[YesAuto New Product Experience] On June 15, 2011, Michelin’s ENERGY series Michelin ENERGY XM2 Ren Yue tire officially landed in China. Michelin Renyue tires are specially designed according to the road conditions in China, using a number of Michelin innovative technologies, and outstanding in terms of safety and toughness. It is understood that the launch of Michelin ENERGY XM2 will gradually replace Michelin ENERGY XM1+, but both will still appear in the market at the same time.

Mr. Xia Yifu, President of Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. said: “The listing of Michelin Renyue tires once again confirms Michelin's firm commitment to the Chinese market, and also reflects Michelin's continuous technological innovation to satisfy consumers' pursuit of tire performance improvement. Michelin Renyue Tire is completely based on the actual needs of consumers and fully considers Chinese road conditions in the development process. It is a tougher and safer tire product brought to Chinese consumers by Michelin, which fully reflects the performance of Michelin tires. Excellent and balanced product concept.”

The survey shows that 80% of Chinese users rank safety as their primary consideration when using tires. Among them, about 60% of users believe that toughness is the most important tire characteristic related to safety. The Michelin Renyue tires are designed for car owners who pay attention to driving safety, taking full account of factors such as China's road and climate conditions, vehicle equipment, and car owners' driving habits to provide car owners with comprehensive safety guarantees.

Its excellent toughness can ensure the maximum safety of the vehicle, not only effectively reducing the risk of losing control of the vehicle due to tire damage, but also improving tire grip and shortening the braking distance. At the same time, the mileage of Michelin Renyue tires has also been further improved, compared with other similar tires, its mileage is higher by 20%1. This excellent balance of product performance reflects Michelin's consistent product development strategy, and is also a product of the perfect combination of advanced technology and consumer needs.

The outstanding performance of Michelin Tenac tires in terms of safety and toughness benefits from the innovative IRONFlex technology and highly elastic tread rubber. The tire frame with IRONFlex technology uses high-strength cords to increase the strength; the tire structure design optimizes the pressure distribution, which can quickly disperse the strong pressure caused by poor roads. The advantage of this technology is that the firmness and deformation of the tire sidewall are enhanced to achieve a perfect unity of strength and toughness, which can excellently cope with various rough and potholes.

The “high elastic tread rubber” further enhances the deformability of the tire. The composite material used in this rubber can fit the smallest irregular road surface, thus providing a good grip. According to third-party test results: Compared with other similar tires, the braking distance of vehicles equipped with Michelin Ren Yue tires is shortened by 4% (that is, 1.7 meters)2. The use of these two core technologies has effectively improved driving control and safety.

As the latest product of the ENERGY series, Michelin Ren Yue tires will gradually replace Michelin ENERGY XM1+ tires. The ENERGY XM1+ tire launched by Michelin in 2007 has gained a good reputation in the market for its excellent fuel-saving performance and long mileage. Michelin Ren Yue tires continue the excellent performance characteristics of the previous generation, and at the same time improve the overall performance in dry and wet braking.

The size of Michelin Renyue tires ranges from 13 inches to 16 inches. The first batch of 26 specifications on the market is widely used in various medium and small vehicles, such as Volkswagen Passat, Touran, Lavida, Honda Accord, Civic, Ford Mondeo, Focus, Chevrolet Cruze, Jingcheng, etc.

Michelin ENERGY XM2 debut model
Wheel diameter Tire size
13 inches 165 70 R 13 79 T
175 70 R 13 82 T
185 70 R 13 86 T
14 inches 175 65 R 14 82 H
185 60 R 14 82 H
185 65 R 14 86 H
185 70 R 14 88 H
195 60 R 14 86 H
195 70 R 14 91 H
15 inches 185 55 R 15 86 H
185 65 R 15 88 H
195 55 R 15 85 V
195 60 R 15 88 V
195 65 R 15 91 V
205 60 R 15 91 V
205 65 R 15 94 V
215 70 R 15 98 H
16 inches 195 60 R 16 89 H
205 55 R 16 91 V
205 65 R 16 95 H
215 55 R 16 93 V
215 60 R 16 95 H
215 65 R 16 98 H
225 55 R 16 95 V
225 60 R 16 98 V
235 60 R 16 100 V

Explanation and introduction of ENERGY XM2's new technology

Performance highlight 1: Excellent toughness

Friends who often drive will definitely encounter the experience of hiding from manhole covers and rotten roads. These can cause serious damage to tires. In the current road conditions in China, the roads in many large and medium cities are not very ideal. ENERGY XM2 ENERGY XM2 has developed the IRONfrex technology in response to the characteristics of Chinese roads. The tire frame adopts high-strength cords to increase the strength; the tire structure design optimizes the pressure distribution, which can quickly disperse the strong pressure caused by poor roads. .

IRONfrex technology draws on the structural principle of bamboo to design the tire frame more compactly, making it have very good toughness. When encountering an impact, the impact force will be dispersed to other parts of the tire, thereby reducing local damage. Coupled with highly elastic rubber, this can greatly reduce the impact and damage to the tire, increase the service life of the tire and indirectly reduce the cost of use.

Performance highlight two: shorter braking distance

Friends who are familiar with Michelin know that no matter what kind of tire is designed, Michelin has an important concept that will not be discarded, so it is to try to shorten the braking distance. ENERGY XM2 is no exception. It adopts a new high-elastic rubber formula. The contact area of the tire is increased to a micro level, which means that it fits more closely to the ground, so that it can have more friction and achieve the effect of reducing the braking distance.

