[YesAuto F1 Formula One] A few days ago, the Ferrari F2001 car used by F1 Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher in the F1 Formula One 2001 season was registered in the catalog of the famous American luxury collection publication “duPont Registry” , And the price is 3.4 million U.S. dollars, which is approximately 21 million yuan.

The Ferrari F2001 car is a car developed specifically for the F1 Formula One in the 2001 season. Michael Schumacher drove this car to win 9 races in the 2001 season, which also made him win the fourth F1 world in his life. Championship title.

The Ferrari F2001 car can be said to be a very successful car, designed by the famous racing engineers Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, equipped with a 3.0-liter V10 engine code-named “050” (90 degree angle), the maximum power reaches 840 horsepower, and the weight of the engine Only 94kg. His first appearance was at the Australian opening station of the F1 Formula One 2001 season and helped Schumacher win the championship in one fell swoop.

The Ferrari F2001 car has been used until the first three races of the 2002 season (Schumacher used it to the second race, teammate Barrichello used it to the third race, and was later replaced by the Ferrari F2002). 20 races)”, it won 10 races, 13 pole positions, 3 fastest laps, and a total of 197 points. (Compilation/Auto House Guo Feng)