[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Since the guide was listed for many years, the power combination of 2.0L/2.4L engine and CVT gearbox has not changed. After a major change in appearance in 2011, the reduced version of the front face opened up a broader market for it. However, the tough guy-like appearance with a passionless CVT gearbox is really inconsistent. This kind of personality contrast has also become a weakness that guides are widely criticized by consumers.

Happily, this year Jeep finally found a qualified substitute for this old CVT gearbox. The 2014 Jeep Guide in front of me looks almost the same as the old one, but in the engine compartment, the original CVT continuously variable transmission has been quietly replaced by a traditional 6-speed automatic manual transmission. Such a change cannot be described as subversion, but its arrival is enough to completely change the character of the guide.

Shape and interior changes

Guide 2014 2.4L four-wheel drive luxury navigation version

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The high-end, high-end appearance is undoubtedly the biggest weapon for the guide to impress consumers. We can also see some clues from the score of our word-of-mouth system (click to enter the word-of-mouth of the guide owner): among the car owners’ ratings of the guide, the appearance score is The highest in its class. After the change, the style of the front face of the guide maintains the old style, and the reduced version of the “big cut” nickname is genuine. The reason why the guide sells well is that the shape of the round lamp was changed to the look of the small big cut at the beginning, which can be said to be a Turning point.

The front and rear headlights are unified with a more sporty blackened design (the old model is only used in the dazzling black version), the fog lights have added a small chrome frame, and the air intake filter inside the 7-hole grille has also become shiny chrome Material. The tail remains basically the same, with only a chrome-plated decoration added under the license plate frame, which further improves the overall texture.

The wheel hub part has also adopted a brand new design. The 18-inch two-color wheel hub still has a slight taste of auto parts city, but nowadays manufacturers seem to love such wheels, and we can only accept it silently. In the tire section, the treatment on the guide is obviously much better than that of the big cut. The standard specification is 215/55 R18 Continental ContiPremiumContact2 tires. The market price is about 1,200 yuan each. The performance is excellent and the industry is conscience.

In the interior part, chrome-plated decorations are added to the position of the center control and the handle, which makes the atmosphere of the whole interior more lively, and the matching of the two-color interior also makes the overall texture more high-end. However, the materials used in the entire interior are still not satisfactory. The center console is all made of hard plastic, and the texture of the seat leather is also relatively ordinary. When it comes to its price of more than 280,000, it is somewhat unreasonable.

Daily driving

The guide used the world engine that was once jointly developed by Daimler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai, with 2.4L displacement, all-aluminum cylinder block, DVVT intake and exhaust variable valve timing technology, technically very mainstream, but tuning Slightly conservative, the parameters have not changed compared with the old model, the maximum power is 170 horsepower (125 kilowatts) / 6000rpm, the maximum torque: 220 N·m/4500rpm.

The core change of this model change is to replace the original CVT gearbox with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox called PowerTech. The gearbox comes from PowerTech, a subsidiary of Hyundai. From the perspective of origin, this gearbox and the 6AT gearbox on the ix35 should be from the same school.

The effect of changing the gearbox is immediate. The warm feeling of the CVT gearbox has completely disappeared from the new guide. The power system responds to the accelerator quite positively. When you step on the accelerator deeply, the response to downshift is also decisive. The gearbox will also quickly adjust the appropriate gear according to the depth and strength of the accelerator you step on. If necessary, it can also directly lower two gears to enter the “runaway” state.

With this capable assistant, the engine seems to be rejuvenated. Although when you fully depress the accelerator, the guide can't provide much push back feeling, but with the sonorous quick shift of the gearbox, the smooth output of the engine at high speed gives the guide a more lively and active personality. The guide who was always anxious is finally gone forever.

The guide looks like a tough off-road man, but the chassis and steering are fully urbanized. From Mitsubishi's GS platform, the front and rear multi-link suspension structure provides a calm and solid driving texture, smooth steering and The gradual throttle adjustment is also very urban. After the model change, Jeep has also re-adjusted the shock absorber and spring, but from the actual experience, the overall change is not obvious.

The suspension adjustment is neutral, and the shorter stroke is more like a car. The fast rebounding spring and the large damping shock absorber create a very solid driving texture, which does not have the flickering feeling of ordinary SUVs. Good support when cornering interprets the positioning of youth and sports in place, but fish and bear's paws are not at the same time, the suspension of the filtering of fine vibrations is not thorough enough, and the comfort is average.

