[YesAuto Test Drive] The Great Wall Motor in my impression is one step at a time. It likes to build cars in a down-to-earth manner and advocates its own brand. From the earliest pickups and SUVs to all kinds of small cars, Great Wall does not have everything Plant their own seeds in the field. After Dazzling, Cool Bear, Ling Ao and Haval M2 dominate the field of small cars, Great Wall finally decided to take a new step! Enter the compact class, namely launch the Tengyi C30!

In fact, at the Beijing Auto Show, I noticed this new product, but its brilliance seemed to be suppressed a lot due to the crowds of stars at the time. This time we met with it alone. After the experience and test drive, I have seen it and want to tell everyone that the Great Wall has made a small improvement again.

Entering the compact market is not a fun thing. There is a big gap in the grade and price of this level. There are models that can cope with from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The Great Wall is definitely not confused, so Tengyi C30 is aimed at as soon as it comes up. Entry level, the price is 60,000-70,000 yuan, right to test the water!

The size of the Tengyi C30 is small, with a length, width and height of only 4452mm×1705mm×1480mm. It is a compact and small model in terms of external data, but one thing is very valuable-the wheelbase is not short! Reached 2610mm, which is bigger than the Sagitar of the same level!

The appearance design is somewhat conservative, this is my personal evaluation, and I believe it is also the purpose of the manufacturer. Think about it, Tengyi C30 enters a new field for the first time. If you want to stand firm, it is the shortest way to be welcomed by the public. No personality, no exaggeration! I think it's very good to finalize the appearance! There is a little Japanese style, concise and beautiful, and a few hard lines on the body make the muscles clear, isn't it great?

From the front face to the tail, there is more of a kind of affinity and harmony. You don't have to worry about which elements of it are deliberately imitated. Except for the regret of a little sheet metal craftsmanship on the front face, other parts can score high! Since the 1.5MT (comfort) model tested this time is not a high-end model, the external configuration is relatively simple, without aluminum alloy wheels and no front fog lights.

There are innovations and continuations in the interior. First of all, innovation. Different from the previous small cars, the Tengyi C30 has begun to use hard lines and metal effects this time, such as the audio area, air conditioning outlets and instrument panels. If you observe carefully, you will also find that although the materials used are somewhat single, the manufacturing and assembly processes still maintain the highest standards of the Great Wall.

The overall sense of the center console is very strong, the functional areas are arranged compactly, and the design of the large buttons is the trick! 1.5 The configuration of the manual comfort model is relatively simple. The single-disc CD audio + AUX audio interface can meet the daily needs of users; manual air conditioning is also reasonable for a 60,000 yuan car. If you are willing to spend 70,000 yuan to buy the C30 Elite If the model is used, you can also enjoy the automatic air-conditioning configuration.

The design of the air conditioner button is quite interesting. It looks like just two circles. In fact, it combines two sets of functions into one adjustment zone. It is a superimposed design; it looks simple and convenient to use, but the damping is not as dazzling as before. Ling Ao is good, feeling a bit jerky.

The style of the steering wheel has not changed. It is exactly the same as the previous small cars. Although it is not ugly, I think the Great Wall should really do something new. There is no multi-function button on the steering wheel of the 1.5 comfort version, and the higher-end luxury and elite models will be equipped with audio adjustment buttons.

There will definitely be conventional storage designs, and there are many more; some storage locations can be found in the front/rear doors, in the rear center armrest, and on the center console. There are very user-friendly designs, such as the storage slots on the left and bottom of the steering wheel, and the square box on the top of the center console is a good place to put bills, mobile phones, and wallets. It's very easy to take! But one regret is that there is no cup holder or other design in the middle of the front seats, so the storage capacity is zero…

Although the body size of Tengyi C30 is not large, the internal space is much better than expected! Don’t forget that it also has a wheelbase of 2610mm. The front row space can have a punch margin without seat height adjustment. The experiencer is 1.78 meters tall; when he switches to the back row, he also has more than a punch in his leg. The space is considered standard in the compact level.

One thing is very very good! The rear floor of the Tengyi C30 is all flat! This means that it is not a problem to take three passengers, especially the middle one, even if it is a long ride, it will be more comfortable than those with “big drum kits”!

In fact, in many parts, Tengyi C30 has followed the mature technology or design of Great Wall, such as the steering wheel just mentioned and the engine that I will talk about now! I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the GW4G15 model, the maximum power is 77kW/6000rpm (105 horsepower); the maximum torque is 138N·m, yes! It is used in Dazzling, Cool Bear and Ling Ao! The use of this time again fully shows that Great Wall has a soft spot for it and its great trust!

Previously, this engine was used in many small cars. Through testing, we have clearly understood its various capabilities, both in terms of performance and economy. It is now equipped with a higher-level compact model. Car-Will Tengyi C30 become weak and boring? The answer is of course no. You must know that the weight of the Tengyi C30 is not high, and it is only 5kg (1125kg) more than the dazzling 1.5MT! Almost negligible.

Therefore, in theory, there is no problem with the 1.5L engine driving the Tengyi C30. In daily driving, the power it provides is not very light type. The output of the engine is very gentle at 2000rpm, even if you make a deep Throttle action has no effect on it. Unless you wait for the speed to exceed 3000rpm or higher, the power will have the will to express, and the throttle response will also increase.

Just like the evaluation of the dazzling 1.5MT model, at low speeds, although the engine remains a bit tepid, but it is still satisfied with the power, at least at the cruising speed, the accelerator does not need to be stepped too much, which means the performance of fuel consumption Can be more confident.

The manual gearbox of the Tengyi C30 has a moderate range of gears. Because it is a new car that has not been out of the running-in period, there is still a sense of jerky between the gears, but I believe that after a period of driving, this feeling will fade to a certain extent. This is the running-in rule of many manual transmission models (especially independent products); besides, there is still a little sense of inhalation between the gears, so even in the state of a new car, the clarity of the gears is good.

In fact, the driving performance of the Tengyi C30 is very similar to that of Dazzling. The same power system, the same steering wheel and similar pedal settings. As a driver, I feel that the biggest difference lies in the interior atmosphere and sitting posture. Of course, some of the descriptions are relative, and the differences are not limited to these. There is also a bit of aftertaste. The suspension of the Tengyi C30 feels softer than the small cars of the same family, and is relatively more comfortable, at least from the first At the time of contact, I had a clear favorable impression of this impression.

For this contact, it is obviously more thorough than at the Beijing Auto Show! A mediocre appearance but a “solid eye”, Great Wall Tengyi C30 gives me such an impression, a very real definition. There are very few compact cars that can be bought for 60,000 yuan. The BYD F3 was a great guy before. Now, we have one more choice, and the quality is not bad.

For this “test of the water”, Tengyi C30 should have good results, at least now I have begun to build confidence in it. There are no obvious traces of imitation, no deliberate pursuit of high-end illusions, only simplicity, affinity and cost-effectiveness, as well as the solid spirit of Great Wall and a small improvement. There is no doubt that the “new life” in front of us is promising.