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[YesAuto lighting test] Changan UNI-T, this maverick, born in a new generation of alternatives, has gained a high popularity since its release. Its unique design and sci-fi styling have not only subverted the tune of the previous Changan brand in one fell swoop. Sex has also brought the future trend of Changan Automobile and a new definition of youthfulness. It has to be said that this “bad boy” is destined to be a star when he is born, and the No. 1 compact SUV attention of Autohome is the best. Realistic.

In this headlight test, we brought you the results of Changan UNI-T. Can its lighting performance match its detached appearance? Let's wait and see.

Changan UNI-T 2020 1.5T flagship model

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Manufacturer's guide price

13.39 million

The low beam performance is in line with expectations. Subjectively, the firing range on both sides is relatively even, while the center is relatively short. From the modeling point of view, it belongs to a concave-shaped paving area. You can also find this feature in the 30-meter straight line illumination intensity. The illumination intensity on both sides of it is relatively stable, but the center is shorter, so that there is a lower reading.

Only the top of Changan UNI-T models have the adaptive high beam function. The addition of adaptive high beam can bring positive help to driving at night, especially in the dark national road environment, the adaptive high beam can find the right beam in time. It has always been possible to switch between far and near lights for incoming cars, which is not only convenient for running at night, but also does not affect the incoming cars. It would be great if this function can be equipped as standard.

The high beam performance of Changan UNI-T is also in line with expectations. It is in the mid-range performance of the same class. Its high beam irradiation range also just compensates for the short range of the low beam central part, making the entire paved area more uniform and The rules greatly enhance the safety of driving at night.

Edit summary: in line with expectations

Overall, the performance of Changan UNI-T's headlights is still in line with expectations. Considering its price and positioning, combined with its relatively simple headlight structure, from the actual paving and exposure performance, it is completely OK and nonexistent. Use the short board. And it is also equipped with an adaptive high beam function, although it is only available on the top, but it still makes its overall performance reach the average level of the same level. If the ADB lamp group can be added in the later change or upgrade, I believe it will have better performance and further enhance its competitiveness.