Test score

0-100km/h acceleration

Although the engine parameters have not changed, the power performance of the guide has been slightly improved after the gearbox is replaced, which is also intuitively reflected in the test results. At the start, it was obviously vigorous. The maximum G value reached 0.55, and the gearbox's extreme state was also relatively smooth. The impact was not obvious when shifting at high speeds. The final 10.6 second result was 0.6 seconds better than the old model. It's not a big improvement.

100km/h-0 brake

The support of the front suspension is in place when braking at full force, the braking posture is very stable, and the brake pedal does not have a noticeable feeling of springing feet. Although the width of Sijohorse brand tires is only 215mm (most cars in the same class are 225mm), the grip performance is good, the results of multiple braking are very average, and the final average score is 40.36 meters, which is a medium level among cars in the same class. Changing to a tire width of 225mm, I believe there is still room for improvement.

Four-wheel drive test

Although the gearbox has been replaced, the guide's four-wheel drive system has not changed. It is still a Freedom-Drive timely four-wheel drive system based on an electronically controlled multi-clutch central differential (Freedom-Drive II with low-speed four-wheel drive) Still out of the country), this system has a four-wheel drive locking function, which can lock the 50:50 power distribution of the front and rear axles under extreme conditions.

In the cross-shaft test, the performance of this four-wheel drive system is worthy of recognition. When the diagonal wheel slips, the electronic stability program will use the spot brake to brake the two slipping wheels. From the video, the speed of the system intervention is slightly slower, the wheels do not spin much after the intervention, and the braking effect is good. When the power is transmitted to the wheels with adhesion, it can smoothly climb onto the steel frame. On the whole, the limited slip capability of the guide's four-wheel drive system can reach an excellent standard, and the braking effect is better than that of the Tiguan and Mavericks of the same level, and is close to the performance of the Forester.

Fuel consumption

The gearbox is changed from a continuously variable transmission to a traditional torque converter gearbox, and fuel consumption is naturally the most concerned issue. In this fuel consumption test, our test mileage was 256.1km, of which 40% was congested, 30% was high-speed, 30% was unobstructed loop, and the load was 1 person during the test. The entire air-conditioning process ended up consuming 28.62 No. 92 gasoline. L, the average fuel consumption is 11.2L, which belongs to the high fuel consumption type in our test standards. However, considering that the proportion of congested roads during the test is not small, this result is basically in line with expectations, and the performance is quite satisfactory.


In the noise part, the guider controls the tire noise and engine noise during driving. The wind noise is more obvious when the model is at high speed. From the test results, the guider's sound insulation and noise reduction ability is at a medium level in the same level.

to sum up:

First, let's summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the new guide.

1. The appearance and interior decoration are upgraded, the texture is improved, and the identity of the imported car shows its personality.

The advent of the 2.6AT gearbox has improved the power performance and is more fun to drive than the old CVT. As a Jeep, it can only be favored by more consumers if it has a real temperament and a temper.

3. The four-wheel drive system performs well and the passability is also satisfactory. If you need to go out of the wild frequently, the guide is still a reliable choice among this class of urban SUVs.

4. The interior materials and workmanship need to be strengthened, and the comfort of the rear seats is average.

5. The configuration lacks selling points, and the import status leads to high prices.

After the entire series replaced the 6AT gearbox with more driving pleasure, the price of the guide has not changed from the old model. The price range is still 22.18-28.19 million, and the price is relatively kind in terms of its imported car status. However, there are still some regrets in the setting of the model. The main cost-effective 2.0L model is still only available for front-wheel drive. This is undoubtedly bad news for consumers who have a small budget and value off-road performance.

According to our survey data, the main competitors of the guide are the domestic Tiguan and Yihu. Regardless of the power, interior materials and configuration, the strength of Tiguan and Escape is still better, and the price advantage brought by their domestic identity is also not available to the guide. Of course, there are sometimes different opinions on cost-effective things. After all, many guide car owners are looking for this tough-looking appearance when buying a car, not to mention that it has a sufficiently good four-wheel drive system. (Photo/Photographed by Li Yi from Auto House: Shi Muhua)