driver Liang Xi is a post-80s driver. He did not have enough cross-country experience and he successfully finished the race at the high starting point in Dakar and won 54 After retiring last year, Guo Hongzhi, who participated in Dakar for the second time, also fulfilled his dream of finishing in Dakar for the first time and finished 54th.

to sum up:

In this Dakar competition, although the Chinese team’s lineup is not huge, the results achieved are record-breaking: the best Chinese team, the best combination of China, 100% completion rate and so on. The performance proves that the Chinese players participating in this competition are all elites. The 2012 Dakar Rally is definitely a competition worthy of our deep memory in China. Let us look forward to the future Dakar games, the Chinese team can become more and more powerful.