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[YesAuto] Nicholas Cage and Will Smith are two male movie stars I like very much. If you are also a big fan, I believe you must have read “I am a legend” N times like me. This sci-fi movie, released at the end of 2007, is the pinnacle of Will Smith, and the setting of the movie's double ending is also quite distinctive.

I won’t talk more about the plot here. This movie is also very popular with car fans. At the beginning of the movie, Will Smith drove a red 2007 Shelby GT500 to chase the deer in the deserted New York City. Many car fans were planted at that moment. Recently, this 2007 red Shelby GT500 was sold on eBay for US$150,000 (approximately 1.053 million yuan).

At that time, the crew prepared six identical Shelby GT500s. This Shelby GT500, sold for $150,000, was the only non-stunt car. The remaining five were damaged during the filming process, so it was intact. It has been retained today because this car was used for filming promotional photos. Will Smith personally drove it to complete some close-up shots during filming, which also gave it its own star halo.

After the filming was completed, the car was kept in the manufacturer's collection garage, and then sold to a car dealer. The mileage of this car is fixed at 6000 miles (about 9656 kilometers), and it has been carefully maintained to this day, and it has a certification that can prove that it was used in the filming of “I Am Legend” to prove that this car was indeed owned by Will · Smith personally drove. The Ford Mustang has always been considered a star car in movies. It has appeared in many movies. Will Smith’s Shelby GT500. The new owner must also raise a German shepherd for this car and named it Sam. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car