In order to verify that the ENERGY XM2 Renyue tires can really shorten the braking distance, the National Motor Vehicle Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) conducted a survey on seven products of five brands including Michelin’s ENERGY XM2 Renyue tires in November 2010. In the dry braking comparison experiment, the final braking distance of the vehicle with the ENERGY XM2 tire sample was 39.64 meters, while the average braking distance of the vehicle with the other brand tire samples was 41.32 meters. (The test vehicles are all Focus 1.8L models, the product size is 195/65R15, and the starting speed of braking is 100-0 km/h).

Performance highlight three: mileage can be increased

Excellent tires can not only provide a comfortable ride and good handling, but may also increase the mileage, which is mainly determined by the tire tread pattern and rubber composition. The newly designed tread pattern and high elastic rubber material of ENERGY XM2 tires are finally formed after millions of kilometers of actual measurement.

During September-November 2010, the National Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center tested seven products of five brands including Michelin’s ENERGY XM2 tires. Yue Tire’s vehicles travel 20% more mileage than other brand products. Calculated by driving 100 kilometers, ENERGY XM2 Renyue tires can travel 20 kilometers more. (The test vehicles are all Focus 1.8L models, the product size is 195/65R15, and the starting speed of braking is 100-0 km/h)

Simply experience ENERGY XM2 tough tires

On the day of the event, Michelin also specially arranged a simple experience event for the media, mainly to show the performance of ENERGY XM2 Renyue tires in terms of braking and handling. The activity is divided into two parts. One is the display of the handling performance of ENERGY XM2 Toughness tires, the project is a 13-meter-spacing snake-shaped pile; the second is the brake performance display on wet and slippery roads, the project designed a performance of about 200 On a straight track of about meters, the vehicle accelerates to about 70 kilometers and then performs emergency braking to calculate the final braking distance.

Friends who are familiar with Michelin tires may know that, as the world’s most well-known tire manufacturer, Michelin tires have always been known for their quietness, comfort, and energy saving. Michelin tires have also performed well in many top competitions, but most of Michelin tires It is still for high-end users, and the ENERGY XM2 Ren Yue tire launched this time is developed for the Chinese market, mainly for the mid-range group.

13-meter-spacing snake-shaped piles-good handling performance and excellent grip

In this project, the main purpose of this project is to reflect the handling and grip performance of Michelin ENERGY XM2 tires. Although it faces the mid-range market, it does not mean that the level of the product has declined. On the contrary, it is compared with rivals of the same level. Product, Michelin ENERGY XM2 Ren Yue tire has brand-new technology and technology. It mainly adopts the newly designed high elastic tread rubber, which can have good deformation ability on the micro level, which means that it can fit the ground more, so that every tiny adhesion on the ground can be ENERGY XM2 tough. Caught by the tires.

In the test drive experience, you can feel that the ENERGY XM2 tough tires have excellent handling performance, which is mainly reflected in the fact that when you turn the steering wheel during the course of the pile, the vehicle will respond very quickly, which is what we often say. The performance is very strong. We also experienced the performance of another tire of this level. When turning the steering wheel, the car will not react immediately, and when turning, we can't clearly feel the condition of the tire. On the contrary, the ENERGY XM2 tough tires can feel the tires more clearly, indicating that the road feel and handling performance of the ENERGY XM2 tough tires are still doing quite well.

The speed we experience is 35 km/h, which is a relatively safe speed. As for the mid-range ENERGY XM2 tires, the performance of the tires is not put in the first place, but the pursuit of safety and handling performance. At this speed, you can pass through the pile bucket with confidence, and even a novice driver can make steering movements more calmly. This cannot but admit that the ENERGY XM2 Renyue tires are very good.

Brake on wet and slippery roads-it can really shorten the braking distance

I have always heard that Michelin can shorten the braking distance. Recalling that lovely Michelin advertisement, “Vehicles often encounter unexpected situations when driving in the jungle. The use of Michelin tires can greatly shorten the braking distance.” I asked the Michelin engineer specifically , How did you shorten the braking distance? I don’t know if it’s confidential or modest. Their engineer replied, “Shortening the braking distance is really a very complicated matter. It’s not just the material and design of the tire. Too much to say too clearly”.

But today I have the opportunity to experience the new ENERGY XM2 tire brake test, and it is not an ordinary test, it is an emergency braking on wet and slippery roads. Compared with dry braking, the difficulty of wet and slippery roads is well known to everyone. This is a test of the grip and drainage of tires. The vehicle accelerates from a standstill to about 70 kilometers, then performs emergency braking on wet and slippery roads, and records the results with professional instruments.

In order to let everyone know more clearly about the characteristics of ENERGY XM2 tires in terms of braking, Michelin found another brand of the same level of products, using the same vehicles and test equipment, and finally came to the conclusion that surprised me. Because they are both in the same test environment, I drive the two vehicles. The difference is that the two brands of tires are used. The final result ENERGY XM2 Renyue tires is about 1 meter less than other brand competitors. distance. This is really very important for the safety of the vehicle, because in an emergency, this 1 meter may be fatal.


Not long ago, Michelin released the PSS series of high-performance tires, mainly for the high-end market. The ENERGY XM2 Ren Yue tire released this time is aimed at the mid-end market and is specially developed for the situation in China. At the same time, Michelin is cooperating with many domestic cars. Manufacturers negotiate and cooperate, hoping to make ENERGY XM2 ENERGY XM2 tires as matching tires. If this is the case, I think the biggest beneficiaries are consumers. Whether it is wear resistance or handling for daily use, ENERGY XM2 ENERGY XM2 tires They are the best in this class and are very trustworthy.