[YesAuto Test Drive] This small test drive report is a bit special. What's so special about it? The owner is an internal staff member of the Autohome website and a loyal fan of BMW. After several months of driving on the X6, he has a deep understanding of this 3.0 twin-turbo engine. Today, our staff wrote a user experience from the first point of view, hoping to be helpful to those who are concerned about the 3.0 twin-turbo engine.

If no accidents happen, the BMW twin-turbo 3.0 straight six engine (3.0L L6 N54B30 Twin Turbo) will once again become the top ten engine of this year. Don't be happy too early. Many friends who pay attention to X6 are very worried: How does this engine perform in China? Especially in the face of China's oil quality.

There are two models currently introduced in China that use this engine, BMW X6 xDRIVE35i and BMW 335i, both with 306 horsepower. In the future, there will be a brand new BMW 740Li that will use this engine, and the power will be increased to 326 horsepower. I have been in contact with the two models that have been introduced for some time, so let me talk about my feelings.

Regarding the technical explanation of this engine, I guess that everyone has read it badly. I personally hate these theoretical things the most. The bore and the cylinder head are my shit! Acceleration, smoothness, and fuel consumption are the least deceptive. The real experience is more real, which is what our car home is pursuing: real experience and needs closely related to consumers.

● Let me talk about the advantages first:

1. The ride comfort is excellent, the two small turbines do not have any delay, to give an unsuitable example, the ride comfort is better than any V6 engine of Mercedes-Benz;

2. The sound is good, the sound is not like a 6-cylinder engine, it is completely different from the 3.0 naturally aspirated L6, it is deeper and more like a high-quality V8 engine, and the sound is better than the supercharged Audi A6L 3.0T many;

3. The power is unexpected. It is not like a 306-horsepower engine. Using domestic No. 97 gasoline, the actual test X6 35i is 0.5 seconds faster than the X5 4.8i, and only takes 6.5 seconds (Note: This is the user’s own The test result with a small tester does not represent the final result of the X6 acceleration performance test by the car home), which is faster than the nominal acceleration of 6.7 seconds from 100 kilometers. It is suspected that BMW has underreported the performance of the engine;

4. The fuel consumption is satisfactory. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the 335i is about 13 per 100 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of the X6 35i is about 15 per 100 kilometers. Considering the power and weight, the performance is very good, but the fuel consumption of ethanol gasoline will be Increase by about 1. The two models can actually travel 500-600 kilometers with full fuel;

5. In terms of actual performance, this should be the best of the 6-cylinder engines. It is currently the world’s best 6-cylinder engine that can be used in mass production. I think that in the long run, its classic level and application range will be Better than BMW's classic 3.0 straight six naturally aspirated engine.

● Let’s talk about the disadvantages:

1. Directly recommend No. 97 gasoline on the mailbox cover, which will cause obstacles to many areas below the small and medium-sized cities, and make the low-quality gas stations on the highway a headache for car owners;

2. In addition, there are no shortcomings.

● Special Q&A:

1. Question: I heard that this engine often boils when the oil/water temperature is overheated?

Answer: That is the old thing that the engine has just launched and applied to the early 335i. Now this problem has been solved long ago.

The models that use this engine will turn BMW’s traditional instantaneous fuel consumption meter into an oil temperature gauge. Just look at the changes in the oil temperature. We drove the 335i for about ten consecutive laps on the track, always staying above 4000 rpm, and all gears were shifted in the red zone, and the oil temperature was within the normal range. You will never have a more intense driving style than this in your life, so you can use it with confidence.

2. Question: I heard that the engine needs to be turned off every time and wait a minute or two before turning off the engine?

Answer: That is the problem of the old Passat and the old Bora 1.8T (the ignition coil is broken). If you drive the 335i and X6 35i continuously at a high speed of 500 kilometers, it will not be a problem to stop the flame immediately, because the turbine water-cooled heat sink will continue to work. Basically, the turbo engines launched after 2008 will not have the problem of waiting for a while before stalling. Various manufacturers have solved similar problems long ago, let alone BMW.

3. Question: Can ethanol gasoline be used?

Answer: I added No. 97 ethanol gasoline in Shijiazhuang. There is no problem, but the fuel consumption has increased by one liter. Ethanol gasoline is not an obstacle. The key is to look at the oil product. For example, many high-speed ethanol gasoline in Shandong section is very poor. Even Passat can ruin your fuel pump, especially the rotten gas station on the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway.

As long as it is No. 97 gasoline, ethanol gasoline can also be refilled with confidence. Bad gas stations (especially those on high speeds, of course the Beijing section is no problem) are the biggest killers of cars.

If it is a good gas station, whether it is unleaded or ethanol, as long as it is 97 gasoline, there is no need to use gasoline additives, and there is no need to use him to drink 98 gasoline.

● Special suggestions:

1. The good habit of keeping a hot car

When the car is cold, develop a good habit of warming the car, wait for the speed of the car to drop to 600 rpm and stabilize before driving, which will benefit the car without any harm. For BMW's 6-cylinder engine, the process only takes about 60 seconds (depending on the local temperature). Of course, a hot car is not good for the environment, but it is really good for the car, especially for the long-term low-speed vehicles in the urban area.

2. Cleverly solve the problem of long-distance refueling

The No. 97 gasoline product of the big gas station in the urban area will not be an obstacle to this engine. The gas station on the highway is the biggest killer. Because the gas station in the urban area has a problem with the gas, the car owner will not let them go. Yes, and there is a problem with the high-speed gas station, you can't go back to them, even if you find them, they can still use the oil you have filled before and after to make excuses.

The X6 and 335i have a mileage of 500-600 kilometers on a full tank without driving vigorously. You should use this mileage to cleverly choose the way to rest and refuel. For example, from Beijing to Beijing and Shanghai to Jinan, and then from Jiqing to Qingdao, the entire distance is about 700 kilometers. This is not something that can be reached with a tank of oil, but I am sure that there will be no problems with the large gas stations in downtown Jinan and Qingdao.

Therefore, car owners can choose to go to Jinan city for refueling and take a break during 400 kilometers, and then arrive in Qingdao. They are responsible for people and cars, and avoid the inferior gas stations on Shandong Expressway.

In the same way, during your long-distance driving distance, you can find large and medium-sized cities for transit gas stations and rest within 450 kilometers to ensure that your car will not fall over inferior gasoline.

3. Use high speed occasionally

Occasionally, let the speed of the car stay above 5000 rpm for ten to twenty minutes, and your car will become easier to drive.

I hope everyone can communicate and share together, and use practical experience to solve the unknown fear. (Text/Edited by Yin Gelan/Han Lu)