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[YesAuto Design Decoding] When it comes to Roewe’s design in recent years, I believe many people will think it is successful. Indeed, from the perspective of my personal evaluation, Roewe’s design in recent years can be summarized into three key words: atmosphere, Steady and durable. For Roewe, just doing the above three points does not seem to be able to fully cover all consumers. This time they are targeting the young you who are struggling. What can a young sports Roewe do? Let me take you to feel it.

○ Rhythm design, this time the movement is greater than the law

This is not the first time I have talked about the design of the Roewe brand. Since Shao Jingfeng walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, I have felt Roewe's confidence in original design, and Roewe's rhythmic design has also proven itself through market performance.

To be unconventional is not a bad thing, but to make a design like Roewe 550, to be honest, as a young man, I can’t accept it, and this is exactly the core of the design that Shao Jingfeng wants to mention: the pursuit of extremes is not as good as the first. Damaged design. Then, the design team led by Shao Jingfeng began to explore this rhythmic design language.

The launch of Rhythm Design and the subsequent two mass production models made Shao Jingfeng's name well-known. In my opinion, Shao Jingfeng actually showed his talent in the field of design as early as ten years ago: the first-generation Volkswagen Lavida of “the king of compact car sales” is his famous work, which can define the design tone of Roewe To be like this, I am not surprised to be honest, and I have never questioned his ability in design.

Looking back, let’s take a look at today’s protagonist: Roewe i5. This car is targeted at people who have started their careers and are actively struggling, or you can say that they are young people who have just graduated to work. They have lofty ambitions and ambitions, and their lifestyle is completely different from those born in the 70s and 80s. To face marriage and family, most of them are only children. They are labeled a lot by society, and they are also under great pressure. So what kind of car do they need?

Movement is greater than law, that is to say, from a design perspective, let movement be greater than stability. But this is not to say that it is as extreme as the Roewe 550 mentioned above, or that perceptual design transcends the constraints of rationality (according to Shao Jingfeng's definition, design that is more perceptual than rational is what MG should do). On the contrary, because it has to carry many things that young people need, it has to be more versatile, which instead makes it work on a rational design level, but based on this, it needs to be different from other Roewe cars and make young people The design of modernization and movement is more prominent.

Because of this, this Roewe i5 still allows you to recognize it as a Roewe at first glance, and at the same time, it also allows you to vaguely feel its sporty youthfulness, the so-called “old and young takes all” This must be the reason.

○ It is not so much i6, as it is inherited the elements of MARVEL X

The previous article has finished talking about the design tone of this car, then I will take you to see how it makes its own sports characteristics based on the family design language. Speaking from the general direction, you may think that this is a small Roewe i6 by just looking at the naming, but in fact, through the shape design and detail adjustment, this Roewe i5 has a lot of changes.

The front grille chrome trim follows the family's design language, with large horizontal chrome plating, nothing to say. The design of the horizontal grille lines extending to the lights is also one of Roewe's design features, but this time, it did not choose to converge with the Roewe i6 or the Roewe Ei5, but chose a design closer to the Roewe MARVEL X.

After talking about the front, let's take a look at some of the designs on the side of the body. Compared with the Roewe i6, which is also a car, the Roewe i5 retains the original body design proportions, and has made a completely different processing method for the waistline design and some details from the i6, and the overall effect is more three-dimensional. .

It is worth mentioning that this through-type waistline on the side of the car body actually puts forward higher requirements on the stamping process of the whole vehicle. This chamfered shape is not available in the stamping workshop of all car companies. Therefore, from the perspective of the stamping process, the front engine compartment cover and the side waistline have put forward higher requirements for the stamping line of Roewe than the Roewe i6.

Finally, let's talk about the rear of the car, and this time I want to show you one design detail: the side of the rear. Have you noticed that the rear side of the i5 has quietly become more aggressive?

Yes, in general, the Roewe i5's exterior design retains the family language while drawing on some of the design techniques and details of MARVEL X to create a more prominent sense of movement and three-dimensionality, making the vehicle look young. A little bit. And, as I said before, it is an optimized adjustment based on the original rhythmic design language technique, so at first glance, it still retains the exquisite feeling that Roewe brought before, the so-called dynamic Greater than the law, in fact, is still based on the rhythm, rational design keynote priority.

○ The interior design retains family characteristics

Compared with the appearance, the design points of the interior part are actually not too many. Many of its elements actually retain the elements of the previous Roewe family design, and the functional configuration is more improved.

Although this is a mainstream design technique, compared with the T-shaped design of the i6, this embracing design does seem to add a little sense of safety, and the embracing design of the driver's seat can also make the driver more eager to participate in driving. , It's a little tricky.

In addition to the red and black interiors, according to Shao Jingfeng, they will also implement a pure black interior and black/beige interior matching scheme in the mass production version to meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers. So if you can't accept this red, it doesn't matter, you have two alternatives.

Edit comment:

From the design of the Roewe i5, we can see how the Roewe family design language leans towards the direction of movement. This brand will not pursue dynamics like MG, but in terms of the original rational tone, through the design of MARVEL X When the details are decentralized, we can still see how a Roewe can express the youthful color of sports that it understands. Just like the consumer group it is targeted for, the radical design does not seem to be suitable for the first car that needs to carry a lot of demands, and the “rain and dew” can be slightly “publicized”, which should be the favorite of modern young people. . If you want to know more about the experience and configuration details, click here: Roewe i5 real shooting experience.